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EPISODE I : (Monday - July 12)

Happy Birthday Mama

It's Hero's Mom's birthday. He prepared a surprise for this special day of his mother. He hurriedly went to the Pawnshop to redeem the wedding ring of her mom. He gave the money and give him back the wedding ring with a 300 pesos change, which is just right for his surprise for his mom's birthday.

On the early day, Joseph was seen already selling Barbecue outside their house. While Michelle came to fetch him to accompany her through the Airport to fetch a foreign girl whose living with them as a foster family.

The same time in the airplane, where Korean girl Sandara is waiting for the arrival in the Philippines. She's currently reading the letter from Michelle who's coming to fetch her on NAIA. Still on the same airplane, Melissa woke up from her sleep and went into the rest room and change her clothes to a more kikay dress.

Riding an expensive and beautiful car were Roxanne with her younger brothers Raphael and Errol, going to their school with their Dad. Then suddenly Joross crossed the street in where he was near to be bumped by the car where Roxanne is riding. Joross seems to be on a hurry, may be for her girl- Neri.

Unexpectedly, there were hold-uppers inside the Pawnshop where Hero recently get back the ring. The ring which he is holding was stolen by the robbers too. People who surrounds the place were alarmed with Neri who witnessed the happening. So when she caught one of the robbers who passed by, all of a sudden, she strike her bag on the man's face and she unexpectedly got one jewelry from him. Thankfully, the security guard rescued for the robbery and one thief who's responsible of carrying the bag with the jewelry's was shotted. Hero hurriedly look for the ring he redeemed and pick it up and run away the place.

The airplane finally arrived the Philippines' Airport. When Sandara step on the place, she doesn't know where she should go to, until she saw a lost passport on the floor. She opens it and notice that the girl who's just few steps away from her is the girl in the passport, it's Melissa. Sandara came near to Melissa who's worried of her passport, and gave her back the thing. Melissa thanked Sandara a lot, but when she observed that Sandara doesn't understand her well, she spoke in English for her. There she knew that Sandara is a Korean, and they become friends.

When Joross called Neri on her cell phone, Neri who's currently on a pedicure rejected his call. When Joross repeated the call, his call was diverted by Neri to a Pizza Restaurant.

Hero bought a birthday cake for her Mom, but when she entered the house which is no-electricity that time, he snared a letter left by his Mom for him. When he read it, his Mom said that he leave him for a while and asked Hero to go to his Dad and live their for the meantime. His Dad was also Roxanne, Raphael and Errol's father but Hero's mother is different from them. He doesn't understand the current situation at all, when he read that her Mom went to the airport for the leave, Hero hurriedly went to NAIA.

Michelle and Joseph arrived the same time in the airport to fetch Sandara. When Joseph's moreno and handsome look catch the attention of this Fil-Am Melissa who turns to have a crush on Michelle's best friend. Few minutes later, Sandara and Michelle haven't still seen each other. While, Joross with his brother arrived the airport too. His brother will be leaving for 9 days as a part of his job. Hero arrived the same time too and expecting to find his Mom. Sandara who is still waiting for her foster family brings out her banner marked with: Mabuhay, I am Sandara Soh, to be able that she'll be found by her foster family. All of a sudden, Hero bumped her while holding her banner. At last, Michelle caught Sandara and approach the Korean girl. After hours, Hero still in the airport expecting for her Mom to arrive, but he doesn't see her at all.

Hero sadly celebrated her Mom's birthday with his friends Michelle and Joseph. And he has nothing to do but to come to his Dad's house. His Dad is waiting for him for hours, so when Hero, whose waiting outside with the heavy rain, called, his Dad was so happy to see him and to live with his son. #

EPISODE 2 : (Tuesday - July 13)

Meeting a new life

Hero was happily approached by his father the rainy night. He's wet because of the heavy rain as he waited outside. It's late at night and his father called up daughter Roxanne and sons Raphael and Errol to meet his son on his former wife (Hero's mother). Roxanne approached Hero, same thing with Errol, but Raphael seems don't like the stay of his step brother in their house. Hero's step mother is nice and accepted him to live in their place. Roxanne later accompanied Hero to the kitchen for food, but Hero refused to. After a while, Hero's step sister Roxanne escorted him to his new room, which turned out to be Raphael's own room.

Meanwhile, Sandara finally arrived at her new home with Michelle. Michelle's Mom approached the korean girl and asked her for the dinner. Sandara refused to eat the Filipino food. Still she doesn't understand and know how to speak tagalog. So, when she tried to say "Thank you" to her foster family in tagalog, instead of "Salamat" she said "Utot mo!". The word turned out to be familiar to her and knew that "Thank you" in Filipino is "Utot mo". Thus, Michelle's Mom taught her the right tagalog word for "Thank You". When going to sleep, Sandara still doesn't like the bedroom she'll be staying the night with Michelle. Michelle frankly explained to her all the regulations Sandara must follow in the house.

At the same time, Hero is ready for sleep. But he was shocked seeing a dead mouse under his blanket on his bed.

The next morning, Hero is ready for school. When he went to the dining room, the family is all upset for breakfast and school. Hero pretend that he had a good sleep last night while annoyingly looking at his step brothers, who turned to be responsible for tricking him last night.

Michelle and Sandara is ready for school. Before riding the jeepney, Sandara once again refused to do because she finds the vehicle bad smell and dirty. Hence, she offered to ride a Taxi Cab with her own money. But Michelle, disapproved and wanted Sandara to experience Filipino doings. While on the jeepney, Sandara brings out her cellophane and called her brother in Korea. The passengers secretly laughed on Sandara's language.

Neri is a working student coincidentally in the company where Roxanne's mother worked. Neri and Roxanne were already friends in the telephone, but haven't seen each other still. Roxanne's mom is so nice to Neri and adore her best work. After the conversation between them, Joross wearing his nursing uniform came from school and tried to fetch her girlfriend Neri. Neri irritatingly refused to talk to Joross and requested him to just come back after her work.

After school, Hero, Michelle and Joseph hangout in the mall. Hero seems to be annoyed and sad on his new environment at home. He shared his problem but his acquaintances keep on laughing at him.

While, Sandara is waiting on the Barbecue stand of Joseph outside their house. She ate a lot of Barbecue until Michelle and Joseph arrived. Because Sandara ate a lot of the Barbecue, her stomach ached, ran to the dirty rest room in Joseph's house, and pleased to use the dirty rest room

The night after, there's someone who putted Hero's shirt in the kitchen. Thus, the housemaid knew that the shirt was a rag so she used it up for cleaning the kitchen.

After hours of waiting outside, Joross finally saw Neri go out of the place where she works. Joross prepared himself to approach her girlfriend. But accidentally, he saw Neri picking up by other guy. So Joross hurriedly get off his car and came near the guy, but the conversation turned to a trouble. #

EPISODE 3 : (Wednesday - July 14)

New life, new people, new environment

Hero scolded the housemaid who's responsible of using his shirt as a rag for the kitchen. The housemaid denied the accusation instead she said that she found the shirt in the kitchen, so she used it. Hero wonders how his shirt reached the kitchen area, unless someone gets it on his room. When Roxanne heard the quarrel between Hero and the housemaid, she asked for the reason. The maid cried right away, so Roxanne conforms on her. Roxanne advised Hero to avoid putting his things just somewhere. Hero frankly points to his step brothers Raphael and Errol who might be responsible of putting his shirt in the kitchen. Accidentally, his father arrived and witnessed what's happening. So, when heard that Raphael and Errol might be responsible of the bad joke to Hero, the father madly provoked his two sons and pleased them to say the truth. To avoid the trouble, Roxanne assumed the misdeed of his brothers.

Meanwhile, Neri tried to stop the fight between his boyfriend Joross and his current suitor. But, the trouble keeps on going and nobody could stop them. Until, policemen came and stop the fight. During the inspection to the two guys, Neri called up Roxanne crying and share her what's happen. They both cried on the phone. Raphael tried to get inside Roxanne's room to thanked her sister for assuming his wrong doing a while ago, but then he didn't proceed.

Same night, Sandara still is not on a sleep. She keeps on crying because of being away from her home country. She gets her organizer and look on a photo of a Korean guy, who seemed to be her ex-boyfriend, whom she is being avoid with by her parents. That is why she was sent in the Philippines.

Neri accompanied Joross in his condo to cure his wounds due to the trouble. When she cured the wounds on his face, Joross was happy and admits that he rather had fight always so that Neri would took care with him. Neri was not happy at all, and the main purpose why he accompanied his guy on his place, is to bare her a breakup on her relationship with Joross. Neri called Roxanne and asked for some advices and don't know how to tell Joross.

Hero and his father had a conversation after what happened earlier. He thanked him for the concern and his father gave him a full support. When asked about his mother he never know where is, his father didn't react.

The next morning, Raphael and Errol are doing the car wash in the garage. When Errol was asked by his kuya Raphael to get for something on top of the cabinet, Errol refused to do because of his height that's why Raphael teased him of being small. Errol tried to reach the object, but still he can't. When Hero passed by for a leave, he offered to get the thing on top of the cabinet and Errol thanked him. Raphael dislikes his step brother Hero, same thing with their housemaid.

When Joross woke up from his sleep the afternoon, he looked for Neri inside his room. Until, he saw a piece of paper on a box, and the letter is from Neri saying "Split na tayo!".

Hero visited their former place when he's still leaving with his Mom. He roamed around the street and reached Michelles's house. He called Michelle outside their house, but then someone called him nearby, so he leave the place. Coincidentally, Sandara went out from Michelle's house, where she is living in the present, when she heard someone who called Michelle. When she saw no one behind the gate, she decided to go out and had a walk. The same time, Hero is talking with the owner of their apartment. The man gave him the money change from the payment for their things, excluding their credits. Hero requested if he can visit their former apartment and the man allowed him. While Sandara is roaming around, he passed by with the open house, which was Hero's former apartment, and went inside. The beautiful wall paintings made by Hero catch her eye. Until Hero came, get inside to go back of the memories he had with his Mom. After few minutes that they passed in every corner of the house, they still haven't seen each other. Till, Sandara who's first who came out, they even don't notice each other. #

EPISODE 4 : (Thursday - July 15)

Miss the past

Hero and Sandara haven't seen each other yet after they get inside the same house and the same time. But he wishes to see the Korean sister of Michelle, who is Sandara. Michelle take a look for Sandara in the village to join them in the mall. The same time, Hero suddenly leave the house before Sandara and Michelle returns. Thus, they still hadn't catch to see each other at once.

In the mall, Neri was assigned to give brochures for the company she's working at. All of a sudden, Joross arrived and approached his very loved girl. Neri was annoyed to see Joross again after her break up. When Joross put on his forehead a piece of paper stated with words like "Hindi pa tayo Split!", according to him, Neri was very disappointed and refuse to continue the conversation. Even before Neri left, Joross stopped her and pleased to start a one on one talk to bring back their relationship. Joross gets everyone's attention in the mall when he kneel down and please his girl to go back on him. People around laughs and yelling on the couples, but Neri would never be satisfied enough on whatever Joross is doing, so better she leave the place very bothered.

In her room, Sandara's tears shed once again as she take a look on his ex-boyfriend in Korea namely Peter. She kept on saying "I love you" to the photo. Until Michelle caught her holding and looking at the photo. Michelle desires to see the picture but Sandara won't allow her to do, so she just keep the picture inside his organizer.

In the meantime, Hero find a job to satisfy himself. He works as a shirt painter, the one who design plain shirts, in a mall. Michelle and Joseph together with Sandara were already in the mall too. Sandara asked for some time to wait for her new friend Melissa, who she recently met in the Airport. Melissa arrived happily and sweet on time. Sandara introduced her to Michelle, and Melissa gave her a smack on the cheeks. When the introduction came with Joseph, Melissa eyed on Joseph's clean look, handsome face, and nice smile and approached him with all of a joy. They had a simple talk and remembers the first time Melissa catch his guy in the Airport. Joseph turned to be Melissa's first crush in the Philippines and she kept on adoring him.

Joross is in his swimming class and still his mind is on Neri. His performance fails because he kept on thinking of his girl. There was sometime while on his swimming lessons that he imagined Neri was there as a mermaid like Marina. For this reason, he was always the center of the criticism of his instructor.

Melissa and Sandara paired while shopping at the mall. Melissa keeps on talking about of Joseph who she called as Angelo, as she compared him to the leading man of the late pinoy teleserye "Pangako Sa'Yo" that she usually watched on TFC in the U.S. When the two passed by the shop where Hero is working at the present, Sandara was stop on the corner and gaze on the printed shirts as displayed in front of the shop. When Melissa leave her without any notice, Hero suddenly stops what he's doing and eyed on the chinita eyes, porcelain skin, fresh look and pretty face of the Korean girl, Sandara who is currently staring at the sales of the shop where Hero is working. When Hero was called by his coworker leaving off his glare on Sandara, who was finally called by Melissa. As Hero get back his eye on the corner where she saw the Korean girl, Sandara wasn't there already.

The night after, while Hero is having a dinner with his new family, Errol proudly declared that he was like by his teacher in school and his parents are very happy for their youngest. Until, Hero began his words and told his father about the job he entered a while ago. His father was disappointed regarding on what his son does and madly told Hero that he must stop what he is doing because his father can gave him some allowances for his needs. Hero explained everything but still his Dad disapproved on what he does. When notice the ring that Hero kept on wearing everyday, Errol minded it and said that it might be a marriage ring from his girlfriend and laughs. Hero's father and step mother's face turned to be so worried, who knows that the ring is the wedding ring of Hero's Mom from his Dad.

The same night, Michelle tried to look for the photo that Sandara stare always, from her things. When she saw the guy on the photo, she was surprised. But unexpectedly, Sandara caught her of what she is doing.

Before sleep, Hero's father and step mother had a conversation in their room regarding on the wedding ring that Hero wore always. The step mother pleased his husband to talk to his son about this, because Roxanne, Raphael and Errol doesn't know that Hero's mother is married with their father. Few hours later, the step mother did the move to talk to Hero regarding on the ring. She entered his room and approach Hero very nicely. Hero's step mother started the conversation between them. Then she already asked Hero to avoid wearing the ring because she doesn't want her daughter Roxanne and sons Raphael and Errol to know that Hero's Mom is married with their Dad. It turned out that his step mom was not married with his father and his step sister and brothers know at all was their Mom is the real wife of their Dad and Hero's Mom is the mistress. Which means Roxanne, Raphael and Errol are the step daughter and sons of his Dad and his stepmom was just a second wife and unmarried. #

EPISODE 5 : (Friday - July 16)

Seeking for Mother

Hero felt bad regarding on his step mother's solicit. His step mom failed to please Hero, instead Hero annoyed her.

One night, a guy suitor called Roxanne on their land line at home. Errol answered the call and when his father sounds his son told his sister about the caller who is her suitor, the father entered the conversation and asked Roxanne for a talk. Later, Roxanne's father assumed to her the regulation that she shouldn't had to be open for a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship yet. Roxanne has nothing to say but respect his father's rule.

Late at night, Hero left the house because he can't sleep and he kept on thinking on the proposal of his step mom lately, which he rejected. He went to Michelle house at around midnight. When he stop by the front of Michelle's home, he called her on the cell phone. That time, Sandara can't able to sleep also because of Michelle who snores. So, when the cell phone rang for the call of Hero, she tried to answer Michelle's phone, but Michelle did the answer even though she is on a sleep. Hero requested her to go out and stay in their former apartment. But, Michelle straightway told Hero that she can't go because she is already on a sleep. Hero has nothing to do but to walk alone. Sandara can't sleep too. Thus, she went down the living room with his organizer. She turned on the light and play a song with her CD in the cassette. While the song is playing, she once again peek on the photo of his Korean ex-boyfriend who seems to be look a like to Hero. The tears began down from her eyes as she sway and moved her mouth following the lyrics of the song. Hero passed the house again and noticed that the lights are on and the music is loud. He saw the shadow of a girl in the window and thought that it was Michelle. He clapped his hands and calls Michelle's name. Sandara stopped on what she is doing as she heard the shout. She peek on the window and shouted back to Hero asking him to go. Hero knew that it was to be Michelle's Korean sister who they adopted from Korea, so better, he left the house.

Next day, Sandara brought Melissa in the University where she is currently studying in College. Melissa admires the place and loves walking around with Sandy. Sandara told Melissa that she wanted to use the Internet for chat, but she request for a Korean computer for her to understand well. When Melissa confirms why, Sandara bares all that she had an ex-boyfriend who she wants to meet with online. Melissa was happily surprised when she heard about the Korean ex-boyfriend of Sandara and she also desires to have someone. She describes his dream guy as the one who is poor, maybe a Barbecue vendor with his father- a factory worker and his mother- a laundry woman, just like of the pinoy teleseryes she got addicted too.

When the two reached the house of Joseph in where Melissa knew that Joseph was a Barbecue vendor. It might be a coincident that all her description for his dream guy fits the status of Joseph. Joseph was surprised to know that Melissa knew everything about him.

That day, Hero's step mom answered a call in the phone. She sadly gave the phone to his husband. When Hero's father talked to someone on the phone, Hero accidentally heard the conversation, before he leave the house. He doubt his father as he talked on the phone.

Same time, Michelle, Sandara went into the house of Melissa for the Internet. Michelle adored the very nice house of Melissa. Her computer was converted to Korean language for Sandara to use it. When the PC was ready for use in Korean language, Sandara requested for a privacy on her Internet Chat for her ex-boyfriend.

Few minutes later, Hero heard the phone rang in the house. He answered the call and he find out that the voice who said "Hello" was his mother. When he approached his mom, his mother doesn't talked again and put down the phone. She was really Hero's mother who's calling on a phone booth and wearing a Muslim outfit for unknown reason. She declined his son's approach with tears fell from her eyes.

Hero wondered why his Mom put down the call when he talked to her. He started his feeling that his father knew everything about the leave of his mom and he plans to follow his father and his step mom on their leave.

When Hero caught his father with his wife leaving the house, he followed them in secret. He ride a Taxi Cab to trail his father's car. From the day till night, Hero followed the two until when the night came that his father and his step mom stopped by a restaurant. Out of the blue, Hero get down of the Taxi Cab and walk after his father and his wife in secret. He didn't follow the two inside the restaurant and he just wait outside. His father with his step mom met with his mother and received a money from Hero's father or her former-wife. As exchange with the money given to her, Hero's mom expended the annulment papers for her and his former wife, to be able that nothing relates between them two. She was sad to ask on his son Hero's condition in the house and his father told her that their son is fine. The second wife thanked Hero's mother a lot. It revealed that the cause why Hero's mother left him was due to her Estafa cases and he don't want her son to know everything about. After a while, Hero finally recognized his mother who get out of the restaurant and to ride a Taxi Cab. Hero calls her attention but his mother get inside the Taxi Cab with all of a rush. Hero yell on his mother and run after the moving Taxi but he stopped and cry with his father and step mom witness it all. #

EPISODE 6 : (Monday - July 19)

Will never give up

Hero hadn't reach the fast Taxi Cab where her Mom is riding. He stop by the street and cry until his father with his wife witness the scene.

Went back home, Hero wanted to leave the house but his father didn't allow him. The house is full of tension because of the quarrel between the father and son. Hero kept on asking why his Mom left him and his father explained it on simple words. But then, the father was pleased to call Hero's Mom. Hero finally had a talk to his Mom. His Mom sadly said that he must stay with his father for the meantime because she has a big problem to solve. Hero doesn't understand everything at all. The conversation ended as her Mom put down the phone crying.

Same time, Sandara was still chatting in the Internet with his Korean boyfriend. She keep on crying while saying "I love You" to Peter. Later, the Korean guy decided to disconnect online and Sandara stays to wait. When Melissa and Michelle asked Sandara that they should go home, Sandara won't allow herself to leave because she'll be waiting for her boyfriend. Sandara frankly told them that she wanted more to stay in Melissa's house which is elegant, comfortable and airconditioned.

Neri is waiting in the Park, when suddenly a child gave her a pink balloon followed by another and a lot more of kids who gave her pink balloons. When she asked the last kid on who asked them to give her the balloons, the kid pointed out of Joross watching nearby. Neri felt annoyed as Joross came near to him giving a bouquet of fresh flowers. Neri refused to accept the things from Joross and told him that she can't be with him again. Joross leave the place very depressed and told himself that he will do anything for Neri.

Hero went to his room very sad. He can't sleep and his mind bares all his problem. He light up a candle to forget all of his hurdles. While, Sandara went out of the house, feeling sad too. She lights up a fireworks and telling her mind that the smoke will reach his boyfriend in Korea as a sign of her love. The candle light smoke from Hero and the fireworks' smoke from Sandara meets on the air. What does it mean?

After school, Hero together with his stepsister Roxanne and stepbrothers Raphael and Errol are in the car to go home with his step mom too. His step mom asked Roxanne and Hero to go with her on a night party and even asked them to bring their friends with them.

One day, it turned out that Raphael was responsible for doing such bad tricks to Hero. He did again his bad intention as he shattered the drawing tools of Hero in his room.

Meanwhile, Joross was in the mall and decided to bought an expensive ring for Neri. When he called Neri on the phone, Joross doesn't know that Neri is with other guy in the same mall. Until Neri caught Joross in the same mall so she hide on a corner.

Sandara and Melissa was in the same mall too. Melissa leave Sandara on an area for a while. While she holds on a paper she is reading, Hero passed by her front and the air let the paper out of his hand. Hero got the paper and brought it back to Sandara's hand. When Sandara notice his face, she suddenly remembered his boyfriend who looks like him so much. #

EPISODE 7 : (Wednesday - July 21)

Together in one night

Sandara was surprised to see the face of Hero who passed by his front. She taught it was her ex-boyfriend in Korea. So, she called up Hero by Peter's name and run towards, following him. Melissa noticed her so she also followed Sandara on her way. Later, Sandara hadn't met with Hero, who she identifies as his ex-boyfriend. She and Melissa went into the Rest Room because Sandara doesn't know what she is doing and kept on telling Melissa that it was Peter who she saw.

When Hero went home, he saw the mess his step brother Raphael did with his room. The drawing tools are scattered on the floor and drawing pad was put on the toilet marked with the word "Sampid", which actually points to him. Hero felt mad so he came to see his step brothers who are currently having dinner in the kitchen. He confronted Errol, but Errol said that he was not the one who's responsible. When Raphael came and asked by Hero, Raphael lied that he did not do anything. Roxanne feel annoyingly to Hero when he threatened her brothers about the mess that was done in his room. When Hero left, Roxanne let Raphael to tell the truth and Raphael told that what he did is just the truth.

Night came and the party is starting. Almost all the teens are going. Hero and Roxanne were both ride on their car to the event as they're waiting by their Dad. Michelle and Joseph are also invited so they bring Sandara and Melissa with them too. While, Neri is a part of the night as she's working in Roxanne's mother's company. That is also the night that she and Roxanne will finally met.

Hero and Roxanne arrived the party. Hero was the first one to came down the car. Accidentally, he left his necklace chained with his Mom and Dad's wedding ring. When Roxanne talked to the driver, she noticed the necklace on Hero's sit, so she get it to bring it back to Hero. Michelle, Joseph, Melissa and Sandara came too. Joseph admits that he feels so "out of place" because everybody seems to be so elegant. Roxanne met her Mom. Her Mom called up Neri to met her daughter. Neri was so suprised to meet Roxanne at last. It's been several weeks since they met just in the phone. And Roxanne knew every secret Neri had. They had just few times of conversation because Neri has still some responsibilities to take but promised to meet Roxanne later.

Unexpectedly, Joross attend the party also. But all of his purpose is Neri to show her the ring for proposal. Hero was introduced by his Dad to the people in the social gathering. Hero haven't seen his friends yet. Michelle, Joseph, Melissa and Sandara are in one table. Michelle didn't like the way Melissa approach Joseph and seems to be she is "flirting". So, when Melissa gave Joseph some drinks, Michelle get the beverage for her. Melissa conveys that she wish that she might have long-time friends like Michelle and Joseph and admits that she has nothing because they keep on transfering places, as Joseph called as "NPA" or No Permanent Address. In between of the conversation, Sandara excused herself to go to the Rest Room.

Roxanne finally saw Hero on the special gathering. She called up his step brother to give him back his necklace shich he left in the car recently. Hero questioned Roxanne on the necklace with his parent's wedding rings which was with her. Roxanne heard Hero told about the wedding rings of her Mom and ther Dad. She asked Hero about the wedding rings of his Mom to their Dad, who supposed to be that her Mom is the one who is married to his Dad. Hero doesn't said that they are the one who are the illegitimate children but he admitted straightly that he is not a bustard and told her thet she better asked her mom about her suspicion.

Sandara doesn't know the place and the direction to the Rest Room. So, when she saw Neri standing by the corner, she asked her on the way to the CR. Neri spoke in tagalog so Sandara suddenly asked her that she cannot understand the Filipino language at all. Neri was so surprised recognized her as a foreigner. Thus, after she taught Sandara the way to the Rest Room, she gave her a warm welcome and provide some drinks for her. Sandara doesn't like the taste of the wine and accidentally she poured it from her mouth to Neri's dress. Neri was so shocked with what happens and Sandara just left her on the place. Suddenly, Joross came Neri who feels bad more seeing him. But Joross let her come with him for his anticipated proposal.

Sandara get into the Rest Room and wash her face and her mouth for the unwanted beverage provided for her. She didn't notice that the room was for men and co-incidentally, Hero was inside. When they finally saw each other, Sandara was so shocked, not because she mistaken the room but because she find Hero as her ex-boyfriend Peter. Impetuously, she felt weird and lost herself and Hero catch her as she lied down the floor. #

EPISODE 8 : (Thursday - July 22)

Broken hearted man

Hero doesn't know what to do with Sandara who is currently lost herself. Thus, she leave Sandara for a while in the Rest Room to ask for help outside.

Joross finally show Neri the ring he bought for her as a proposal. Neri was really dismayed when the ring was presented to her. But still, she refused to accept it from Joross. Joross pleased her so much to go back to her but Neri never accept his proposal again. When Neri cried, some men came and asked for the problem between them. Joross didn't stop unless he brought back Neri to him. Neri has nothing to do but to tell Joross that she doesn't love him anymore and that made everything end.

Sandara woke up lying on the floor of the Rest Room. She doesn't feel well and she still look for her Peter and leave the place.

Roxanne still doesn't know the truth between her parents which was recently bares by her step brother Hero. She look for her Mom and when she seen her Mom, she straightway asked her Mom about her marriage with her Dad. Her Mom refused to answer Roxanne's question and doesn't know what to say. Roxanne haven't receive any explanation she needs as her Mom turn down the conversation.

Just few minutes later, Hero went back to the Rest Room where he leave Sandara earlier. He brought some men to help her of the Korean girl who lost herself. But, he hadn't see Sandara anymore in the Rest Room and the men just laughed at him saying that he might be out of himself because of alcohol.

Neri and Joross cried for each other. Neri felt sad as she finally dump his ex-boyfriend. Joross was so hurt to hear saying the words "Hindi na kita Mahal!" from his very loved girl Neri. Neri ended up everything between them and Joross painfully accepted the fact. Neri was so sorry for Joross and before she left, she gave him a kiss on his chicks as a sign of goodbye.

Roxanne sued his father who is on the special gathering. She asked her father if who were his legal sons between her with his brothers and Hero. His Dad uttered words that made Roxanne hurt and still can't understand everything. The father told her that if she would continue her speculation regarding their family, it might destroy them. Roxanne felt very hurt and decided to leave the party alone.

After minutes of seeking, Michelle, Melissa and Joseph finally saw Sandara came back. Sandara was crying and told them what happened to her. The three cannot understand what Sandara was talking about who also pleased them to go home. Sandara doesn't feel well and seems to be so paranoid so the three just go with her to go home.

Roxanne bumped by a guy and the drink was poured in her dress. Joross and Roxanne met their way who are both crying. They stop by the same corner and let their tears. When Joross noticed Roxanne who feels wet because of the drink that was poured in her dress, thus he take off his shirt and gave it to her without even talking to each other. Roxanne met Neri once again. But they didn't had a chance to talk because she ride a Taxi to go home.

Hero called Michelle who was currently already riding in their van going home. Hero felt bad that they even hadn't meet in the party. Michelle was so sorry and explained to him the incident about her Korean sister. Hero doesn't know that the incident Michelle is telling him was the same incident he encountered with Sandara.

Joross still keeps on thinking of Neri on his way to his car. He taught every girl was Neri. People thought he was weird because he has nothing on top. It seems to be the end of the world for Joross. #

EPISODE 9 : (Friday - July 23)

Will never forget

Roxanne's Mom received the text message from her telling that she already went home alone. The couple worried about their daughter because of her questions about her parent's marriage. So the two decided to follow their daughter to go home.

Neri was alone after the party. She stay outside one guy asked him to ride on his car going home. It seems that there was nothing happened between her and Joross recently. Neri accepted the offer from the guy and ride his car.

Roxanne reach their home very sad and hurt. Her tears shed from her eyes as she looked at a wedding picture of her Mom and Dad.

As Sandara came home, she hurriedly call for Korea to talk to her Mom. She told her mom everything about what she encountered in the Philippines, just like when she saw Peter around. Her Mom thought she has psychological problem and cleared to her that Peter, her ex-boyfriend is now having an affair with a new girl in Korea. Sandara was dismayed with what her Mom says and can't accept the truth. So, she put down the telephone crying.

While riding the car going home, Hero's step mom asked him about if she was asked by Roxanne regarding their illegal marriage. Hero tell them the truth that made her step mom mad. When they reach home late at night, the Mom caught Roxanne sitting on the living room alone. She came close to her daughter and apologize for not approaching her recently in the party. Roxanne directly asked her about some questions that bothers her mind. Her Mom has no choice but to explain the truth to her. She told Roxanne sincerely that Hero's Mom and their Dad are legally engaged unlike to her who's not married with their Dad. Making it clear to Roxanne that she, Raphael and Errol are the illegitimate children and Hero was the legitimate son. Roxanne was so incensed hearing the real words from her Mom. She provoked her Mom for lying to them their whole life but still she understand it all. The conversation ended with hug for each other.

Hero can't sleep that night because of thinking of the mysterious girl she met in the party- Sandara. He decided to review the face of Sandara and sketch it on his drawing pad. Meanwhile, Roxanne feels very depressed on what she founded from her Mom and very sad for her brothers Raphael and Errol. She still don't know of the shirt that was offered to him by a guy-Joross previously in the party and keep it on her room.

Hero was so busy on his drawing art for Sandara and doesn't care that it messed up his body. Same time, Sandara cries while hugging the picture of Peter, missed him while she's on her bed and very hurt for losing her first man. That night, Hero thought of her and used his time drawing her look on the drawing pad. Minutes later, he finally finished his art work very glad. Until, he suddenly slept on his bed.

The morning Hero woke up, he smiled seeing the Korean girl she drew on her drawing pad. While Roxanne feels good that morning after all she knew last night. She was even thanked by her Mom for being a good and understanding daughter for keeping the truth by herself. Roxanne seems to be better that morning, being responsible for calling her father for breakfast and greeting her step brother Hero very warmly which made Hero thought. Errol had his camera done so he requested to have some shots of his sister and his father. He also called Hero on his room to join the shot and Hero didn't refuse to have some shots with her Dad and step sister. Raphael witnessed everything and he felt being left out and jealous.

When Hero met his friends Michelle and Joseph, he was apologized for leaving the party early last night. Michelle and Joseph taught he has a problem again about his new family. But Hero told that he thought of the pretty girl with a white skin he met in the party. They haven't even find out that the incident happened to him was the incident met by Sandara last night in the party.

Raphael feels very bad for Hero. He plans for something naughty he will do for his hated step brother Hero. He has a bottle with a bunch of red ants inside. But accidentally, he was caught by Roxanne of what he is holding and get it from him. #

EPISODE 10 : (Monday - July 26)

Dear Heart

Raphael haven't able to deny the reason why he has a bottle full of ants because his sister caught him holding it. Roxanne warned him that if he would continue his bad plan for their step brother Hero, she will not refuse to tell their father about this. Raphael felt very mad and questioned her sister why she keep defending Hero who she dislikes too. Errol heard the quarrel and entered the room. Roxanne called her brothers and asked both to stay on her side. She explained to them that the best way to do is just to accept Hero as their brother.

Meanwhile, Sandara is enjoying in the Internet Cafe in the mall. When she was leave by her best friend Melissa, she connected to chat to meet her ex-boyfriend Peter. They had a talk in the chat. Sandara clears to her ex-boyfriend if it is true that he has an affair with another girl in Korea as her Mom said. Peter denies it and said that he only loves Sandara which made Sandara very happy.

Same time, Hero is in the same mall also for his work as an artist with his friends Joseph and Michelle. While, Sandara keeps on telling Melissa about her guy and Melissa was so happy for her. Later, Joseph and Michelle were doing fun as friends until it was seen by Melissa who felt jealous because they are so sweet. Sandara went into the recording booth for her to record a song. She was accompanied by the holder to the booth and record her favorite song "Dear Heart" sung by Sharon Cuneta which was her and Peter's theme song.

In his school, Joross is having an experiment in their laboratory as a nursing student in college. One girl in his front who keeps on talking to him which seems to be flirting. The girl admits the she likes Joross. But, Joross didn't mind the girl and acts like he doesn't hear someone. His classmates teases him because he seems to be so torpe for the girl but still he remains silent.

While Hero is on his way in the mall, he heard the beautiful voice of Sandara who was singing Dear Heart. He was delighted with the voice and all of a sudden, he looked for the one who's singing it. He found the recording booth and when he is going close to it, the holder stops him. Hero asked for the girl who is currently singing the song, but the holder told him that the song was just recorded and the girl who sung it, who is Sandara, had already gone away.

Joross' class is over. When he went into his car to go home, he suddenly heard words from a group of men saying bad things about him. He felt bad, went down from his car and confronted the group of guys. Until everything went into a trouble.

Melissa sadly told Sandara about what she witnessed lately which made her feel envious. Sandara stop by a corner and when she placed her things on a place, she didn't notice that she left the CD where she record her song earlier. When Sandara and Melissa leave the place, someone accidentally bumped the CD towards the direction where Hero is walking. Coincidentally, Hero found the CD and picked it up.

At the same time, Neri visited Roxanne in their house. They had a bonding together and Neri adores Roxanne's forte in cooking. When she opens the conversation about boyfriend relationship, Roxanne refused to answer about it and admits that her parents are totally strict. Later, Hero reached their home and Neri used to see him. Neri find Hero as cute and handsome and adores Roxanne's step brother.

While Hero on his room, he played the CD he picked up recently in the mall. He was so surprised to hear the voice of the girl he love. He saw a number printed in the CD and thought it was the girl's (Sandara) number. But, it turned out to be the number of the recording booth in the mall and he failed to talk to Sandara.

Late at night, Roxanne woke up from her sleep. She heard bit of noises outside her room, so she went down to look for her siblings. Until she was shocked to see their housemaid lying on the kitchen with blood and dead. She shouted loudly and saw her family tied behind in the sala. The killer attacked on her back and trying to kill her with the knife. #

EPISODE 11 : (Tuesday - July 27)

Two different Kuyas

When the killer attacked Roxanne in her back, to kill her with the knife, Joross came and save her from the killer. Roxanne was so surprise to see Joross. The killer lost himself and Joross excused to call for police. When Joross leave, the killer attacked Roxanne again and trying to kill her with the knife. But, everything was just Roxanne's nightmare. She woke up from her bad dream.

Michelle and Joseph were so busy of their school assignment. Sandara offered to answer their assignments. She was smart as she answers the items correctly and fast. Because of that, Joseph and Michelle offered Sandara 10 more barbecue as her favorite, in condition that she will answer the rest of the items in their assignment.

Neri and Roxanne had a bonding once again in the mall. Neri notice Roxanne who is soundless. Roxanne keeps on thinking of the guy who saved her in her dream. Neri talked about of her ex-boyfriend Joross. She said that she needs a simple woman who she can offer for Joross, to stop bothering her. As she thinks, she look at Roxanne and told her the idea that she is the woman she need for Joross. Roxanne refused to accept Neri's proposal because she still not allowed to have boyfriend relationships. Neri suggested that she might better keep it as a secret from her parents.

After school, Joross went to the nearest bookstore. In where, he even accidentally bumped by Hero. He bought a magazine and read his horoscope for his zodiac sign- Sagittarius. He doesn't give up for Neri because he love her so much. Joross went to a Tattoo artist and wanted to had a Tattoo on his body, for Neri to adore him. But when he found out that it would be painful, he hesitated and didn't continue.

Between Neri and Roxanne's conversation, Neri saw Joross nearby. She hurriedly pull Roxanne to hide, because she doesn't want to be seen by her ex-boyfriend Joross. Roxanne doesn't had a chance to look at Joross, who was the same guy who offered his shirt in the party and the man who saved her in her dream.

Hero was with his step brother RJ and Errol in the car going to school. Errol asked him to fix his camera and he does it. Hero fixed it well that made Errol glad and thankful to his Kuya Hero. Raphael get irritated with his younger brother as he said: "Buti ka pa kuya Hero, di tulad nung iba diyan..", which points him.

In the afternoon, Raphael is playing basketball with his friends in their school. Errol asked his kuya RJ if he can join them in their Basketball play. Raphael doesn't want him to join and even insulted his younger brother of his height. One player quits from playing, and Errol was allowed to join the play. When the ball was passed to Errol, he run towards the Basketball ring until he encountered an accident on his leg. #

EPISODE 12 : (Wednesday - July 28)

The song of their heart

RJ didn't just offered any help for his younger brother Errol. He indeed blame the young Errol because of forcing himself to play Basketball. While, Errol who was suffering from the pain in his leg and calling for his kuya Raphael.

Neri didn't failed to hide herself from Joross. She brought Roxanne with her in the Department store as she buried from Joross. Roxanne questioned her of hiding herself from Joross besides that she wanted a love setup for both of them. Neri offer the sexy outfit she picked up in the Department store for Roxanne. Roxanne refused to have it because she doesn't feel being sexy. But Neri told her that she'll look so sexy unless she wore sexy dress.

Michelle, Joseph, Melissa and Sandara was in the mall again. They were having fun of Sandara. Michelle and Joseph were proud that Sandara spoke Tagalog language well, now and Sandara agree too. When they asked Sandara to shout the Tagalog word for 'Thank You', Sandara shouted Utot mo! to everyone, which made them laugh.

Later, Errol was cured by her ate Roxanne in his pained leg. Roxanne blamed RJ because of not securing his younger brother which should be his responsibility. Raphael didn't mind and even criticize his brother Errol for joining the Basketball. Errol doesn't want to be treated as a child anymore as he told his sister that he can defend himself because for him, he is old enough. But still, RJ was faulted with the accident happened to Errol. RJ felt bad with her sister that he was always been wrong, unlike to their step brother Hero who seems to be favored by her these passed days. Roxanne still tried to spell out everything to RJ who can't still afford to accept Hero as their brother.

Michelle, Joseph, Melissa and Sandara are eating in a fast food in the mall. They were having fun. Later, Melissa and Sandara excused because Sandy wanted to record again her favorite song in the recording booth considering that she lost her CD a while ago.

Neri was still hanging out in the mall after Roxanne leave. Accidentally, she was caught by Joross who still don't give up and tried to talk to Neri. Same thing, Neri once again didn't accept Joross' offer for a talk. But when Joross directly asked her personal if she indeed love him since, Neri wasn't able to say anything and shedding tears from her eyes. Joross just go away with a depressed face and Neri feels affected.

In Roxanne's family's house, a letter came addressed to his father from a no-return address namely Helen, which was received by the house maid.

Concurrently, Hero was also in the same fast food where Michelle and Joseph are eating. He was called by his friends while he was in the counter. Hero joined Michelle and Joseph eating without knowing that they are with Sandara and Melissa. Meanwhile, Sandara started to sing her favorite song "Dear Heart" in the recording booth while Melissa was so excited seeing her singing. Hero suddenly heard the beautiful voice of Sandara he always desired to meet. He get leave his friends Michelle and Joseph, and his food, to look for the owner of the voice. Hero followed the voice until he reached the recording booth in where he finally saw Sandara. He was so delighted and surprised to see the Korean girl he met recently in the party. He looked closely to Sandara and watch her as she sings. Hero wanted to meet her so he waited closely. But that's not was their day because a lost young girl crying named Celine who asked Hero's guidance to look for her mother. Hero had no choice but to help the lost young girl, so he took the girl with him to bring her to the paging counter.

After the recording session done by Sandara, they came back to the fast food where Michelle and Joseph are staying. The time they came back, Michelle and Joseph told them that they should have to leave because it's already late. Melissa tried to let them stay with them, but the two said that they really have to leave, which made Melissa sad because of Joseph.

Hero bought an ice cream for the lost young girl while the paging counter is paging the girl's mom in the mall. He told the child that her mother will be coming and the young girl asked Hero about his mother. Hero remembered his Mom, so he told the girl that his mother is just at home. Later, the Mom of the young girl came and gave her daughter a big hug which made the young girl very glad seeing her Mom.

Hero's father- Dennis finally read the letter from his ex-wife Helen. His wife asked him about the content of the letter from Helen. Dennis said that Hero's mother- Helen told him in the letter that she already went to another country and asking for Hero's sake living with them. Helen wanted them to take care of his son Hero as she live in a far away place. #

EPISODE 13 : (Thursday - July 29)

A letter from a Mother

Melissa and Sandara are watching the chinovela Meteor Garden. Melissa was so affected on the story of the drama. So, she talks about being inlove. Same with Michelle and Hero who are currently in Michelle's house. Hero is teasing Michelle to Joseph. He said that he knows Michelle was not a tomboy and Michelle agrees. She was just close to guys maybe because she didn't knew who's her father is. The same time, Melissa slowly told Sandara of a secret she always kept. She told Sandara about her ultimate crush was Michelle's bestfriend- Joseph. Sandara wasn't surprise at all. When asked why. She said that it was too obvious that Melissa had a crush on Joseph.

Later, Roxanne went to Hero's room and offered him some of the drawing materials he needs. Hero was surprise to see Roxanne being so kind to her. He thanked her so much before she leaves.

While Roxanne is staying in their Sala, she noticed the photo frame with the picture that includes her, her father and Hero, that the picture of Hero was messed. She pick up the frame and thought who might done this.

During breakfast, Dennis- the father announced about his upcoming celebration for his birthday. The coupled asked their children to invite their friends for the party. Hero was also requested to bring his friends with him on the celebration. Raphael annoyed Hero again. Hero noticed RJ looking at him badly. Later, after the breakfast, the father came close to Hero and gave him the letter sent to him by his mother.

Meanwhile, Joross was alone in his condominium. He still keep on thinking of Neri. Besides, he sees the MTV Video of Sheryn Regis' 'Maybe' that it was Neri who sings. And as he eat his merienda, he imagined Neri was joining him. Everything for him was just an illusion because Neri couldn't lost in his mind. But he was so happily surprised to received a call from Neri, telling him that she will be visiting in his condo, and that was for real and not anymore an imagination.

Hero once again visited their former apartment with his Mom. He look at his wall paintings and remember the happy moments he had with his Mom. All of a sudden, a man came with a pain with him. It turned out that the man was assigned to paint the walls with plain and remove all Hero's paintings, so it could be sell easily. Hero didn't allow him to remove his wall paintings. The man said that it was just asked to him by the owner.

Roxanne confronted RJ and asked him if he was responsible for messing Hero's picture in the photo frame. RJ denies it and he told her sister that why don't she ask Errol. Without any question, Errol entered and defend himself that he was not the one. So, Roxanne told him that nobody would done it except for him. RJ feels bad more. When the conversation turned into a quarrel, Roxanne requested Errol to stay of his room. Errol questioned her badly that why he should have to go and asked if it is just because he's still young. Errol doesn't want to leave because he don't want to feel being left out, but her sister pleased her to do. Roxanne scolded RJ of doing it, and RJ questioned Hero again that he was destroying their family, considering that when he came into their lives, he was always been the one gave an attention by their father. Roxanne told him that maybe he just couldn't understand and RJ said that she was the one who can't understand him.

The owner of the former house of Hero came and Hero talk to him. Hero pleased the owner to don't remove his paintings because it gives a lot of values for him. The owner explained to him that if they will not do that, maybe it cannot be sell easily. Hero doesn't stop on pleasing him because he loves the paintings and it was so memorable for him. The owner felt pity for him so he does not continue their plan to paint the wall. Hero was very thankful to him and even hugged the owner for that. Afterwards, Hero finally read the letter from his Mom. He sat down by the corner of their former house and feels sad of the content of the letter which still has no clarification from his Mom about where she is. His Mom just asked if he is fine and doing good and told him that he will understand why these are happening, but not now.

When Hero went home, he hurriedly faced his father and told him that it was impossible that he doesn't know where her mother was. Dennis- his father tries to deny that he knew where Helen was. But Hero, in a loud voice, told him that he doesn't want that they will lie on him. Dennis felt bad and asked him if what he will do if he knew where his Mom was. Hero answered his father that he will go to her. Finally, Dennis told him madly that her mother was in other country. #

EPISODE 14 : (Friday - July 30)

The smell of Love

Hero was shocked to hear his father saying that her mother was abroad. His dad even scolded him and told him that if he loves his Mom, he should respect her for her decisions. Hero didn't say anything, he walked out and went to his room. Her step mother followed him. She opens the door of Hero's room and see him crying. She told Hero to don't think that he wasn't loved by his father because she knew he was.

The next morning, Michelle went to their home with Joseph and saw Sandara eating with her Mom. Her Mom doubt why she and Joseph are always together considering that they have different courses. Michelle said that it was just friendship and nothing more. Her Mom asked them to join in food but the best friends refused because Joseph said that he will be copying lectures from Michelle. Between the conversation, a message was sent to Joseph in his cell phone. A Business Card saying "I heart you" and he doesn't know who it was. Michelle told him that it might be a girl and asked him to save it, but Joseph erased it because he thought it might be a gay. Sandara's cell phone rang and it was Melissa. Melissa asked her if Joseph had received the Business Card she recently sent. Sandara knew that it was Melissa who sent the anonymous message and told her that it was received but it was not saved.

Dennis' wife was preparing for the upcoming birthday celebration of his husband. She made calls for the food and the visitors and she was helped by the house maid and her daughter Roxanne. When Hero came down from his room, Roxanne asked him if he could do the decoration in their father's birthday party, considering that he's a good artist. Hero refused to accept the bid and said that he has something to do and he can manage to do it.

Hero told his friends Michelle and Joseph about what he feels different about his new family. He doesn't know why Roxanne seems to be so good to him this past days. But still, he said they find them not true. Behind his sadness, his friends still can afford to make him laugh.

At night, Sandara is waiting for Peter to chat with her. Melissa enters the room and wanted Sandara to rush because she wants to visit Joseph. Sandara asked her for a wait because Peter asked him to wait as he goes to the CR for a while. Peter's webcam are ready and Sandara sees his room already. When Melissa look at the webcam of Peter, she saw a nighty, or a red night dress for women on his bed. Melissa questioned why there was something like that in Peter's room which made Sandara think.

That night, Neri caught Joross in front of the company where she works, standing by his car. She asked him why he was there and Joross said that he was waiting for her. Neri didn't let him go like what she usually did for Joross because she also needs to talk to him. Joross asked if he could hold her hand tight. Neri let him do. Neri opens her purpose for Joross that she wanted him to meet her friend Roxanne, a simple, beautiful and caring girl that could be better for him. Joross doesn't mind it and asked her once again if she loved him since. Neri feels crying and told him that she loved him of course and she's not that too bad to not love him. He asked her, why was the love lost and she said that maybe she just couldn't see herself mark on him and made Joross think deeply.

Sandara finally talked to her ex-boyfriend Peter. She directly asked him if he is a gay since she saw a women's night dress on his bed. Peter denies that he was a gay and said some reasons for Sandara. Sandara doesn't know if she'll trust.

Later on, Melissa together with Sandara visit Joseph in his house. They saw Joseph's younger brother who's the one selling Barbecue outside. Melissa asked the boy about Joseph and the boy points that his brother was inside their house. She also proposed to the boy to tell her all Joseph's favorites and she will buy a lot of his Barbecue. And Joseph's brother told her everything about his kuya.

Joross decided to had a Tattoo sign on his butt. The Tattoo will print Neri's face as of Joross' request. It was too aching for him but he accepts all pain just to print Neri's face on him as a Tattoo.

Sandara feels not good. She went once again to the place which she lately found with beautiful paintings in the wall, which was Hero's former apartment. She was fetched by her foster mother for dinner. Her foster mother noticed her looking at the wall paintings and asked her that the arts was created by Michelle's friend- Hero. Sandara does not know Hero yet and asked where is he. Her foster mom told her that Hero has already transferred from another place.

Roxanne was in the mall, as she bought some things needed for the birthday preparation of his father and busy looking at the things she bought and didn't notice the way. Same time and same place, Joross is coming nearby from his Tattoo session. The two bumped each other and the shopping bag of Roxanne was crashed into Joross' butt, so it become more painful. The things that Roxanne bought scattered down the floor and as Joross helped her pick those, Roxanne notice him as the same guy she met in the party who gave her his shirt and the one who saved her in her dreams. She slowly smell his body and knew the same fragrance she smelled in the shirt offered to her recently. #

EPISODE 15 : (Monday - August 02)

It's Dad's Birthday

Joross didn't recognize Roxanne as the girl she just met in the party days ago. But Roxanne never mistaken that Joross was the same guy who gave her his shirt and the guy who he dreamt of. Joross just apologize to Roxanne after he helped her pick up her shoppings and go away.

When Roxanne reached home, she called up Neri on the phone and told her the incident happened. Neri was surprised and didn't wanted Roxanne for the mysterious guy she adores, otherwise, she wanted her ex-boyfriend Joross to meet Roxanne. The two didn't know yet that the guy they both talked about was the same.

At this moment, Joross was at his room and wearing only his boxer shorts. He wanted to see his Tattoo on his butt, so, he take off his boxers shorts and look his back at the mirror. Without any notice, his eldest brother came and caught him all naked in front of the mirror. But, the more shocking for his brother was Neri who is a Tattoo sign on Joross' back. He suddenly questioned Joross for doing the desperate thing. Joross stopped his brother to say more words that will just insult him. He explained that marking Neri's face as a Tattoo on his butt will get her back on him.

Roxanne's Dad's birthday finally came. The party was so elegant with many visitors who are the family's relatives and close friends. Roxanne entertained the visitors well with the help of her mom and the birthday celebrant, her Dad. She was approached by two women who are her parent's close friends and she approached them two nicely. When she leave the women, all of a sudden she heard them talking about the eldest son of his father who was living with them, Hero.

Neri bring Joross to the party for him to meet Roxanne. While on the car, Joross keeps on telling her about his big surprise, but Neri doesn't mind it at all. He asked Joross to wait in the car as she'll see Roxanne and their party for them to meet.

Hero was only with Michelle to join his Dad's Birthday party. They just both stay on Hero's room and didn't want to join the people on the celebration. Hero is doing an artwork as a gift for his dad. Later, Michelle feels her stomach was aching and she wanted to go to the comfort room. The same moment as Errol called up his kuya Hero to join them in the party. Before Errol saw Michelle in Hero's room, she already entered the comfort room and Hero opened the door for Errol. The young boy asked his kuya that their Dad is calling him to join them. When Errol sees what Hero was doing, he asked if it will be for their Dad and Hero said yes. Errol pleased him to taught him also on how to draw and Hero didn't have any choice but to agree. When Errol leave the room, Hero told Michelle who was in the CR, that she just follow on the garden where the party is going.

Melissa, Sandara and Joseph are hanging out in the Barbecue stand. Sandara is reading up her dictionary to learn Tagalog language well. Between their conversation, Joseph's brother came and gave a gift for his kuya and told him that it was asked by a man nearby. He didn't accept the gift and asked his younger brother to gave it back to the man who gave him. The gift seems to be from Melissa and just use Jioseph's brother to gave it to him.

Roxanne is having a conversation with his grandmother in the kitchen. Her grandma told her that she'll remain the eldest among the three of them. She asked her grand daughter if there's already some guy who courts her at the present and Roxanne said that she never entertains suitors because it was according to her Dad's rule and her grandma agree with it. Afterwards, Neri came and called Roxanne. She can't tell her about Joross because the grandmother was their. Roxanne's grand mother notice that Neri had something to tell her grand daughter and thought that she wanted to go to the comfort room. Before anything else, the grandma take Neri to the way to the CR.

The visitors sang a Happy Birthday for Hero's Dad. The father blew the candle on his cake followed by the hands clapped for him. Hero didn't join the candle blowing and he just look at them but still he never forgets to greet his Dad a Happy Birthday. Meanwhile, after Michelle use the comfort room, she fix herself and do some make over on her face. When she is ready to went down, she accidentally break the vase inside the comfort room. The house maid heard the breaking of the vase down stairs and went to Hero's room in where the sound came. Michelle was so nervous on the accident she made, she doesn't know what to do. When the house maid opened the door, she caught Michelle inside and taught she was a thief. #

EPISODE 16 : (Tuesday - August 03)

A mistaken personality

The house maid shouted very loud, same with Michelle who was shocked. The visitors of the party hear it all and they went upstairs to see what's happening. Even Neri didn't able to see what's Joross' surprise is because she heard the yell from the house. The house maid rushedly closed the door to avoid Michelle to go out, who she thought as a thief. Hero's father and step mother hurriedly came and asked what was happening. All of a sudden, the house maid bares that there's a thief inside Hero's room. The visitors were all there to witness. Hero followed and when she saw Michelle being blamed as a thief, he entered and told them that Michelle is not a thief and she is his friend. Everybody thought the girl was his girlfriend. Roxanne's mother scolded the house maid for doing the mistake. Hero's grandmother feels mad also criticizing Hero for bringing the girl in his room.

Neri came to Roxanne again and stole the chance to talk to her. She wanted Roxanne to meet Joross that time. Roxanne didn't want first but afterwards she agree and all she wants is just to meet the guy. When they were to leave, Roxanne's Mom passed by and told her to get something, and so, Neri didn't able to let Roxanne see Joross.

Melissa and Sandara are watching teleserye It Might Be You on TV. Sandara compared her Peter to the character Laurence in the soap who both are not close with their fathers. While, Melissa still feels sad because of failing to own Joseph. She said she is Pangako Sayo's Yna and Joseph is his Angelo.

Hero introduced Michelle to his Dad. His Dad asked how long they have been together. Hero told his Dad that Michelle is just his friend and there are no relationship between them as boyfriend-girlfriend. Michelle told Hero's Dad that she will be going home and she was nicely approached by the father. Hero accompanied Michelle outside to go home. He teased her that Joseph might feel jealous whenever he knew that they are thought to be boyfriend-girlfriend. Michelle didn't want him to tell Joseph about what happened. When Michelle leave and both said good-bye to each other, Hero noticed Joross that night waiting in his car.

Roxanne felt bad that night. She was with Neri in the kitchen. Neri questioned why her step brother is allowed to bring his girl in their house, different from her that even meet with guys is very strict. And Roxanne feels bad because of it, that Hero is more being concerned that them.

Roxanne's grand mother is leaving. She told his son, Hero's son to advised his eldest son Hero about his attitude. It seems that she don't like Hero. The couple, Raphael and Errol gave the grandmother a warm good bye. When Hero said his good bye for his grandma, he was not minded and just passed by his front.

Neri leave the party too. She walk by the street and Joross was there following her. She feels that there's someone stalking her and she was scared. Joross surprised her which made her shock and totally bothered with him. Joross asked him that he wanted Neri to see his big surprise. Neri finally allowed him to let her show his surprise. She shouted and covered her eyes when she recognize that Joross is taking down his pants. Afterwards, she take off her hands and opened her eyes and see herself marked on Joross' butt. She was dismayed with what she saw and didn't feel happy on what Joross show her.

Hero's father talked to him once again. He was not scolded but he was just advised. The father wanted him to understand everything. Hero didn't say all but just greet his father a Happy Birthday. Raphael and Roxanne were watching nearby and they both feels bad on Hero. When their conversation ended, Hero walked going up to his room. Later, Raphael followed him and meet Hero on his room. RJ confronted his step brother because he already feels very bad with him. The confrontation turned into a trouble as RJ pushed Hero and they both had fight. Roxanne stopped both of them and RJ walked out the room. Roxanne tried to apologize but Hero didn't accept it because as he said, she must not be the one to apologize. Hero said that he don't want to treat each other very untrue. Later, Hero packed up his things and decided to leave the house. #

EPISODE 17 : (Wednesday - August 04)

As they finally met

Because of the trouble happened between Hero and Raphael, Hero decided to leave the house of his Dad. While Roxanne feels so bad on the situation and she cries.

Meanwhile, Neri got so mad of her ex-boyfriend Joross for doing the stupid thing, marking her face on his back as a tattoo. Joross tried to prove that what he did just denotes how much he love her. But, she can't able to accept of what he did. She was really provoked of what she saw and it can still change her feelings for Joross.

Late at night, Melissa keeps on thinking of Joseph. As she hand her cell phone, she texted a love quote for him. While Joseph doesn't feel sleepy too. He get his wallet and look closely to his photo with his best friend Michelle. Until he received the love quote from Melissa and he smiled from the love quote sent to him. Then, he sent a text back message to her saying his thanks. Melissa was so bewitched and was so glad for what Joseph has sent to him.

Later, someone knocked on the door of Joseph's house. He get up from the floor covered with a blanket, where he sleeps, wear his shirt and opened the door, and it was Hero who's there at the middle of the night. They both stayed at the side of the street. Hero told him what happened. Joseph thought that he was pushed to leave the house but Hero clarifies that he voluntarily leave without their notice. Joseph said that perhaps, his step sister and brothers are glad as he left. It is already late at night and Joseph asked Hero to stay in their house for him to sleep. Hero didn't accept the offer and told Joseph that he will just spent his night in their former apartment. And then, the two walked towards their direction.

Hero walked on the street at the middle of the night. When he reached their former apartment, he light up a candle and lied on the floor. He doesn't know what to do and he kept thinking. Then, he thought of Sandara who he saw a lot of times but never met.

Same time, Sandara can't able to sleep also because she was bothered by Michelle's snore. As she's lying on her bed, she remembers the paintings that catch her eye in the apartment she always go to. So, she stood up from his bed and went down the house. Sandara walked out their house and went to Hero's former apartment.

Hero stood up from the floor. He look very closely to the art works he made on the wall of his room. Then, Sandara was there coming close to the apartment. When she entered the house, she stepped on the living room and gaze on the beautiful paintings on the wall. She walked towards the room and when she come in, she saw Hero on his back. Hero didn't notice Sandara at her back, so Sandara placed her hands on his shoulder to approach him. When Hero look at her, the two were both surprised to see each other. No hesitation, Sandara suddenly hug Hero as he thought it was Peter. She spoke in Korean as she talked to him. Hero didn't understand him at all. Sandara said that he was Peter and Hero denies. He explained to her that he doesn't know who he is talking about and he is not the one he called as Peter. But then, Hero introduce himself to Sandara and told her that he wanted to be her friend. When Sandara said her name, Hero recognized her as the Korean who's being fostered by Michelle and her Mom. #

EPISODE 18 : (Thursday - August 05)

Getting to know each other

Hero and Sandara became close friends. Hero was so glad to finally met the girl he always thought, likewise, Sandara feels so glad to meet him. The morning, the two went into the park and afterwards they eat champorado in the nearest Carinderia. As they eat champorado, Sandara look at him very closely and remembered her times with Peter. Then she uttered the words "Mahal Kita" to him. Hero was amazed hearing the words and questioned her about it. Sandara apologizes because she just thought that she was with Peter.

Michelle woke up from her sleep and notice Sandara was not on her bed. She walked down their house and called her Mom and told her that Sandara was not in their room. They both called for Sandara loudly but still Sandara was not in the house.

In Roxanne's house, the house maid told Roxanne that she recognized Hero who was not in his room since last night. Roxanne wondered where her step brother was. Afterwards, the house maid was called up by Roxanne's Mom to prepare for their breakfast. When her Mom asked for Hero, Roxanne answered her that Hero is still in his room. Her mother thought that Hero might still sleeping.

When Michelle and her Mom went out their house to look for Sandara, they caught her walking the village with Hero. Michelle and her Mom was surprised seeing both of them together. When they questioned, Hero told them that they just met last night and Sandara was the one who he saw a lot of times but never met. Michelled considered their meet as a destiny.

After she spent his times with Sandara, Hero went to Joseph house. He told him everything happened last night and Joseph was surprised too for the coincidence between him and Sandara. Hero can't stop smiling as he feel infatuated and consider champorado as symbolizes their romantic times of Sandara.

Roxanne's family are eating breakfast. The father asked about where Hero is and the house maid told them that she haven't seen Hero till last night. Until Hero came handling a box of Mister Donuts and gave them a warm smile. Errol approached the box of donuts and said that it was RJ's favorite. His Dad questioned him for being not there for the whole night. #

EPISODE 19 : (Friday - August 06)

Why Good Bye?

When Hero was asked by his Dad in where he came from, he said that he just went to their former apartment and get the rest of his things. He even offer them the box of Donuts he bought. His step mother asked him to join their breakfast. His Dad didn't scolded him about it and just advised him to let them know the next time. His step mother opened the box of donuts and share something for RJ because it is his favorite. RJ picked one and look at his step brother Hero and saw him smiling. Hero's father thanked him for the donuts.

During Joross' swimming training, their instructor announced about the upcoming activity they will have and together with them will be the Fine Arts students. They cheered as the instructor said that there will be no having lessons for the next days. Afterwards, Joross called Neri calling her as his best friend. While brushing her teeth, Neri apologizes to him on the phone for the set-up that was not happened for him and her friend Roxanne. Later, Neri asked Joross to meet with him in the Gym. Neri called Roxanne too and asked her to meet her in the Gym because she has something to gave for her Mom. Neri plans the set-up for them again.

That morning, Michelle keeps on calling Sandara for their school. Sandara asked her to wait because she'll be calling Peter first. When she called her ex-boyfriend, a girl answered the phone and Sandara asked who she is. Peter suddenly get the phone from the girl and Sandara questioned him about the girl. Peter told her that it was just their new maid. Sandra didn't believe him, in fact she accused him that it might be her new girlfriend. Peter denies and told her that she might be the one who has another guy. Peter get mad and put down the phone.

Hero keeps on asking about Sandara when he and Michelle was in their activity. Michelle told him about Sandara who was pushed to live in the Philippines because her parents doesn't want her for his boyfriend. Then, Sandara came in and looking for Hero. Hero smiled and approached her. Sandara thanked Hero and afterwards said good bye. He don't know what she meant, until Sandara suddenly leave.

Joross get in to the Gym where Neri told him to go. Then, Roxanne came also and waited for Neri. She saw her crush Joross and they both stay on the same sit. Roxanne looks at him closely and smelled him. Joross didn't recognize her at all and just read a newspaper at her side. Later, Roxanne decided to leave to go home and get the Joross' shirt to gave it back to him back.

Sandara told Melissa about what she did. Melissa didn't like it and questioned her for it. Sandara said that she hate Peter, and Melissa said that it must be Peter that she hurted and not Hero. Melissa wants Sandara for Hero because he looks like Hua Zhe Lei. She even compare her to Boris of Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay because it has two woman in his lives (Lorea and Lorinda), like her who has his Peter and Hero.

Neri came and Joross approached her. Neri looked for Roxanne and asked him if he already see her. He said that he haven't seen Roxanne yet. Neri noticed Joross' look not in good. She feels so concerned for himself because since they separated, he already forgot to fix himself. Besides, as she said, she wanted Roxanne to see him nice and good.

Later, Roxanne came with the shirt to gave back Joross. She didn't see him again, she looked for him in the Gym until she saw Neri. Roxanne asked her that she saw him again lately. Neri thought, she saw Joross, but Roxanne said that she saw her T-shirt guy again and she's there to gave him back the shirt. Neri get the shirt she's handling and as she looked at it, she said that it seems to be so familiar for her. #

EPISODE 20 : (Monday - August 09)

A secret admirer

Neri didn't recognize the shirt that was Joross' belonging. She doesn't mind it and pleased Roxanne about meeting up with his ex-boyfriend.

In the morning, Hero prepared himself so much. He wore nice clothes and he looks so maporma Everything was for his found girl Sandara. Errol entered the room and caught him sparing too much perfume on his body and notice that he might be fixing himself for someone. He even sung the novelty song Bulaklak pointing to Hero's nice smell. Hero told him that he is preparing for a girl.

Sandara is still in Melissa's house. She let Melissa answer the quiz orally which was all about Joseph. Melissa answered every question (Joseph's favorite) correctly, but in every answer Melissa says, Sandara thought of Hero.

In the school, Hero met up with his friends Michelle and Joseph who were with Sandara and Melissa. He greeted Sandara with a pleasant smile but Sandara didn't reacted at all. Melissa introduced herself warmly to a new friend, Hero. Sandara didn't talk when Hero came. She wanted to stay away from her so she excused herself from her friends and run. Hero hurriedly followed on her direction. When Sandara reached the place filled with a lot of students, she hid behind someone to escape from Hero. But, Hero saw her still as the people leave and approached her. Sandara still didn't wanted to talk and tried to go but Hero stopped her. She shouted for help so Hero covered her mouth and Sandara bite him on his hand so he had no chance to talk to her.

Afterwards, Melissa together with Sandara is watching Joseph nearby. Melissa is waiting for the guy she assigned to give her gift to Joseph. And there's one guy who give a gift to Joseph and when Joseph asked him if to whom it came from, the guy said that he doesn't know her. The gift is signed with greetings from a girl namely "Yna" who was Melissa herself acting as a secret admirer to Joseph. Michelle opened the gift for him and it was a wrist band, which Joseph desires.

Roxanne is teaching her younger brother Errol on his assignments while her brother RJ is using the phone for hours and haven't done his assignments yet so she scolded him. Errol bares him that he was talking wit his text mate girl from a exclusive girl school. The house maid offered them some merrienda too. Later, Hero came and gave them a warm smile and greetings of "Good Evening". RJ answered him back saying that there's no good in the evening because he came. Hero just smiled at him while Errol and Roxanne greeted him back. Errol requested him to teach him on his assignment because he said he found him smart. Hero didn't accept the request saying to him that he can do it by his own. When Hero walked upstairs to his room, Roxanne scolded RJ for being so rude to their eldest step brother, RJ answered back madly and walked upstairs to his room. The house maid said that she observed Hero very warm this day, from the donuts in the morning and to the greeting with a smile that night.

The next day, Roxanne was seeking for the shirt she had from Joross. She went to the kitchen and asked their house maid about it until found it on the basket of used clothes. The house maid asked if to whom was the shirt from and Roxanne answered her that it was her belonging. The maid didn't believe her and knew that she's having a infatuation to some guy. Roxanne didn't say anything and the house maid told her the story of her admiration to a man which she spelled with an oration and the guy liked her while saying some weird words.

When Roxanne was in her room, she did what their house maid said. She does an oration on Joross' shirt to let the guy came to her. She uttered the words said by their yaya while doing some weird actions in front of the shirt. Until, Neri came in the house and the house maid approached her. Neri went up to Roxanne's room and caught her in what she was doing. Neri was surprised laughing and Roxanne was very shy on what she was doing. Neri asked what she was doing and Roxanne answered her that she was just following what her yaya told her. Neri didn't waste any time and finally called Joross for Roxanne. Joross answered his phone while he was on his swimming class, Neri told him that her friend Roxanne wanted to talk to him. Neri gave the phone to Roxanne, and at last they had a talk. Roxanne was so shy talking to him and when Neri get the phone, she told Joross to invite Roxanne for a dinner. Then, Roxanne was invited by Joross for a date on a coffee shop, Roxanne didn't had a chance to answer because Neri did the answer of "yes". The date was planned for the two.

The night after, the family of Roxanne are having dinner. Roxanne started appealing to his father that she wanted her curfew time extended because she will be having activities related to her course. She cannot able let her dad allow her because he said that he will be thinking first. Later on, Hero came and greeted them once again with a warm smile. His Dad wasn't well at all and scolded him for getting home late considering that he has his curfew time. #

EPISODE 21 : (Tuesday - August 10)

Desperate in love

Hero answered his Dad that he was assigned for a task in school that's why he came late. He also requested for his Dad to allow him to come late after class. His Dad allowed him and Roxanne as well, in condition that they should be both together come home.

When Roxanne went to his room, Neri called her on her phone. She wanted her if the meeting date will be sure for the next day. Roxanne agrees and Neri asked her to prepare. On Neri's back was Joross preparing himself by choosing what clothes to wear.

The next morning, Sandara was with her friends Michelle and Melissa in Joseph's isawan. She bought her favorite isaw until Hero came. Sandara felt irritated because Hero was there, so she confronted him asking why he follows her. Hero told her that Joseph's isawan was their hang-out since. Sandara asked if he was there for her and Hero answered him that he was there not for her but for his friends. Later, Joseph's younger brother gave him again a gift from an anonymous admirer (Melissa).

Neri and Roxanne went to the coffee shop where they will be meeting Joross. When they are waiting inside, Roxanne saw her Dad on the same coffee shop but didn't notice her at all. She was so scared that her Dad will be seeing her so she pulled Neri out of the shop. While Joross finally came, he fix himself first at his car and enter the coffee shop. But Roxanne and Joross didn't meet for the next time again. Joross waited in the coffee shop for a long time and when Neri came, he haven't meet the girl she was saying. She even eat his food and later he notice him not well-looking and requested him to fix himself well. Afterwards, Joross followed what his ex-girlfriend said. He went to a salon and had himself fix by a nice haircut.

Michelle and Hero was still in Joseph's isawan. Hero was watching Joseph and Michelle on his other side. He accused Michelle of being responsible of giving anonymous gifts to Joseph. Michelle annoyingly defend herself that she was not that cheap to do a those such ways. Hero teased Michelle to Joseph who they stare at while selling Barbecue.

The night after, Sandara was very depressed on what she was doing the passed days. She turn around for many times on her room, until she was caught by her foster mother. The mother stopped her to do the weird thing but Sandara continues. She just top when she felt unwell and lost herself. #

EPISODE 22 : (Wednesday - August 11)

Brother versus his brother

Melissa continued her procedures to be close to her ultimate crush Joseph. She followed him in a local market and turned it out that they coincidentally met. She told him that she loves accompanying her maid to the market. Joseph introduced her to his mother and Melissa approached her nicely. Melissa join Joseph and his mother in the market.

The same morning, Hero went to Michelle's house because he was asked by her to fetch her that morning. Michelle's mother even made a joke that Hero was Mictch's another boylet. Hero questioned her why she asked him to fetch her for school considering that her foster sister Sandara doesn't want him to see. Michelle said that she requested him to join them going to school that morning because she wanted Hero and Sandara to had a talk.

Joseph noticed that Melissa haven't bought anything in the market. When he asked her about, Melissa told him the truth that it's her first time to shop in a local market. Joseph and his mother understand her, so the mother asked Joseph to a escort Melissa and help her shop in the market. Joseph warmly conforms, hold Melissa's hand and accompanied her. They had happy bonding times together as Joseph taught her the right way of choosing fish and meats. The two also had merrienda in a cheap restaurant and Melissa felt the romance surrounding them.

Sandara, Michelle and Hero had a walk in the village. Michelle pleased the two to have a talk so that they can end their trouble. Sandara kept on saying that she will not talk to him. Later, a dirt from a bird dropped on Sandara's cap on her head and she asked them about it. Michelle was disgusted while Hero helped her remove the dirt from her cap. Sandara thanked him by saying her own 'Thank You' words: Utot Mo!.

RJ planned again a bad thing to do with his step brother Hero. He get some painting colors in Hero's things and trying to destroy the painting on his room (which was Hero's masterpiece illustrating Sandara.) Errol caught him before he planned to do it and stopped him at the same time. Raphael didn't listen to him and pushed him away of the room. Errol threatened him that if he'll continue it, he willnot be hesitating to tell their father about it. RJ was not scared at all and instead, he intentionally messed the illustrations. Until, Hero came and caught RJ in the act of destroying his artwork. He madly asked why he was doing it and RJ told him that he was just improving the artwork. Hero feel bad, so he punched his step brother and the two had a trouble. Roxanne and the house maid caught them fighting. They let the two stopped and the maid blamed Hero of hurting his younger brother.

After the bonding times in the market, Joseph and Melissa had a sweet conversation. Joseph told Melissa about his life and his friends' life. Melissa knew that Michelle wanted the care of a real father that she haven't felt in her whole life. When asked how her life was doing, she said that it was boring, her parents doesn't gave so much attention to her because of their businesses and she was just an only child so there were nothing challenges in her life. Melissa felt sad so Joseph hold her hand and saying that she was lucky to have a complete and better family, and her life was in good. Melissa feel it so romantic and even thought that Joseph will be kissing her, just like in the teleseryes.

Roxanne cured RJ's wounds in the face due to his trouble with Hero. Roxanne asked him to apologize to their brother so that their father wouldn't know about it. Their parents came and the father saw Hero curing his wounds in the face. His Dad asked him about it, but the house maid made the answer saying that he was punched by his brother Raphael and saying that it was better. Hero's Dad turned to be mad and hurriedly went to RJ's room. The father badly confronted his son RJ and asked him why he encountered a trouble with his eldest brother Hero. No one anwered between RJ and Roxanne so Errol made the answer saying that it was all because of RJ who destroy Hero's paintings. Their Dad was so mad and pulled RJ in the room with his belt and will be punishing him hurtly.

Later, Hero, RJ was asked to stay in the living room with Roxanne and Errol. They were advised by their Dad and RJ was asked by his father to make an apologize to his eldest brother. RJ was pleased to say 'sorry' to Hero even that he was not sincere. Afterwards, he answered back badly to his father and walked upstairs to his room. Her mother, sister, and house maid went to him later but he closed the door and never opened it for them. RJ was so hurt not because of the punishment made to him but for the pain his father gave him. His mother and Roxanne was worried of him and the Mom asked why RJ was doing bad this passed days which he didn't does earlier. The house maid cried and told them that it was all because when Hero started stepping on that house.

Later, their parents was in their room for sleep, Roxanne's Mom get mad of his husband for acting so unfair to their children, saying that he must advised Hero too. His husband told her that he was doing it because he has a big responsibility to his eldest son that he haven't gave lately. Her wife questioned and said that if he loved his son, he should have discipline him better. #

EPISODE 24 : (Friday - August 13)

A night for everybody

Michelle, Joseph, Melissa and Sandara went to the night concert party to watch their friend Joseph perform a dance number. Sandara doesn't like her environment, she feels unwell and didn't even followed her acquaintances in their direction and chose to be alone.

RJ was also enjoying in the party with a newly met girl text mate. Hero, who also followed his friends Michelle and Joseph to join them in the night concert party. While Sandara who just walked by the corner seeing that everybody is having fun. She was influenced by some men who called her Shancai. The drunk men gave her a bottle of alcohol and Sandara didn't hesitated to drink.

Afterwards, RJ and his friend girl went out of the place of the party. The girl's friends told them about what they have encountered with the other guys. So, the girls pleased the girl with Raphael to come with them and leave the party. RJ had no choice but to let the girl leave. Raphael decided to join his barkada to enjoy the party and never refused to drink alocohol as offered to him.

Neri and Roxanne came to the party too. Neri wanted Roxanne finally met Joross. Roxanne feel bad with Neri who lied on her saying that something bad happened to her, but the truth was Neri just wanted her and Joross to meet. But then, Roxanne had no choice but to follow Neri and join the night concert party.

RJ joined his friend in drinking liquor. He wanted to go home but because of his barkada's influence, he come with them in his friend's car. The same time, Sandara drunk a lot and feels ill. Group of men began to act rude on her. When one guy asked unmannerly for a kiss but Sandara didn't agree and even slapped him on the face. The man get mad to her, but before he'll act bad on her, Michelle, Joseph, Melissa and Hero came and defend Sandara from the boys. Hero confronted the men and admitted that Sandara was his girl friend that's why the men leave them.

Joseph excused himself from his friends for his upcoming dance performance. Hero accompanied Sandara to her way. Sandara wanted to kiss him because she thought he was Peter, but when Hero told her that he's not Peter, Sandara pushed him away and run. Hero followed Sandara until the basement parking lot. Hero shouted when he saw Sandara near to be bump by a car, but he was thankful that Sandara didn't met an accident, instead she lost herself and Hero carried her. The car was the car of RJ's friend where he and his barkada are enjoying.

Joseph hesitated to do their dance performance of their swimming varsity team together with Joross. They are planned to take off their shirts in between of the dance and Joseph doesn't want to do it. Joross advised him to think that he was just swimming so that he can take off his shirts later.

RJ and his barkada are having fun in the car and their music are too loud. Thus, police men notice them and followed their direction. RJ's friend didn't stop and instead, he ran the car too fast and accidentally bumped a car. The policemen caught them and asked the driver about his license, but he told the police that he has no license for driving the car. They was then recognized who drunk liquor considering that they are still minors, for this reason they were asked to follow to the police station.

Hero accompanied Sandara who was sleeping, to their home. He carried her at his back and called Michelle's mom outside their house. Sandara's foster Mom was surprised seeing Sandara and told them to go inside.

Joseph and Joross' varsity swimming team are finally called for their dance number. People are yelling, especially Michelle and Melissa and Neri who waited for Joross to came on the stage for Roxanne to see him. Joseph doesn't know still what he will be doing, but then his mates pushed him on the stage and he performed. They dance to the tune of a tagalog song and in between of the performance, they began to take off their shirts. Joseph strengthens his confidence and made himself shirtless. At last, Roxanne saw the guy Neri had always told her who was the same mystery guy of her. When Joseph already done taking off his shirt, he threw it in the audiences and Melissa was disappointed because Michelle was the one who catch it. Same with Joross who also threw his shirt and Roxanne accidentally handed it. #

EPISODE 25 : (Monday - August 16)

A hand from a sister

Neri was glad for Roxanne who catched Joross' shirt. Roxanne was so surprise that the shirt accidentally came to her. Then, the party goes on with the large crowd of teens.

Melissa didn't like when she wasn't able to catch Joseph's shirt and it was Michelle who handed it. Michelle even told her that she doesn't want that she's the one who catch it. Melissa felt jealous two with the two who had fun like sweethearts at her front.

Michelle's Mom asked Hero to bring Sandara in her room. Hero lied her down to her bed, but unintentionally, Sandara pulled Hero down, lying the same bed with her. Hero tried to get off Sandara's arms who hugged her. While Sandara is sleeping, she dreamt that he saw Peter with other girl, she was shocked and woke up from her sleep. When she saw Hero beside her, she madly get off her bed and gave him slaps on his face for many times. Michelle's mother stopped her and let Hero go.

After the night concert, Neri asked Roxanne to wait for Joross after their performance. Roxanne refused to do so because it's already late at night and near to her curfew time. Neri pleased her so much seeing that Joross was coming. But, without any notice, Roxanne leave the place and didn't able to meet Joross. When Neri saw that Roxanne was not at her back anymore, she asked Joross to go with her and followe her friend. Joross felt bad to her and told her that she feels so cheap that she was presenting him to other girl.

Michelle and Joseph accompanied Melissa to her car. Joseph asked her how the concert was for her. Melissa gladly answered him that she had fun. Minutes ago when Melissa leave, Joseph once again received a love text message from his secret admirer, who was Melissa. Michelle get his phone and tried to call the unknown number who keep on texting her friend. She called it and Melissa was tensed when her phone was ringing. She tried to use a different voice when she said "hello" but suddenly put down the phone.

Roxanne was so nervous while she was in the car going home. While on the way, RJ called her on the cell phone and she's asked to go to the Police Station. Roxanne rushed to the Police Station and find out what RJ and his friends encountered. The police told her that the car where his brother with his friends are riding, bumped another car and they were drunk. As they both leave the Police Station, Roxanne reproached Raphael for what they did. Suddenly, their father called on her cell phone, but RJ get her phone and turn it off.

When Michelle and Joseph reach home, her mom asked her why Sandara was drunk and Michelle answered her that she doesn't know. She explained to her mom what happened, that Sandy was suddenly out of their sight and just afterward caught her drunk. Her mom scolded her for not taking care of Sandara and told her that she has also the responsibilty for Sandy as she doesn't know the people around this country.

Roxanne and RJ finally reach home. The house maid approach them first and told them that their father getting mad. The house maid told RJ that his father doesn't know that he leave considering that he is grounded. The same time, Hero came too. The house maid accompanied RJ to the kitchen so that their parents would not able to see him, while Hero and Roxanne came in the house together. Their Dad madly asked them where they came from and why they came late at night exceeding their curfew time. The two can't able to talk and doesn't know what to say. #

EPISODE 26 : (Tuesday - August 17)

As love comes their way

Roxanne and Hero find a invented reason for their parents who are madly asking where are they from. While RJ was accompanied by their house maid to go upstairs without the notice of their parents. Their Dad was so dissapointed with Hero and Roxanne and scolded them for what they do. As a punishment, he brought back their original curefew time of 9:00 PM. RJ finally run up to his room without knowing by his Dad and Mom.

Late at night. Hero can't sleep still because he thought of his Sandara. Same with Sandy who think of Hero and very depressed on what she was feeling. Hero stood up from his bed and get the stuff, Sandara gave him recently when she said goodbye, to remind him of her. Roxanne and Joross are also thinking of each other. Joross texted Roxanne on his cellphone with an approach. Roxanne feels so glad and infatuated as she received the message and don't know how to reply.

The next morning, Hero woke up late because of last night. He went down in the middle of their breakfast and his father scolded him for the wrong doing. The father even honored RJ for being obedient as he followed regulation given by his dad, without knowing that he was not home last night.

Joross is ready for his school. He fixed himself well to look good. His brother arrives at his condominium and Joross told him what Neri was doing, as she present him to other girl. His brother asked if the girl was beautiful and he said yes. Hence, he advised Joross to move on with his love life and why not try the girl Neri wanted him to meet.

That morning, after Sandara woke up, she called her parents in Korea again with her cell phone. She was badly surprised when his father told him that Peter was already having an affair with other girl. Sandara won't believe them and after they put down the phone, she cried hard waking up Michelle from her sleep.

Roxanne was already in her school. When she passed by a man she thought was Joross, she smelled him at his back. Somebody approached her and when she look back, Joross was there and gave her a warm smile and greetings. Roxanne thought, Joross was looking for Neri, but as she heard, Joross was there for her. He offered some broiled corn for her.

During breakfast, Sandara shows very unwell. Hero came to fetch Michelle and brought a champorado for Sandara. He provide it for Sandy but Sandara didn;t accept it and throw it to him. She wanted Hero to leave and as she said, she doesn't want him to see again. Sandara pushed Hero away of the house and closed the door. Michelle get mad of what Sandara acted and chastised her. Sandara cried hard and became angrier. So, she went up to her bedroom, packed up her things and leave the house. Michelle and her Mom tried to stop her but Sandara leave easily. #

EPISODE 27 : (Wednesday - August 18)

Begging for Korea

Michelle and her Mom hasn't able to stop Sandara to leave. Luckily, Sandara met Melissa on her way and asked her to ride on her car. Sandara asked for her help so that she can able to leave for Korea. While Michelle's Mom called Sandara's father in Korea and told them what Sandara did.

In RJ's school, he was influenced by his barkada to stole some valuable things of their enemy. They went to the library where the boy leave his bag, and secretely RJ get the umbrella and cellphone on his bag. When they went out of the library, they thought everything turned to be ok, but when they're not still far, the librarian went out and called for RJ's attention.

Melissa and Sandara went to the embasy to hurry the ticket to Korea. Sandara was so lucky to know that there were still 3 seats more in the airplane but they should hurry to the airport as soon as possible. Thus, Melissa accompanied Sandara hurriedly to the airport using her van. Later, Melissa's cellphone rang and it was Michelle. She was tensed to answer it because Michelle doesn't know that she was Melissa who's the one who secretely admire Joseph. When she answered the phone with a different voice, Michelle called her on her name and she was shocked putting down her phone.

Michelle and her Mom dressed up to follow Sandara to the airport and Hero joined them too. They ride a Taxi but they met a very hard traffic on their way to Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

The librarian who caught RJ and his friends stole some valuables of a student, called RJ's mom at home from the school. When RJ's Mom asked what the call for, the librarian told her that the RJ's school principal wanted to had a conference with her because of a violation RJ has committes. RJ's mother felt startled.

Same with Sandara and Melissa who met the traffic also. Sandy even paid the driver with a 100 pesos and an upcoming Korean dollar, just to hurry to the airport. As she said, that was the race of her life for Peter. While Melissa was so nervous to know that Michelle had already knew that Joseph's secret admirer and she were just the same. She want to give up in her love life but Sandara advised her to do not. Because according to what they have promised, they will fight and do their best in the name of love.

RJ and his friends were caught on what they did. They were called to the office, the Principal scolded them and and filed a case for them as Stealing. The Principal asked the librarian to call for their parents for a conference the next day.

While they were on the very hard traffic still, Sandara doesn't loose hope still, and gave 100 pesos more to teh driver to do a way to escape traffic. Melissa told Sandara that even if they're far away from each other, Sandy will not forget her. Sandara answer her back that they will be forever be best friends. And according to Melissa, they are like Stephanie and Margaret in the telserye Hiram Later, when Melissa looked at her back, she suddenly saw a Taxi Cab behind their van and it was Michelle together with her Mom and Hero. #

EPISODE 28 : (Thursday - August 19)

Muffins from the heart

Sandara felt tense when she saw the Taxi behind them. So, she pleases the driver to hurry by giving him 100 pesos more.

When they reached airport, Melissa started to cry and for Sandara who's leaving. Sandara thanked Melissa so much by saying "Utot Mo..", which was her own word for 'Thank You'. Melissa answered her back by saying "More utots to come..". They embraced each other like sisters and promised to stay best friends forever. Afterwards, Melissa let Sandara wear a coat so that if ever Michelle and her Mom came, they wouldn't notice her.

At last, Michelle, her Mom and Hero hurriedly came. They had a fast walk and look for Sandara around the airport. Michelle recognized Melissa who was standing near the Phone Card Station. She shouted asking her where Sandara was who was just at Melissa's back hiding in her coat. Melissa don't know what to do so she pulled Sandara and they run away. And Michelle together with her Mom and Hero followed them in a rush.

RJ was in the Principal's office again, and together with his Mom. His Mom questioned the Principal on why she was called for a conference and asked if it was about RJ's academic performance in school. The Principal agree with her saying that RJ has his failing grades. RJ's Mom suggested that she could send RJ to a tutorial lesson. But, the Principal changed the topic telling her that it was not the main reason why she was called. RJ's Mom was told about what he dis lately, on stealing his school mate's valuable things in the library such as the cell phone. The mother cannot believe on what she heard and she just look deeply on his son RJ who was just quietly sitting in front of her with his head bowed. For this reason, the Principal decided not to suspend RJ for his violation considering that it was just his first case, instead he will be cleaning the campus after classed as a punishment.

Michelle, her Mom and Hero didn't stop in following Melissa and Sandara around the airport. Sandara met a chance to hide herself from them, and when she sees that they are already far away, she huriedly walked fast through inside the airport. Michelle finally caught Melissa and stopped them. She pulled the coat which was covering the body of the girl with Melissa but it was just her yaya and not Sandara anymore. They questioned Melissa for what she did bu she explained that she was just helping Sandara as her best friend.

Meanwhile, Roxanne is baking muffins in their kitchen showing her warm sweet smile. Their house maid noticed her being so happy and questioned that it might be of her admired man. Later, Neri came and Roxanne gladly approached her offering her the box of her baked muffincs. Neri felt glad as Roxanne gave her some food. Roxanne told her to gave some to her friends (as she was just referring to Joross). Neri loved the taste of Roxanne's muffins until she opened the topic about Joross. She straightway told Roxanne about Joross' visit in her school recently and asked how do she find Joross. Roxanne turn herself back and said that she doesn't like him, giving some observations such as: his mouth is always open, feeling handsome and feeling macho.

After the conference of the Principal to RJ's Mom, he was accompanied by his Mom as they exit the office. His Mom asked what was been happening to him considering that he failed his grades, cut classes and stole a cell phone. She pleased RJ what was really the problem. RJ didn't utter any words but just ended everything by telling her Mom that he need to go because he still have classes going on.

When Sandara reached the line up to the way to ride tha airplane to Korea, she was stopped by the Office in-charge and asked for her passport. Unfortunately, she forgot where her ticket was and even asked it to the woman in-charge. She cried easily thinking that she lost her ticket and pleased the woman to let her leave the country as soon as possible. But the woman was sorry for her because the police says that: No Ticket, No Leave. Another officer came and gave consideration to Sandara by letting her find her ticket in her baggage. She thanked them a lot and hurriedly opened her baggage in the floor and look for her ticket.

Michelle and her Mom thought that Sandara might had leave for Korea that time so they decided to leave the airport. Hero didn't join them, instead he stayed in the airport to look for Sandara. When Michelle was asked by her Mom why Hero wanted to stay, Michelle answered that he might just looking back the moment when his Mother leave him.

Neri brought the box of muffins in their campus and told her friends about it. Some of her friends asked for one and they started to like Roxanne's baked muffins. And a lot more of students came to Neri and wanted some muffins too. So, everybody ordered some box of muffins to Neri and she listed their contact numbers. After a lot of her friends ordered, Joross came and when he saw what Neri was eating, he asked for some but Neri didn't gave him some of Roxanne's baked muffins. When knew that it was Roxanne's baked muffins, he asked what Roxanne told her about him. Neri said that Roxanne said that she likes him which made Joross smile.

RJ started to clean the comfort room as of the punishment given to him by the principal. He felt so bad while washing the urinal and the toilet in each cubicle. Until he began to cry after all his mistakes.

Sandara was crying while her clothes are all scattered on the floor in the aiport. She can't still find her ticket in her baggage and she wanted to leave asap. Hero finally find her so he came to her and heard her begging for her ticket to Korea. He suddenly saw her ticket hide on her scattered clothes, so he picked it up and knew that it was what Sandara was looking. #

EPISODE 29 : (Friday - August 20)

Will not give up

Hero approached Sandara silently and Sandara slap his hand and madly questioned him why he was there. Hero doesn't say anything and just show the ticket Sandara had been seeking all the time. Sandy smiled at him and all of a sudden, she pick her ticket. She thanked Hero with a smile and hurriedly leave him. Hero felt sad while seeing her walked away.

When Michelle and her Mom reached home, they called Sandara's father in Korea and told them what happened. Sandy's parents worried a lot and don't know what to do if Sandara will be back their. Michelle's mom really apologized for what happened.

Neri visited Roxanne again in their house. Roxanne was so surprised when Joross was also with her. She told Roxanne quietly that she should have not let Joross come because her parents doesn't want her to entertain guys in the house, but Neri said that Joross just wants to visit him. Afterwards, Roxanne asked Neri how was the muffins she baked which she wanted Joross to taste. Neri said that her friends loved her muffins and Joross made a word saying that he haven't even tasted the muffins. Roxanne was so annoyed to Neri considering that she didn't let Joross taste her muffins so she called her Yaya to get some box of muffins in the kitchen. When their house maid went out of the kitchen, she showed her Joross shirt fitted in her stuff toy. Roxanne hurriedly get the stuff toy and hide it at her back. Neri wondered what it was and Roxanne refused to show it to them and just asked her Yaya to get a box of muffins.

Sandara was so unlucky as the one of the Airport's officer in-charge told her that she was left by the airplane going to Korea just minutes ago. Sandara pleased them that she wanted to leave now and the in-charge told her that an airplane going to Korea will be back later at very late at night. So, Sandy decided to spent her whole night in the Airport to wait for the airplane fetch her.

When RJ was already at home, his Dad asked him and his Mom about the conference made with them with the school principal. RJ didn't answer his Dad, instead his mom made the answer saying that she was called for a conference due to a PTA Meeting and didn't told his husband- Dennis about RJ's violation.

Hero accompanied Sandara while she is waiting. He even spent his money to buy snacks and a magazine to read for her. When he offered the snack for her, Sandara looks so well and Hero checked her and find out that she has a high fever.

Late at night, Joross and Roxanne are almost falling in love eith each other. They both view each other's home page in the internet. When Joross tasted the muffins, he loved it so much and he texted Roxanne saying that he like it.

Hero asked for somebody in the Airport to help him in Sandy's condition. They checked her temperature and as of results, Sandara is having a 39.5 (almost 30) heat temperature. They advised her ro go home because she should rest for a while. Someone offered his car so that they can go home that late at night. Hero accompanied Sandara to stand and let her sit in his rolled baggage and he pushed her so that they can go to the parking area to leave. They ride the car and on their way home, a group of armored men stopped them and asked the two of them get out of the car. #

EPISODE 31 : (Tuesday - August 24)

A letter from Korea

As Hero and Sandara met tragedy on their way from the airport, the two was sent to the Hospital. Sandara was still in a high fever and Hero who's weak as they were attacked by armored men. The morning, Hero guided Sandara beside her bed while she was sleeping. The nurse even smiled when see both of them so sweet, but asked Hero to took a rest because he was also sick. When the nurse leave, Hero came back to Sandara's place and rest beside her.

Michelle followed Melissa on her walk in the Hospital. She already knew everything, that Melissa was Joseph's secret admirer. Melissa pleased Michelle to don't tell Joseph about what she find out. Michelle threatens her that Joseph should have to know the real character behind her. When Joseph came, Melissa was so tense that Michelle will tell Joseph about her secret. But it was just that Michelle wanted them to be treated by Melissa for lunch and Melissa didn't refuse to do so.

In breakfast, RJ's dad asked him to be the one to visit his step brother Hero in the hospital. His Mom entered the conversation and asked his husband that RJ can't go to the hospital because she was told that they will be having a group project to do. RJ agreed with her Mom althoug he knew that he was just saved by her. Roxanne volunteered to be the one to visit Hero in the hospital.

In Michelle's house, there was a call from Korea for Sandara. Michelle's Mom told them what happened, and the Korean told them that someone will be coming in the Philippines to gave Sandara a message. Michelle's Mom planned told Michelle about this.

Sandara finally woke up. She tried to stand up but she can't because she feels so ill yet. Hero accompanied her but she falled into his hands. He told her that she still need to rest so that she can able to got to Korea. Sandara lied down on Hero while Hero gave her a warm embrace. While she was in his hand, Sandara began to sung her favorite song Dear Heart. Later, Michelle, Joseph & Melissa came. The three was so surprised to see them like couple.

Roxanne and Joross coincidentally met in the grocery. Joross find it so weird but glad to see her again. Roxanne asked Joross that she had something to tell him. He asked what it was but Roxanne hesitated and didn't continue what she needs to say, instead she told her to brought crackers same with her because it is delicious. Neri came, because she will be meeting with Roxanne. When Roxanne and Neri needs to go, Joross stop her for a while and asked for a shot from Roxanne using his cellphone as a souvenir.

Michelle and Hero had a chance to talk to each other. She straightly asked him if he likes Sandara but Hero refused to agree. But Michelle believed that there's a feeling that binds them two. Later, Michelle received a text from her Mom regarding the call from Korea. She told Sandara about it and Sandy feels so glad to be back in Korea. Afterwards, two Korean came with box of gifts for Sandara. Sandara hurriedly accepted the gifts and feels so happy when it was from Peter. When she opened the gift, it was a chicken stuff toy and Sandara disliked it for unknown reason. She read the letter and cried very loud on what she find out. Her friends don't know all about it. Melissa can understand Korean writing so she read it to them and it says that Sandara will be coming back to Korea after Peter's wedding with another girl because his parents doesn't like Sandara for him. Melissa feels the sympathy for her best friend and as she said, it was like thet Meteor Garden's Dao Ming Si's family doesn't want Shan Chai for him so Dao was asked to marry Yesha. #

EPISODE 32 : (Wednesday - August 25)

Jealous for whom?

In the hospital, Michelle's Mom explained to them what the chicken symbolizes. Because according to Korean tradition, the chicken symbolizes an end of a relationship, and that's why Sandara hate to see the chicken.

That morning, RJ do the job of washing the dishes in the kitchen while his father is just nearby reading the news paper. RJ wanted him to see by his Dad on what he's doing so that he would look so good. The house maid noticed him on what he was doing, which he nevers to do in his life. His yaya offered to be the one to do the job, but RJ refused to accept because he wanted his father to approach him on what he is doing.

Later, Sandara came to sleep again while Melissa is staying at her side. In the other bed where Hero, Michelle and Joseph are talking about Sandara's situation and they're just trying to understand her. Afterwards, Joseph and Michelle decided to leave with Melissa. Outside the hospital, Michelle requested for a hang-out in the Baywalk with Melissa's treat. Melissa had no choice but to follow her because she doesn't want her to tell Joseph about her secret.

The doctor checked Hero's condition and advised him that he can already leave for home because he is better. Hero was not glad at all because he doesn't want to leave the hospital yet because of Sandara. He asked the doctor about Sandara's situation and the doctor thought he was her girlfriend. The doctor just asked him to visit Sandara at anytime he wants and much better, he should go home.

At dismissal, RJ went to the rest room of their school to clean as of his punishment. Even that he dislikes what he's doing, he continues it because it's the regulation for him. Errol came and wanted to help his elder brother. RJ pushed him out and doesn't want to help. Errol questioned him for his attitude towards him and told him that it's not Hero's fault to be an illegitimate child. RJ answered him back that he hates their step brother because Hero is always considered the right while he is always wrong. Errol haven't talk anymore because he was pushed to leave.

Meanwhile, Roxanne accidentally meet a car problem on her way. She just waits for his driver in searching for the nearest Car fix shop. She was so scared that a group of men is watching her and going towards her place. Luckily, Joross came with his car. He approached Roxanne with a smile and asked for the problem. Joross pick up his tool box in the car and volunteered to do the work. Roxanne questioned him if he was following her and Joross says nothing.

Hero asked a janitor in the hospital to get a medicine to pain his stomache again so that he can still stay in the hospital. Although the medicine smells and taste bad, he drink it just to stay with Sandara. Late at night, Hero stood up from his bed and pick the chicken in front of Sandara's bed, and put it down so that she will not see it again. But the Koreans who guides Sandara, brought it back to its position. Sandara had a nightmare that she was jailed and the chicken mascot is giggling. She woke up and see the chicken in her front. She came back to her sleep crying and singing her song.

The next morning, when the nurse came to check Hero's condition, he started to vomit something from his mouth and began to feel weak again. The nurse was shocked the his illness came back and leave to get medicine for him.

When Michelle and Joseph visited Hero, they questioned why his sickness came back again. The nurse came and gave him an inject for him to took a sleep. When Hero is already in sleep, Melissa asked them that she need to leave. Michelle was irritated seeing her giving her goodbye with Joseph and answered her with a sweet smile. Michelle offered to be the one only to accompany Melissa to exit the hospital and doesn't want Joseph to join.

Afterwards, Michelle and Joseph go to the grocery together. Michelle noticed him so quiet and told him that just a while ago with Melissa, he is so noisy and now he turned to be in silent. Joseph directly asked her when started that she and Melissa became close friends considering that she dislike her at first. Michelle questioned him why he is asking, and asked him if her is jealous. Joseph answered her back by saying: "Siyempre naman.". And Michelle thought that he was jealous for Melissa as she told him back. #

EPISODE 33 : (Thursday - August 26)

Poor Korean Girl

Sandara woke up from her sleep and she saw the stuff toy-chicken in her front again. She suddenly get off her bed and pick the chicken and throw it away. But, the koreans who guide her get it back on its place. Sandara's tantrums attacked again. When she saw Hero sleeping on the other side of the room, she madly woke him up but Hero didn't awake because of his deep sleep. Sandara wanted him to go away, so she asked her Korean guards to pull his bed away from the room. The two Koreans pulled Hero's bed and place him in the hospital's hallway.

While fixing Joross is fixing her car, Roxanne questioned him of the times they accidentally met and thought that Joross was following her way. Joross called it as a coincidence or destiny that's why they met accidentally most of the times. Then finally, the car was fixed, and it was the time when Roxanne's driver came back after finding a tool to fix the car, but the car was already done. Roxanne thanked Joross so much, and they leave.

When Michelle and Joseph came back to the hospital, they saw Hero sleeping on her bed which was along the hallway. All of a sudden, they woke him up and asked why he was there. Hero was surprised as he opened his eyes and he is already in the hospital's hallway. He suddenly remembered Sandara in the room where he came from, so they hurriedly ran to the room.

When they reached Sandy's room in the hospital, they didn't find her on her bed. Then, they saw the things were scattered on the floor. On the other side where Hero's bed came from, they saw Sandara whose hair is disordered. They were shocked that they were scared by Sandara with her ala "Sadako" look. Sandara wanted them to go away and leave her alone.

When RJ's Mom came home from work, she saw RJ being the one who wash the dishes. She approached him and asked if he should go back to his room and had his assignments done and leave the work for their housemaid. RJ answered that he is just alright on what he's doing and continued it. His Mom told him that he should not do those things but RJ didn't stop from what he was doing.

Before sleep, while Roxanne was doing her assignments, she gazed at Joross' shirt which was worn in her favorite stuff toy. She remembered of what Joross says about their accidentally meeting, and asked if it is a coincidence or destiny. Whatever for her it was, she just don't know if she should have tell Joross the truth that she was the girl he approached in the unforgettable party and the one whom he gave his shirt. Roxanne asked for a sign, that if she heard a song that remembers her of Joross, in the radio, it would be the sign that she should tell him everything. She turn the radio on, and one song had just ended. She heard the DJ talked and introduced the next song, which was the song tuned in the dance Joross performed in the recent night concert.

Sandara was back to sleep again after her tantrums with the help of the doctor. Hero asked what was her problem and the doctor answered that it was a psychological problem due to the lost of her boyfriend in Korea and much better for her to move on is to forget her ex-boyfriend Peter.

While Roxanne, RJ, and Errol's Mom is arranging the groceries in the kitchen, Errol came in and told his Mom that his elder brother RJ was not in their room and don't know where he was. His Mom leave the work to the housemaid and went to their room up with Errol. She called RJ around the house and in his room but there was no answer. Errol hurriedly called his elder sister Roxanne and told her that RJ is lost. Their Mom called RJ's friends and there was no one of them who knows where RJ was. She called RJ's cellphone, which he brings all the time, until they heard the mobile rang and it was just inside their room. They seek for RJ in his room until they found RJ sleeping is his cabinet. Her Mom felt so pity and asked why he was sleeping there and asked him to transfer to his bed.

Early in the morning, Sandara is still on her deep sleep. Hero had already changed his clothes and packed up his things and ready to leave the hospital. Even that he doesn't want to leave Sandara yet, but it was her who doesn't want him there. But before Hero leave, he promised to Sandara that he will never leave her while looking at her while sleeping. #

EPISODE 34 : (Friday - August 27)

And the competition begins

Hero finally came back home while his siblings is still on breakfast. His Dad was happily surprised that he's back and approached him warmly. He prepared the place for his breakfast and let him eat fruits. His wife, RJ and Roxanne didn't like the way their Dad approach Hero.

After breakfast, Dennis' wife questioned his care for his son Hero because their children might not feel bad with him. Dennis told her that it was just because Hero came from sickness that's why he care for him well. He asked if his children told her about this but his wife refuse to tell.

In the hospital, Melissa pleased Sandara to eat her breakfast because she still doesn't want to eat. Michelle told Melissa that Joseph will be having their swimming competition that day and asked her that they should watch. Melissa was so happy, so she said goodbye to Sandy and they leave responsibilities to the nurse.

Roxanne had Neri's accompany to the swimming competition where Joross will be joining. They were seen by Joross and Neri opened up to him that Roxanne had something to tell him. Roxanne still hesitated to tell him everything, she even imagined how her conscience say. But still, she didn't told him about the t-shirt.

Hero disguised as a hospital nurse so that he can able to see and guide Sandara. He was not recognized by Sandara and he let her take the medicine. He guided Sandara the whole time and even brought her a artwork illustrating a dragon who defeats the two Korean who guards Sandara and placed it in front of the stuff toy chicken.

The swimming competition finally came. Michelle and Melissa was there to cheer for their friend Joseph. While Roxanne can't able to look at Joross who wear trunks. Afterwards, Joross prepares for his take, and the gun shots starting the competition. #

EPISODE 35 : (Monday - August 30)

More than bestfriends?

The swimming competition starts and Joseph was the first one to do his take. Joseph seems to be not performing well, unlike Joross who participate actively in the battle. Fortunately, Joross was the one who won their team.

After the competition, Joross' swimming team had a victory party in a bar, and he was together with Neri. Joseph was also there with Michelle and Melissa. Their team coach congratulate Joross for being responsible for winning their team. Afterwards, Joross asked Neri about Roxanne who didn't join them that time. Neri said that Roxanne refuse to go with them because she still have classes to go. She even told him that Roxanne was irritated seeing guys in trunks like him. Later, the team coach asked Joseph why didn't he performed well in the competition and Joseph told his coach that he promise to do better next time.

Hero disguised himself still, as a nurse, so that he can able to guide Sandara. He let her to eat food and told her that she should eat well so that she'll be strong and can able to go to Korea. Sandara follows without even knowing that the nurse was Hero.

In the party, Joross asked Neri about Roxanne's schedule so that he can follow him. Neri asked him to wear formal and simple clothe because that's how Roxanne getting attracted to. She said that he could use his nursing uniform because he looks so formal and gorgeous wearing those. While Michelle gave Melissa a picture of Joseph when he was still a baby and untidy. Michelle thought Melissa will be turned off to him, but Melissa adores him stil because as she remembers, she also have a picture like what Joseph had. When Joseph came, Melissa hurriedly hide the picture in her bag. Joseph asked whom the picture was and Michelle said that it was hers. He felt different to both of them about giving pictures to each other. But Michelle told him that it was just a girl bonding. Then Melissa request to watch a movie in the mall and Michelle wanted too. Joseph hesitated to go with them.

Joross had already his nursing uniform worn and he waited on the way where Roxanne's car will be passing. While waiting, he practiced his lines to Roxanne. Roxanne's car is already coming. Joross accidentally pained his leg in the road and Roxanne caught him while she's in the car. The car stopped and Roxanne get down. She questioned Joross is he was following her most of the times considering that they always met. She asked if it was his decision or Neri's request.

After watching movie, Joseph, Michelle and Melissa went to the hospital for Sandara. They were surprised to see Sandara eating well now. When asked why, she said that she wants to back strong again so that she can go back to Korea for Peter. Michelle told her that she couldn't go there for Peter because he already ended up their relationship. Sandara cried and still never wanted to give up.

Before leaving the hospital, Melissa excused herself because she wanted to go to the rest room Michelle wants to follow but Joseph stopped her and asked her to stay with him. They even don't notice Hero who passed by their front disguising as a nurse. Joseph candidly asked her if she had a crush on Melissa seeing that they are so close. Michelle felt bad that her bestfriend thought her like that but she lied, telling him if it was bad that she like Melissa. She even told him that she hide her real personality for a long time and admit that she is a lesbian. When asked if they will be still bestfriends even that she is a lesbian, Joseph told him that he accepts whoever she was. And Michelle gave him a warm hug for that. When Melissa came, Michelle hurriedly went to the rest room because she really needs to. Melissa asked why was Joseph looks so shocked and Joseph told her that it was because of what Michelle told him. Melissa thought that Michelle might have told him already the secret that she had. #

EPISODE 36 : (Tuesday - August 31)

Caught in the act

Few hours later in the hospital, Joseph recognized Hero as the nurse attendant so he suddenly approached him. Hero told him the truth that he was doing that because Sandara don't want to see him, so he disguised so he can able to guide Sandara. Joseph feels so proud with his friend and said it was because Hero was in love.

Raphael is cleaning the rest room in their school as of his punishment. Two men passed by the place and brought mess in the floor RJ was cleaning. RJ badly get their attention and it was turned into a quarrel. The guy tried to punch him but Errol entered the scene and stop the guy to hurt his kuya RJ. The men just leave them leaving threat to RJ. Raphael get mad to his younger brother Errol because he entered the quarrel so he pushes him onto the floor. Errol feels bad with his kuya and madly leave.

Joseph ask for Hero's time because he will be telling him something. He told him about what Michelle had said recently that she had a crush on Melissa. Hero was so surprised and Joseph told him too that Michelle was a lesbian.

Joross went to Roxanne's house to talk to her about what happened a while ago. At first, Roxanne hesitated to talk to her because she felt bad on what she knew. But then, she was pleased when Joross began to tell her his heartaches for Neri.

While Sandara was taking a rest in the room, the two Koreans who serve as her guard, receive a text message from Korea. After that, they pick up the tape recorder inserted in the chicken stuff toy and gave it to Sandara. Sandara played it on her walkman and heard the voice of Peter. Peter ended up their relationship because he doesn't feel any love anymore for her. And besides, he will be marrying someone in Korea and she apologized to Sandy. Sandara was so depressed so she pick up the chicken stuff toy and ran away from the room.

Meanwhile, Roxanne felt pity for Joross and understand him as well. Unfortunately, her Dad unexpectedly came and the housemaid was so tensed because Roxanne and Joross was in the living room. While Roxanne gave Joross a friendly hug, her Dad passed by the living room and caught them in the act.

Hero caught Sandara running away form the room with the chicken. He followed her through the rooftop where Sandara go. He caught her trying to end up her life by jumping from the top. #

EPISODE 37 : (Wednesday - September 01)

Saved by the Hero

Hero stopped Sandara on what she intends to do. But she doesn't want him to stop her because she will jump from the roof top. Holding the chicken, she looked down and cried and wanted to end up her life.

While Roxanne's Dad questioned why there was a hug between her and Joross. Roxanne was so tensed and don't know how to answer. So, Joross did the move by acting as a gay and introduced himself to Roxanne's father.

Sandara gives up everything by ending her life. She stepped her foot onto the to the side and tried to jump. But Hero shouted on her. He told her that she was coward and easy to give up. Hero explained to her well that everything will be fine if she moves on. Sandara didn't stop crying while hearing the voice of Hero who wanted to save her.

In Roxanne's house still, her father hesitated in his thought that Joross was a gay. Joross even told RoxannHe asked why he was hugging Roxanne and Joross told him that it was because of his love life. He lied that even though he was a gay, he still being fall in love with a girl. When the father asked who the girl was, while looking to Roxanne, Joross answered it was Neri.

Hero walked slowly towards Sandara. When he stepped near her, he suddenly pull Sandara from her place and stay her away from where she stoop up. Accidentally, Sandara had pushed Hero back, falling him from the rooftop.

Joross told the story to Roxanne's dad that he was in love with Neri, although he's gay. Until Roxanne's Mom came and entered the conversation. She knew about Joross who's in love with Neri and told him that Neri was her employee in their company. Roxanne's hasn't able to talk while Joross told them his story while acting himself as a gay.

Hero had luckily hold his hand on the top and he's near to fall. He asked for Sandara's help. Sandara was shocked to see him and worried that he'll be falling. So, she stood up with the stuff toy chicken still and asked for Hero's hand. She cannot able to accompany Hero because the chicken was with her so Hero told him to throw the chicken away to save him. Then, Sandara badly threw the chicken stufftoy down from the top and helped Hero to get up.

Joross was leaving Roxanne's house finally. Roxanne accompanied him to the gate and when they reached the place, she told Joross why he acted as a gay seeing that it's a lie that could make the situation worst. Joross told her that it was good because he was able to save her from her Dad. Before he leaves, he gave Roxanne a kiss on her cheek.

Michelle and Joseph came and helped the two from the near accident. When they go down, Michelle's Mom was there and they see the Doctor for consulation. Sandara was finally doing well and the Doctor advised for a psychiatrist for Sandy so that she can able to move on after her heart break. Back at home, Michelle's Mom gave a warm welcome for Sandy as she was back and show her those clothes she bought considering that her clothers was stolen recently. Sandara was still upset and excused herself going upstairs in her room.

After Joross leave, Roxanne was asked by her Dad for a talk. Her Dad didn't scold her for what he saw lately and even understand her daughter. Roxanne was so glad and gave her dad a warm thanks. #

EPISODE 39 : (Friday - September 03)

Will do anything

Michelle brought Sandara to the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist entertained Sandy and bring her in the room while Michelle stayed outside after she gave Hero's picture to the psychiatrist who she told as Sandy's ex-boyfriend's look a like.. Later, Hero came while Sandara was in the room with the psychiatrist. Michelle told her that he shouldn't have came because Sandara doesn't want to see him. Inside the room, the psychiatrist asked Sandara to bring out all her bad feelings. Then, Michelle and Hero heard Sandara shouting inside the room. Sandara was crying while destroying Hero's photo and breaking things around.

Meanwhile, Joseph was in the church. He first apologized for not visiting the church often and just once in a while. He prayed for his bestfriend- Michelle's condituation and his situation too. Joseph pleased that his thoughts was just a mistaken regarding Michelle's real sexuality and hope that she was not a lesbian.

Once again, Joross visited Roxanne in her house. Her parents was not there so he didn't able to act like a gay. Until, Roxanne's brothers came and Joross started to act as a gay again and Roxanne introduced him to her brothers. RJ seems to see different in Joross and he might not believe that he was a gay.

Michelle brought Sandara back at home. Sandara was tired of what she doesn in the psychiatrist's clinic and she didn't talk. Michelle showed her Mom what Sandara did on Hero's photo. Sandara suddenly walked upstairs to her room. Later on, they talked about how can Sandara moved on. Michelle's Mom suggested that they could have an outing so that Sandara will enjoy. But Michhelle varied because her friend Hero cannot join them. Her Mom told her that Joseph and Melissa was there and they can enjoy. Michelle told her Mom about Joseph who called her as a tomboy. Her Mom thinks and asked her daughter if she really is. And Michelle told her that she was not and it was just because her friends are both guys. Her Mom thought that it was because she was searching for a male image due to her father she had never met.

Hero came home and Roxanne approached him. She introduced Joross to hime as her friend. Joross acted as a gay again and gave a warm greeting to Hero. Unfortunately, Hero seems him to be so familiar. Unitl he got it that he was Joseph's classmate in the swimming class. Roxanne and Joross worried, so Roxanne pleased her step brother to don't tell anyone about this. Hero agreed and just smiled on the situation they entered.

Melissa came to Michelle's house with her car to visit her best friend Sandara. Joseph, who was also going to the house, didn't continue to go and he just hide nearby to watch Michelle and Melissa, if they really have a relation. He witnessed how Michelle approached and entertained Melissa as she kissed her on the cheeks. Melissa bring out the foods she bought for Sandara and even Michelle's favorite delicacies. When the two went inside, Joseph went to the house's garden and tried to peek to the window and watch the two. He thought that the two ladies are doing something different. Joseph even witnessed Michelle who let Melissa ate the fresh mangoes by her hand.

Roxanne's parents finally came. So Joross acted back again as a gay. Roxanne's Mom was with Neri that time. And Joross and Neri told them that they didn't knew each other yet. Roxanne's Mom introduced Neri to Joross. Afterwards, Joross excused herself to all of them because he needs to leave. Roxanne's Mom asked Neri to go with him so that they can know each other well.

Joseph leave Michelle's house and was so depressed on what he saw. Melissa who was going to leave saw him. She approached him and asked why he was there. Joseph told him that he was there for her which made Melissa so kilig. Later on, Melissa began to leave and say bye to Joseph. Joseph went in to Michelle's house. When Michelle saw him, she asked if he was there to apologize for what he did and Joseph agreed. But he asked still about her real sexuality and he confirms that Michelle was really a girl-lover. He even accidentally told her that he loves her but ended it by saying he loves her as a friend.

When Joross and Neri reached the car, Joross questioned her for varrying on their invented situation because it will made the problem worst. Neri told him that it was good to see that he was doing anything for her Roxanne. Unexpectedly, Raphael shocked Joross and Joross felt bad so he intend to punch RJ on his face. But when he saw that it was Roxanne's brother, he stopped and take off his hands on Raphael's chest. Until RJ knew that Joross was not really a gay. #

EPISODE 45 : (Monday - September 13)

Looking for her Hero

Michelle and Melissa keep on talking to Sandara because she still didn't want to talk since she went out the hospital. Melissa told Michelle that it might be Hero could bring back Sandy's normality but Michelle dissents because Hero is a look a like of Peter and Sandara doesn't want to see him the rest of her life. Sandy has no reaction at all, she just look both of them when she heard Hero's name.

Meanwhile, Roxanne was practicing in their house on how could she told her Dad about her joining in the Fire Community Project. She still doesn't know how to ask her Dad about it. Later, she called her Dad and directly told him about her join. She explained it well and respectfully. Without any questions at all, her Dad allowed her to do saying that he sees nothing wrong about what Roxanne joined.

Afterwards, Roxanne met up with Neri and happily told her that she was allowed by her Dad to join the Fire Community Training and Neri was so glad for her. Suddenly, Joross came and he was late. He apologized, but according to their condition with Neri, when someone's late, he/she should treat them with snacks. Roxanne hesitated to be treated by Joross and even told him that she can pay for her snacks, but Neri told her that it was the condition for the both of them since. It was no problem for Joross, as he said.

At night, Hero saw their housemaid, Manang Leona crying in the kitchen while preparing drinks for their grandmother's visitors. He asked her why she was crying and then Manang Leona said that she doesn't like how their grandmother treat her and she feels so bad for her. While watching her, Hero saw her put something liquid in their grandmother's drink.

The children's grandmother were having madjong with her big-time friends. All of a sudden, the grandma felt something bad on her stomach until she farted. It was a bad smell, making her playmates cover their nose and react. The grandmother excused herself for a while and called Errol, who was sleeping on the sofa, to replace her in her turn for a while. She madly called Leona and told her to join her in the rest room as she shall drink the juice also. It turned out that she find out that Manang Leona add something in her drink. When the grandmother saw Hero before going to the rest room, he asked him to do the laundry for their clothes because she will be punishing Leona.

Before sleep, Sandara kept on starring at the window and look if Hero was there to entertain her again. Michelle caught her in the act of looking for someone, so she asked her if it was Hero who she looked for. Sandara didn't say anything, get back on her sleep and cover herself with the blanket. Michelle kept on telling her that Hero will be there, maybe later, but Sandy didn't mind her at all.

Meanwhile, Hero cannot leave the house to visit Sandara because her grandmother asked him to do a household again. He felt an anger, and she badly threw the clothes, being asked him to laundry, on the floor of her room. He just look at Sandara's photos painted on her wall and pick up her Mom's letter a while ago under her bed and read it once again. He had no choice but to follow his grandmother even it was too bad for him.

The next morning, in breakfast, Roxanne told her grandmother about their upcoming Fire Community Training and she was one of all who joined. Her grandma questioned her why she didn't asked for her permission about it, so Roxanne told her that her Mom and Dad had already allowed her to join. Errol asked her ate if he can join but Roxanne told him that it was just for college students. Roxanne asked Hero if he wanted to join, but their grandma told her that Hero can't join because he has his obligations at home. RJ asked his grandmother's permission also about their upcoming outreach, but Errol varies saying that she didn't heard about it in their school. RJ said that it was just for Sophomores that's why Errol doesn't know about it because he was just a freshman. Roxanne told him that he should ask for their parents permission, but her grandma said that he will be allowing RJ if a letter will be shown.

At Hero's school, Joseph questioned him why he allow his grandmother to treat him that way, just like when he was ask to do the households. Hero said that he doesn't let them to treat him as a slave but all she wanted is for her grandmother to know that he knows how to respect and her mother let him grow up with a good side.

Meanhile, in Michelle's house, she was ready for school and she just wait of Sandara. Sandara went out of her room and looked at them. When Michelle asked what was wrong, she suddenly said: "I want to see Mask Man (Hero)". Michelle and her Mom smiled at each other when they hear Sandara finally talk. So, Judith, Michelle's Mom, called up Hero and told her to go to their house because Sandara was looking for him. Hero was so glad on what he heard so he hurriedly run to leave the school. #

EPISODE 46 : (Tuesday - September 14)

Hello Mr. Mask Man

When Hero reached Michelle's house, Sandara hesitated to talk to him again as he sees his face (which reminds her of Peter). She ran up to her bedroom. Michelle advised Hero that he should wear his mask whenever he face Sandara. So, Hero pick out his mask from his bag, as he forgot, and wear it on his face. When Sandara went down, she look at Hero who's wearing his mask and smile at him.

On Melissa's way to Michelle's home, she called up her 'Angelo' (Joseph) using her disguising voice, so that she won't be recognize as Melissa. When they had a talk, Melissa notice Joseph that he has a problem, so she asked what was wrong. At first, Joseph can't tell her about her problem with Michelle, but Melissa had pleased him. Joseph told her about Michelle's real personality, that she was a tomboy. Melissa was so surprised on what Joseph said.

At that time, Roxanne and Neri were together. Neri told Roxanne about her crush to their coach in the Fire Community Training and she said that she will do anything just for him to notice her.

Sandara had already faced Hero gently. Hero was so excited to entertain Sandara again with his tricks. They both sit together on the stairs and Hero began to show Sandy some magic. He pick up one apple from his bag and gave it to her. He does it a lot of times giving Sandara numerous of apples. Hero showed her his bag that was empty and he asked her to blow his bag. All of a sudden, he pick up another apple, but the one which is bigger, fresher and sweeter and gave it to her. Sandara even made a joke that she was poisoned by the apple after she grab a bite, but when Hero worried, she surprised him and smiled with so much happiness. Then, she told him that they could be friends, but if he wear his mask only. Hero grab the condition just to be closer to Sandara.

At home, RJ was typing a fake School letter saying that they need to pay for an outreach. He printed it and practice signing like to their principal's signature. Roxanne came the house and saw Manang Leona who was very tired and resting in the sala. She was shocked when she came because she thought it was Mr. and Mrs. Roxas. Roxanne asked her about RJ, and Manang Leona said that RJ was in his room. While RJ was practicing the signature of their school Principal, Roxanne opened his door.

Later, the phone rang which made Manang Leona woke up from her sleep in the living room. She answered the phone and it was her Seņora (Roxanne's grandmother) crying because she lost a friend. She told Manang Leona that she was in Pampangga and she was there for her friend. The grandmother told her that she will not be coming home for a few days and she asked for the housemaid's guidance for the house and the children. After the conversation, Manang Leona felt an excitement and happiness that her terror Seņora will not be home.

When Roxanne saw that RJ was doing something, she asked what it was. RJ said that it was a school assignment. He suddenly keep it and turn off his computer, where his made school letter appears. Roxanne didn't find out what it was, and just told RJ about their upcoming Community Project.

Melissa finally reached Michelle's home. She asked Melissa for a talk outside the house. When Michelle asked what it was about, Melissa started to cry. She doesn't want to offend Michelle with her question, but she directly asked her if she was a lesbian. Melissa said that she's a straight and she doesn't know what to do in same sex relationships because she haven't watched it in any teleseryes. Michelle felt she was weird, so she came nearer to Melissa and told her that she cannot hide her feelings for her anymore. #

EPISODE 47 : (Wednesday - September 15)

Joseph's Isawan atbp.

Melissa cried on what Michelle acted on her. She apologizes for breaking her heart. Suddenly, Michelle laughed at her and said that she was not a tomboy. When Mich find out that it was from Joseph, she told Melissa that she was just fooling Joseph because he accuse her of having a crush on her. Melissa felt glad when she heard that maybe Joseph is jealous and she thought that it was her. So, the two ladies gave a friendly sweet hug for each other.

At the same time, Sandara was so glad bonding with Hero in their house. She said that she wants to go out and roam around the village and asked him to go with her. Before leaving the house, Michelle and Melissa was near the gate and asked where they're going. Hero said that Sandara invited him to roam around. Michelle felt proud of her kabarkada Hero, same with Melissa who was very happy for her best friend Sandy.

At the meantime, Roxanne, Neri and Joross were very much busy on leading the registration for the Fire Community Training. There were a lot of teens who registered as a member for the training. Coincidentally, there was a guy who was Roxanne's former classmate and a friend who saw her. The guy namely AJ (played by TV Idol's AJ Dee) approached Roxanne warmly and they had a friendly talk. The friendly conversation made Joross a bit jealous while Neri finds the guy cute and gorgeous.

At school, RJ distributed the fake school letters to his kabarkada so that they can meet for a night party. A girl schoolmate, who was his crush was so thankful for him for doing a well-done job. They planned for their night gimmick using the school letter RJ made so that their parents would allow them. Afterwards, before the girl leave, RJ asked if he could join her. The girl allowed him, and the two was together while walking.

On Joseph's Isawan, Hero helped him in creating a banner of Joseph's Barbecue stand to be posted. He made the designing and lettering while Joseph continues selling his Barbecues. Everybody was so happy for Sandara who talks again and Sandy felt glad also of tasting her favorite Joseph's barbecue. Joseph told them about his Buko Juice which he sells to. Michelle take one cup of Buko Juice and she find it good, so she let Melissa taste it too which made Joseph jealous again.

The registration is still going on with Joross, Roxanne and Neri. Another coincidence once again when a much older but smaller man approached Neri with Visayan accent. The man claimed her to be his former girlfriend saying that they even shopped together earlier. Neri refused to accept that she knew the man in front. The man pleased Neri that he was Neri's ex-girlfriend. Neri was irritated saying that she doesn't know him and asked him to leave. But the man didn't want to leave unless he had her registration with the training. Neri didn't allow him to sign up for membership while the man pleases. Joross stood up from his sit and apologizes to the man. He pick up Neri's folder with those who registered, but Neri didn't want to give. Joross and Neri turned vulgar which made Roxanne annoyed. Roxanne badly shouted to the both of them asking them to stop. Neri and Joross kept quiet, so Joross just asked the man to sign up to his folder for membership even that it's bad for Neri.

Hero, Joseph, Sandara, Michelle and Melissa were having sweet bonding in the Isawan. Joseph and Hero joined together to post the banner they made stating: Joseph's Isawan atbp. They were all happy for the new look of Joseph's Barbecue stand. Afterwards, they ate Barbecues and Isaws as snacks. Hero handed the Isaw for Sandara to eat while Melissa and Michelle let each other grab a bite to the Isaw while Joseph is jealously looking at the both of them.

Meanwhile, Roxanne felt tired of what they were doing but Joross acts so sweet to her. While Neri and the friend of Roxanne AJ get to know each other and seems to like each other too. The same time was RJ and the girl schoolmate he had a crush with, who eat ice cream together. The two even wipe each other's lips due to the ice cream melts.

Joross brought Roxanne home with his car. Roxanne noticed him that he had a problem. When Roxanne asked what was the problem, Joross suddenly acted with anger by slapping his hand on his car's wheel crank.

At night, after the bonding they had, Hero joined Sandara up to their house. They both thanked each other for the wonderful day they had together. Hero told Sandara that it will be bad for him of not seeing her again for the next hours. Until he proposes that what he feels is not just for a friend but for someone in his heart. Hero's lips came slowly to Sandara's face which made Sandy freeze and her eye widens. #

EPISODE 48 : (Thursday - September 16)

Unforgettable Goodnight kiss

Sandara was surprised when Hero's face came nearer to her. But, she suddenly move her face far from Hero. Afterwards, she uttered some Korean words for Hero which says: "Magandang Gabi Sa'yo", then gave him a kiss on the cheeks. Hero leave the house with a sweet and meaningful smile.

Meanwhile, Roxanne asked what was Joross' problem. Joross opened up to her the trouble, he and Neri occurs whenever they met. He said that it was bad for him because Neri is still in his heart. He was annoyed whenever he and Neri always had small quarrel. Roxanne gave him a friendly advice.

After reaching home, Hero happily do the household in their house. He wipes the floor with a smile as he kept thinking of the first kiss Sandy gave him. He even cook the food for their dinner as he sees that Manang Leona was not around. Roxanne caught him preparing the table for their dinner. Roxanne asked why he was responsible for cooking, and Hero, with a smile, told her about Manang Leona who was not around. Roxanne noticed him happy and Hero even asked her how was her day.

During their dinner, (Hero, Roxanne, RJ & Errol), Roxanne loved Hero's cooked dish for them She asked how he learn cooking and Hero said that it was his Mom who taught him. Errol adores his kuya too as the food was so delicious for him, while RJ just kept on himself that the food really tastes good. While they were having dinner, the phone rang and Roxanne answered the call. It was their grandmother and asking how they were doing and Roxanne told her that they were fine. Until, Manang Leona came, not wearing her maid's uniform and with a lot of jewelry's on her body. RJ asked why she was not wearing her uniform. Manang Leona told them that she was assigned by their grandmother to lead the house while she was not there. Roxanne questioned her saying that their grandma didn't tell them about it. So, Manang Leona brought out the tape with the grandmother's voice saying that Manang Leona will be her eyes while she's in Pampanga. The children finally believe the housemaid. As the grandmother said in the recorder, Hero should be responsible for some household chores. When they asked who will replace her job temporarily, Manang Leona called a girl who will be the one to be the maid as temporary.

The next day, Joseph, Melissa and Michelle shop the things they will be needing for their upcoming beach swimming. Joseph apologized to the two of them because he only contribute a little for their shopping. Michelle asked what should they buy more. So, Melissa picked up her organizer where their needs are stated. When Michelle came her face near to her, to see the list on her organizer, Joseph imagined her smelling Melissa's body. Melissa find out that they haven't bought their swim suit yet. The three run to the nearest store.

That afternoon, Roxanne was baking cookies in their house. Manang Leona entered the scene and asked what was she's doing. Roxanne told her that she was baking cookies, and Manang Leona asked her to bring her cookies in the room when baked. Later, Neri called her in her cellphone. Neri was preparing herself for their training the next day because she thinks that there will be so many cute guys there. Roxanne advised Neri that she should not have to take guys easy like what he did to Joross and to the guy who approached her in the registration. She explained her well about the mistakes on her traits on guys. The two had a small quarrel but was resolved when Neri accepts her mistakes.

In the store, Melissa is seeking for a nice swim suit she could wear for their swimming. She picked up one and suggest it to Michelle. Michelle refused to accept the swim suit because she thinks it will not look good for her. Joseph reacted saying that she will look nice wearing it, turning around and looking her body. When Melissa went to the other side, Michelle asked Joseph if it is beautiful and will fit her nicely. Joseph agreed that the swim suit was very nice, while looking at Michelle's face. #

EPISODE 50 : (Monday - September 20)

No Mask Man, No Batanggas

The night before the Batanggas outing of the barkada, Hero asked for Manang Leona to open the gates for him early in the morning because of his leave for their swimming. But, Manang Leona gave him a furious "no". Hero was shocked with their housemaid who shouted at him. Manang won't allow him to leave for their swimming because he hadn't asked for his parents permission. Roxanne entered the conversation, and find out that Manang Leona don't allow Hero to join his friends for their swimming in Batanggas. So, Roxanne helped Hero to convince their Dad to allow him. Manang Leona thought Hero will not be allowed by his father, but when Roxanne called their Dad and let Hero talked to him, he was finally allowed without any questions. Manang Leona failed on what she said, and Hero happily went up to his room to prepare his things. On his room, he opened his travel bag on his bed and pick up the clothes and some things he will be needing for their outing tommorrow, including his mask and even kissed Sandara's portrait in his wall. Afterwards, he set his alarm clock at 4AM for tommorrow and lied down on his bed to sleep.

At exactly 4:00 AM, Sandara was the first time who woke up, as the alarm clock rang. She tried to rouse Michelle, but Michelle asked her to take a bath first and wake her up afterwards. Sandy was sitll sleepy, but she pushed herself to move.

Hero had risen from his bed also. He first took a bath and he was so excited for their day. He prepared his clothes to be worn, and when he already fix himself, he went out of his room and ready to leave. He saw Manang Leona sleeping on the sofa in the living room while holding of the key. When he notice that the door are still locked, he woke up Manang Leona and asked her to open the locked door. But unfortunately, Manang Leona told him badly that he shouldn't leave. Hero questioned why and Manang Leona told him that their grandmother asked her to don't let him leave the house. As a prove, she recorded the seņora's voice which says that if ever Manang Leona allowed Hero to leave for their swimming, she will be took back to serve her again as a housemaid and Manang Leona doesn't want to get back to her seņora because she was evil for her. Hero was so surprised and pleased Manang Leona to hand him the keys.

Sun was not still rising, and Joseph are ready for Batanggas. He's well dressed up, and eating hot pandesal and coffee for his breakfast. Then, Melissa came, and excitedly fetching up Joseph. Joseph's father was there and asked Melissa to join Joseph on his breakfast first before they leave. Later, Michelle and Sandara came and thought they were the last one who came. They all notice that only Hero was not still there, so they gave time to wait.

Hero was running after Manang Leona who was rushing and don't give him the keys to open the door. Hero was so much bothered and starting to get mad. He tried to check all the doors in the house, but it was all locked.

Hero get his cellphone and called up Joseph to tell them the problem. When, Joseph asked what the problem was, Manang Leona hurriedly grab the mobile from his hand, while talking to Joseph, and she told Hero's friend- Joseph that Hero can't join them in the swimming because his grandmother didn't allowed him. She stopped the call and Hero, finally got mad of her. Joseph told his friends about what the housemaid said, that Hero can't join them because his grandmother didn't allow him. It was sad for them because they're incomplete, but they had no choice because everything they planned is for Sandara. So, the four decided to leave for Batanggas.

Roxanne walked down from his room, and questioned the trouble between Hero and Mannag Leona. Hero madly told her about their housemaid who locked all the doors, and won't allow him leave. Roxanne asked Manang Leona about it, but the housemaid can't be pleased because it's her own sake if she'll let Hero leave the house. Roxanne tried to call their father, but there was no answer. Luckily, she thought of a way for Hero to get out. She asked Hero to follow her upstairs, and told him to use the way in the terrace to leave. Manang Leona didn't able to stop Hero because Roxanne crossed her way.

Meanwhile, the barkada was already riding their own rented bus, going to Batanggas. They were all sad, especially Sandara. Later, Sandara shouted asking the driver to stop. She said that they will not be leaving without her Mask Man (Hero). #

EPISODE 51 : (Tuesday - September 21)

The training and the outing

The bus stopped as of Sandara's requests. She wanted them to go back and fetch Hero because as she said, there will be no outing if her Mask Man is not there. The others agreed and they decided to pick Hero up and help escape from the house.

Roxanne helped Hero to jump down from the terrace to the garden. Manang Leona was stopped by Roxanne on what she intends to do. Hero picked up his bag and run to the gate. While, Manang Leona, who asked for the assistance of the other maid, hurriedly opened the door to stop Hero. Then, Neri and Joross came with the car to fetch Roxanne for their training. Luckily, there's Joseph and co. in the bus who stopped in front of the house and saw Hero escaping by climbing to the wall of the garden. Joseph helped him get down of the wall, and Hero had finally ride the bus and leave. Manang Leona wasn't able to do anything.

The barkada was very happy to have Hero joining them. They had fun on the way to Batanggas. Hero wore his mask and sit beside Sandara. He greeted her with a "Hi" and Sandara do the same. While Joseph was irritated to see Melissa and Michelle so sweet, so he just ask for some food to eat because he feel jealous.

At home, Manang Leona keeps on crying and blamed Roxanne for whatever consequence their grandmother might give her. Roxanne told her that she'll be explaining it well. Neri and Joross was there and asked Roxanne to fix herself for their training. But, Manang Leona called up their grandmother and told her what happened. She said that it was Roxanne who helped Hero escape. Roxanne was asked for a talk by her grandma, and asked her that she will not be allowed to leave, as she will be the one to do the household chores as a punishment. Roxanne had no choice but told Joross and Neri that she will not join them for the day's training. Joross worried for her and feel sad if she'll not coming so he decided to not come also. Neri get mad with him because she will be alone to join the training. Joross accidentally uttered offensive words to her, so Neri felt bad and decided to leave alone.

Later, Roxanne prepared the breakfast for her brothers and Manang Leona was not talking at all. RJ and Errol greeted their sister with a "Good Morning". RJ asked why Roxanne was not on her training that day. Roxanne told them what happened, when she helped Hero to escape for their outing and she was the one punished by their grandmother. She told Manang Leona also that everything will be fine as she'll be the one to explain well about it with their lola. RJ disagreed with what she did, so she called their grandmother and pleased her to allow his ate to leave. Because RJ was lola's favorite, everything gets fine and Roxanne was finally allowed to leave for her training. Fortunately, Joross came back and was glad to know that Roxanne will be coming with them.

On Joross and Roxanne's way to their training, they caught Neri waiting along the street. So, Joross stopped by her front and Neri hurriedly ride the car. She was so glad that Roxanne was going with them and excited at the same time for the first day of their training.

The afternoon came, still on their way to Batanggas, Melissa woke up from her sleep. She saw everyone were quiet and feels boring, so she stood up and asked them to have fun. She asked the driver to turn on the radio and to the tune of their show's theme song "Ok Ako!", the five dances and rejoiced together. But, everything was just a dream for Melissa. She finally woke up from her real sleep, and saw everybody sleeping, when she sees Joseph with eyes closed, she get back from her sleep.

Few hours ago, the bus stopped by a place, almost near to Batanggas. When they will be going out, a number of vendors approached them to buy their goods. An old man vendor catched by their attention when it pleased them to buy Fortune Macapuno, where they can know what their fortune will be. So, the barkada bought one for each other, and each of them read the quote in a piece of paper rolled in the macapuno wrapper, giving them advices.

Later, a cow crossed the road, and the bus accidentally stopped hardly. Michelle, Melissa, Joseph, Hero and Sandara fell onto the floor. Hero was wounded on his knee, and Sandara accompanied him warmly, while Hero teaches him of the meaning of every Tagalog words he utters. #

EPISODE 52 : (Wednesday - September 22)

Lonely Joseph

Roxanne, Neri and Joross came late to their training which is going on. They apologized to their coach but unfortunately they were not allowed to join the training anymore. Then, their classmate AJ, whom Neri had a crush with, suggested a consequence that they should perform a dance number in front of them, so that they will be allowed to join them. Everybody agreed, and same with the coach. Roxanne and Joross don't know what to do, unlike Neri who requested for a few minutes to prepare for their dance number.

Joseph, Michelle, Melisssa, Hero and Sandara finally arrive Melissa's rest house in Batanggas. Everybody was surprised to see the beautiful place. They entered a big house, where they will stay. Joseph grab the chance to talk to Michelle while she was not with Melissa. He asked Michelle that she could stay in their room with Hero, but his only intention is to be with her and stay away from Melissa. Michelle didn't agree, and still wanted to share room with Melissa and Sandara.

Neri, Joross and Roxanne finally did their dance performance in front of the class. Afterwards, everybody had fun and the coach allowed them to join the training that day. They went inside the room, and Neri sit beside AJ, her crush. AJ didn't mind her, instead he told Roxanne that it was his first time to see her dance and she was good. Roxanne thanked him whhich made Joross feel jealous.

While Sandara was walking alone around that beautiful place in Batanggas, she unexpectedly caught a chicken in front of her. She was really scared of it because it reminds him of Peter, who broke her heart. Sandy shouted loudly and Hero hurriedly came. He picked a long stick and let the chicken to stay away. Sandara looked at him saving her and imagined that he was a hero with his sword and fighting with the giant chicken to save her.

The coach taught every single lesson about fire preventing to the trainers. And, Neri keeps on looking to AJ beside him, who even shared a chocolate to Roxanne. While Joross didn't like the way AJ act to Roxanne. Neri asked also for a chocolate candy to AJ, but he said there's nothing anymore. On her other side was Toti, her longtime old admirer who she doesn't like and the one approached her recently in the registration, offered him a chocolate bar, but Neri irritatedly refused to accept.

The girls, Michelle, Melissa, and Sandra are preparing the ground for their picnic. Melissa picked up her organizer and checked their schedule for that day. She dictated everything that they will do in that place. When she see that it was already 1pm, she told them hurriedly that it's time for them to go the palaisdaan. But, Michelle told her that it was not a training and they should enjoy the day without schedules.

The training coach, catch Neri's attention who keeps on looking at AJ, by slapping her table. He asked for a question regarding their lesson to Neri, but she didn't answered it correct. He also asked a question to Roxanne, and it was answered correctly. Then, the coach also ask for volunteers Joross and AJ to demonstrate how to save a burning person. Joross acted as the savior and AJ as the victim. At first, he asked for AJ's patience because he might be hurting him a bit. According to Joross, to save a burning person, he should jump over it back and hit some cloth, like jacket on him to kill the fire. Their performance was liked their demonstration.

In Batanggas, Michelle and Melissa were the one who roast the Barbecue. Melissa lead the cook because she know well about it. Then, accidentally something get into Melissa's eye and it was painful. Michelle helped her buy holding her head and careful blow her eyes. Joseph who was coming, caught them in the act and thought they were kissing. He put down the pan he was holding. Later, he come back and badly gave them the pan. Michelle and Melissa questioned what was Joseph's problem who didn't talked to them.

Joseph went to the beach and saw Hero and Sandara preparing the chicken to be cooked. He sat down on the boat and watch the two. Hero and Sandara were picking out the chicken's feather, and when Sandara burned her hand a bit, Hero hold her hand and placed it in the salt water in the beach for 10-15 minutes to cure. #

EPISODE 53 : (Thursday - September 23)

Wanted Mother

Lunch is ready then Mich, Mel, Seph, Hero and Sandy prepared themselves to eat. They gathered on the ground as 'picnic'. Later, Hero came with his cooked dish, roasted chicken. It was the chicken Sandara get afraid of, and Hero pick it for her. Then, they told Sandara to bring out all her anger on the chicken. So, Sandy get his fork and point it to the roasted chicken for many times. While starting to eat, Sandy notice Hero bothered with his mask and can't eat well. She told him to take off his mask to eat well, then she stood up and bring her his plate and stayed far from them to eat. Hero felt glad for Sandara's concern, same with his friends.

It was also lunch time during Roxanne, Neri and Joross' training. They were all feeling hot and tired after the drills. Before eating lunch, Neri notice Roxanne's sweat, so Joross offered her his handkerchief to wipe her face. Roxanne hesitated to accept it, but she was pleased by Joross.

After eating lunch, Melissa and Michelle went to the room to wear their swim suits and Joseph was waiting for them outside. Afterwards, the two ladies went out of the room and Michelle was covering her body with a cloth to hide herself wearing a two piece. She was annoyed of her looks but Melissa told her that she looks nice and sexy. Then, Mel asked Joseph about how Michelle looks a like. Joseph gazed on Michelle from head to food and said that she sexy. Mich had no choice, so she went out with Mel for their next spot. Joseph was left in the house. He pick his slippers from his bag, provided by his father before he leave a while ago. It was wrapped with a piece of paper from a tabloid news paper. Before wearing the slippers, he accidentally saw the news in the paper, where Hero's Mom- Helen was printed as a "Wanted". Joseph was so shocked on what he read.

Training class is still going on with Roxanne, Neri and Joross. Their coach assigned them to get their own partners for their next exercise. Joross wanted Roxanne to be his partner, but before anything else, AJ comes the first to asked Roxanne as a partner. Roxanne allowed him, although she knows that Joross wanted her to be his partner. Neri likes AJ to be her partner too, then Toti, the older bisaya guy who's infatuated with her, asked her to be his partner. Neri refused to accept because she doesn't want him to be her partner, so she get Joross as her partner. The exercise started, and the coach assigned the men to lie down in front of the ladies. While ther girls was assigned to carry the guys on their back as a part of their lesson on saving a man in a burning place. Roxanne tried to carry AJ but he was too heavy. Same with Neri who say so much complain because Joross was very heavy for her. Still, she tried to carry Joross, but accidentally, the two fell down on the floor.

That time, the page of a newspaper Joseph was holding, where Hero's Mom was stated as a "Wanted", flew by the wind and it went far away. Joseph run following it and intends to pick it. By incident, the piece of news paper slapped on Hero's face, who was coming. He picked it up from his face. Joseph worried as Hero hold it on his hand. Hero called him and questioned what was the problem, as his face looks so anxious. Joseph hurriedly get the news paper from Hero's hand, then thinks of what shall be his reason. He wanted to tell Hero what he saw but he just said that he needs to buy a Buko Pie, as a pasalubong for his mother. Hero asked him not to worry because they still have a long day to enjoy and he can do it later. As well, Hero thought of his Mom too, as Joseph miss of his Mom already and Joseph pity him.

The trainees was giving a break again. Neri was so mad with Joross and keep scolding him for the pain he did to her. She even said that it might be better if she choose Toti as his partner because he is not that heavy, as he was small. Then, she murmured that she was so thirsty, thus, there's Toti offered him a bottle of mineral water. She doesn't refused and accepted it. Later, AJ came close to Roxanne and told her to be his partner again for their next drill. Roxanne hesitated but doesn't know what she'll answer, so Neri did the move and say that they must change partners, and he should gave chance to others, as she's referring to herself.

Hero and Joseph had finally came, as Michelle, Melissa and Sandy was waiting for them. Mich notice Joseph who was holding a piece of newspaper, so she picked it up and see what it was. She was shocked of what she saw, and Joseph thought that she had also read about Hero's Mom, who was "Wanted" by the police. But, Michelle had just read of a new article about another increase of fare and diesel, and she was against it. Afterwards, they decided to go to the beach to ride a both. And before they leave, Michelle threw the newspaper away.

Back to their exercise, Neri proposed to their coach to allow them change partners. But, the coach didn't allowed them and told them to stay with their original partners. Their next drill is to save a drowned person by the "mouth to mouth" recitation. The coach asked some men to bring out the manikin whom they will be practicing the "mouth to mouth" recitation. Roxanne, refused to do it, so she slowly walked to go out the room. But unexpectedly, she was the first one called to do the exercise, as she was saw trying to leave the place.

Hero and Sandara had some sweet moments riding the boat in the beach. While, the Michelle, Joseph and Melissa were together in the other boat. Joseph was the one rowing the boat. Then, he told Melissa to learn how to row a boat. He hold her both hands, and put it on the paddle and taught her how to use it. Michelle told Joseph to give her the paddle for her to row the boat. But, Joseph refused to because he wanted to be responsible for moving it. Michelle pleased him, but still Joseph doesn't want. So, she stood up the boat and tried to get the paddle from Joseph and still, Joseph won't give it to her. And because of their movement, the two of them fell into the sea. #

EPISODE 54 : (Friday - September 24)

What a beautiful day

Joseph and Michelle fell into the sea, then Melissa, as the boat tilted. Hero and Sandara worried witnessing the accident. Melissa and Joseph survived quickly as they were able to to hold to the side of the boat. But unfortunately, Michelle was lost, so Joseph abruptly dived underwater to seek for his bestfriend.

While in the training, Roxanne was assigned by her coach to demonstrate the "mouth to mouth" recitation with the manikin. She refused to do, so the coach told her to think that the manikin is her loved-one who she needs to save. As Roxanne, once again looked at the manikin, she imagined that it was Joross who needs her help. So, she started to do the exercise.

Meanwhile, RJ and his boy buddies came to his room. They were all dressed well and nice, as that was the day they will be having a night gimmick. RJ's friends thanked him a lot for doing a great job, as he made the fake school letter that thay show to their parents, then they were allowed. RJ felt being honored. Afterwards, he looked for something in his drawers, and when he unintentionally stare under his bed, he saw Errol hiding and heard their conversation. He pulled his younger brother, and Errol told them that he will be telling their grandmother about their plan. RJ threatened him about it, and the they all hit Errol with a spank.

Luckily, Michelle was saved by Joseph who's carrying her to the land. But still, Michelle is still senseless because of the drown. Thus, Joseph tried to do the "mouth to mouth" recitation to her. Melissa stopped him at the first because it she knows more about the drill, bur Joseph offered himself to do it for Michelle. Before his lips would come towards, Michelle woke up after vomiting the salt water she had swallowed. After then, she was shocked to see herself near-naked with her two piece, and nothing else covered. So, she quickly run and pick a blanket to cover her body.

Roxanne had finally done the exercise assigned to her and the coach admired her performance. As she passed Joross' way, Joross asked her about who was her 'loved one' she thinks of when she did the drill. She said, she was thinking of her parents, who were her loved ones. Neri questioned her that her parents was a pair, and how can she able to think of them while the manikin was an individual. Roxanne said, that she thought actually of her whole family, as her loved ones.

Errol keeps on crying after what RJ and his barkada did to him. He tried to called his ate Roxanne to his cellphone, but it was not answered. So, he decided to call their grandmother directly, to tell her the truth. When the phone was answered, Errol hurriedly tell his lola about the outreach RJ told her and it was fake. RJ caught Errol, and before anything else, he quickly grabbed the phone from him and tell his lola that Errol was only making a joke. The grandmother easily believe RJ and even advised him to tell Errol to stop fooling her, because she was too busy. After all, Errol was handed by RJ's buddies, and RJ told him that their lola will believe him more because he's the favorite. Then Errol was leave in the house crying.

Everything goes fine after the accident. Michelle, Joseph, Melissa, Sandara and Hero continued their fun in the beach. They fly a kite which looks like a bird, and they had volleyball in the beach. They spent their time their until the evening. Later, Michelle saw Joseph alone in a side. She gets his attention and thanked him for saving his life a while ago. She even used it as a joke, and Joseph was serious about it because she's near to death that time. Michelle likes his concern very much. Until, she observed him looking at him deeply, so she gets his attention again and wondered what was wrong. Afterwards, they went to the table and they gathered together. Melissa announces that it was a beautiful and unforgettable day for her, because it was her first time to have a barkada and to spent a great day with them. Later, Melissa, Michelle and Joseph leave, while Hero and Sandara was left.

Hero and Sandara were alone in the table. Hero picked up a banana and taught Sandy that it's called a saging in tagalog. Sandara get her recorder and started recording it. Another was an apple and told her that it's a mansanas. When Hero picked up macapuno, Sandy easily knew what it was. Hero offered her some, and when he read the quote for the macapuno, it says there that if he and his love share in that macapuno, he will soon to be learned to love by her special someone. Hero began talking to her seriously in Tagalog. He told her that he knows she will learning to love him, as he loved him too. Sandara didn't understand what Hero uttered at the last when he says "..iniirog kita..".

The training for Roxanne, Neri and Joross are over and they were dismissed. Then, before leaving, AJ approached Roxanne expecting to see her again the next day. Neri tried to asked him for a dinner, but AJ refused to because he really needs to go home. He also said that it was nice to meet her (Neri). Neri was so kilig hearing the words from him. They were already tired, but Neri still asked Roxanne to watch a movie in the mall, it was the film Feng Shui, she wanted to see. But, Roxanne doesn't want too because it was already late in the evening and she also needs to rest. And before leaving, she look at Joross nearby.

There's a bonfire and hot dogs with marshmallows for them. When the servant brought them the drinks, Melissa asked him about the talked about 'mystery man' in the place. Then, the story was told to them that a 'mystery man', comes there whenever someone called him and needs help. But there was also saying, that the 'mystery man' comes when it's a full moon. They all looked up in the sky and and saw that it was a full moon. Later on, Michelle come with Hero and Sandara to go inside the room for something. And Melissa and Joseph was left. Melissa grab the chance to talk to his special someone and asked him about what his problem was, as she noticed him unwell the past times. Joseph, refused to tell Melissa about what his problem was, but still he continued asking her about Michelle's personality. He was surprised to know that Melissa had already knew about Michelle's being a tomboy and inlove with her. #

EPISODE 55 : (Monday - September 27)

The argue turned to hurt

Joseph was surprised to know that Michelle had already told Melissa about her real gender. Melissa questioned him what was the problem about it. Joseph questioned her too on being still friends with her although she knew that Michelle was inlove with her. Mel told him that there was nothing wrong about it, as she might feel the same too and besides, nobody is courting her as of now. She was making "parinig" to Joseph, seems asking him to court her.

Roxanne and Neri were still in the place where they had their training. They're waiting of Joross who's having business with someone nearby. When Joross came, Neri questioned her to whom he had conversation with and what it was, seeing that it took so long. Joross said that Toti asked for his help for Neri. Means Toti is making "palakad" to him for her. Neri didn't mind it at all, and bares out that he doesn't like the guy anymore. As of her, their relationship had already ended up, and it has no chance to be back anymore. But Joross, said that according to Toti, there was no ending of their relationship lately. It was Neri who refused to text and meet him.

Meanwhile, Hero sat beside Sandara who was glaring at the stars on the sky. They had a simple talk. They remembered about the man told them about the "mystery man" who appears every full moon in the sea. Until, one side of the sea lightened and they were surprised.

That night, RJ had finally hang-out with his friends and had party together with many more in the house of her crush. The house was full of boys and girls who are enjoying the party with the loud music and alcohol drinks. RJ asked the girl where are her parents, and she said that she was left in the house because her parents were in Cebu and will come back the next week. Afterwards, RJ joined the bunch of gals on dancing.

Michelle entered the conversation of Joseph and Melissa. She asked what was about the important talk of the two. Joseph was crazy and just walked out. Michelle notice what it was, and they just laughed of Joseph.

While Neri get irritated of Joross who minds the past about her and Toti. She interrogated him telling that he doesn't care about it anyway. But, Joross straightly told her that he cares so much because she did it also to him. Neri was affected, but still he continues arguing with him. Roxanne was bother so much of their quarrel. So, she madly told them to shut up. She confronted the two and told them that if both of them continues their quarrel at all times, the three of them can never be friends. Roxanne said that they much better fix the problem between the two of them before the three of them will be friends. Roxanne even imagined the two of them wearing boxing gloves and will having a boxing match. Neri refused at first, but when Joross started all, the conversation gets more hotter.

RJ was enjoying at the house and being with her crush. Later, the girl asked him if they could have a talk, so RJ came with him. He was asked to follow the girl till her room upstairs. RJ asked why she bring him in her room. The girl insist that she wanted to talk to him and she wants a quiet place. RJ suggested that they could much better talk in the garden. Until RJ was surprised when the girl asked him if he had already his experience. The girl didn't say what the experience she's asking, but RJ knows what it was and he don't know what to do as the girl began to sit nearer and nearer to him on the bed.

The past was brought back through the confrontation of Neri and Joross. Still, Joross asked what was wrong why she easily breaks up with him. Neri began to had her tears fall and started to tell him everything she kept. She said that the reason why she breaks with him, because of his attitude. She insist the he was an insensitive, selfish and unmindful, since he never understands what she feels everytime that she seems to be a 'mother' for him and didn't even asked her about her feelings, her pains or her family. That was Neri's problem with him. Joross still didn't give up and questioned more of herself as the one who dumps guys like him easily. Neri asked him if he thinks she's a 'playgirl' and Joross asked: 'Bakit, hindi ba?'. Neri answered him with a big slap on the face and varied the accusations. She was very much hurt on what Joross think of her, while Roxanne was still at their back. Roxanne tried to stop them, but Neri was madly hurted and blamed her of what happened. But, Joross differs, as he said it was the best way to clear everything between the two of them. Neri said that because of it, they can really never be friends, and she leave the place.

At that time, Michelle saw Joseph alone and thinking of something. She him where was Hero and Sandy, but Joseph answered annoyingly saying that he doesn't know. She asked why he answered so bad, so she told him that she notice him since that he has a problem. The issue about her and Melissa was opened and Michelle started to asked him, why it was bad for him and if he was jealous of Melissa. #

EPISODE 56 : (Tuesday - September 28)

Sharing past and thoughts

Joseph look so irritatingly to Michelle. He didn't answer the question, but it was Michelle who turned out that he really likes Melissa. Mich told him, as a lie, that she has nothing to do, but its her heart she follows. She even told him: "May the Best Man win!" Joseph didn't answered her about it, but he felt more bad on what he heard.

While Hero and Sandara was surprised in the light appeared nearby the sea. They both stood up and look seriously in the light. Until, an old man, with white hair and wearing all white appeared and walking near to them.

At the night party, Everybody is still enjoying the night. The music was very loud, there were PDAs (Public Display of Affection), and with alcohol beverages. Unexpectedly, tha parents of the girl who owned the house came home. The couple were shocked on what they witnessed. They were just like as 'no one' when they passed by. But everybody was surprised when a girl's friend saw the parents. Upstairs on the girl's room, RJ still don't know how to react with the girl in front of him, as they're sitted on her bed. He excused for a while and pick up his phone. He asked her to smile as he wanted them to had a shot from the camera of his cellphone. Both of their face came near to each other why taking a Multimedia shot. Then, the door opened and it was the girl's parents witnessed everything they're doing.

Roxanne was so worried with both Neri and Joross. She cried while on their car on her way home, thinking its all her fault. Same with Joross who was crying in his car and Neri feels the harm she heard from Joross.

On Hero and Sandara, the mystery old man came near to them. They were not scared at all because they knew who it was, as they were alreadt told about that old man. Hero greeted the old man with a "Magandang Gabi". The old man holds a bottle with him. Hero asked what it was, and the old man started to tell them the mystery behind his untold story, as he placed the bottle under the sand.

Meanwhile, RJ and thr girl were asked by the parents to go down. They sit down in the living room while the mother and father are standing on each sides. The father asked about his family name, and he answered it's Roxas. Then, asked him too about the name of his parents, so he told them that it was Dennis and Tina. The father wanted to talk to his parents, but RJ refused to and said that his parents are both in Hongkong. The father still get their landline number and planned to talk to his parents.

That night, Melissa and Michelle were in the rest house and talking about their trick to Joseph. Michelle voluntarily helped Melissa for Joseph. She wanted Joseph to stay out of his katorpehan. Then, Mich notice Joseph peeking in the window so she changed their topic. She turned out that she was courting Melissa by asking her to answere her. Melissa questioned what was Michelle is saying. Mich continues her fake courting to Mel, who still don't know what it was all about. Melissa didn't have a chance to ask Michelle about it because Mich keeps on talking. When Mich notice Joseph was not at the window anymore, she finally told Melissa that it was just an acting because Joseph was there listening. The two both smiled at each other like so close friends.

The mystery man who's talking to Hero and Sandara gave an advice to them before he leaves, and the two were both affected. When they look back on the old man leaving, it was not there anymore, meaning it disappeared. Afterwards, Hero and Sandara walked by the sea. They shared thoights and their past as Sandara asked him about the lost of his Mom. Hero told her the sad story and Sandara cried deeling pity for him. She already share her story but in Korean language, same with him, as she was far with her mother too. #

EPISODE 57 : (Wednesday - September 29)

Terror Lola

Hero and Sandara enjoyed the night happily together. They were able to know each other well. Because it was already late at night, they lied down on the sand by the side of the sea together. They gaze at the beautiful stars in the dark sky. Hero remembered a told story about the stars, so he shared it with Sandara.

Meanwhile, Manang Leona and the other maid watched horror TV program in the kitchen. They were scared and Errol shocked them suddenly. They were more scared when the lights turn off, and it was not Errol who's tricking. The other maid asked what year Manang Leona's birth date and she said, it's year of the Monkey (as it was also a part of the story in the movie Feng Shui). Errol made a joke saying that the maid looks like a monkey and it was a sign for Manang Leona's near death. They heard foot steps from the living room and were scared more. Suddenly, the lights turn on and it was Errol's lola who came back.

In the resort, Melissa came to Joseph who she saw lonely. Melisa shared her problem about Michelle. (it was not true at all) Joseph asked her if she's irritated of Michelle who's inlove of her and Melissa admits it and she really doesn't know to do. Joseph told her that he had also no choice but to accept Michelle because she's his bestfriend. Melissa asked for a favor if she could help her not to hurt Michelle. She asked if Joseph could pretend as he had a crush on her and he wanted to court her. Joseph finds a point on what Melissa said. He said, it could be a way to stop Michelle of courting her and made her realize. So, Joseph allowed the situation.

Hero notice Sandara who fell asleep at his side. He looked at her face deeply and touch her head sweetly. Then, he started sleeping again with his Sandara.

At the Roxas' residence, Manang Leona's voice was loud as she shouted seeing her seņora, who she thought was a ghost. The grandmother gets mad with her for the weird thing she did. She questioned who was the other maid at her side, and the other maid said that she was assigned by Manang Leona to be the housemaid. The grandma asked the maid to leave and told her that Manang Leona was also a maid like her, and it turned out that the maid doesn't know that Manang Leona was also a maid. Afterawards, Manang Leona was also asked to leave as she was fired. Errol entered the conversation saying that Manang Leona didn't do antyhing bad but her lola doesn't listen to her. Manang Leona tried to explain and defend herself rudely, but the seņora gave her a huge slap on the face.

While Roxanne came home from the training and saw RJ waiting near the gate of their house. She approached her and smells the liquor in RJ's body. Roxanne questioned him if he drunk, and RJ didn't answered well. She told him that it was bad for him as young, but he defends saying that its natural in teenagers like him. Then, entered the house and Roxanne followed.

Michelle caught Melissa and Joseph together. She approached them and notice that there's something different between them. But she thinks it was all for Melissa, so she didn't mind it at all and just joined the two.

As Roxanne and RJ entered the house, they saw Manang Leona leaving with her things packed. Roxanne asked her where she'll be going, then, there was their grandmother. She asked her lola why she need to fire Manang Leona and their grandma needs to fire her as she violate her rules and allowed Hero to leave. Roxanne explained that it was her who allowed Hero to leave as he was already permitted by their parents to leave and it was not Manang Leona's fault. The grandmother feels being disrespected by Roxanne. Then, RJ do the move to defend Manang Leona and it was just the time that the grandma allowed Manang Leona to stay. In one condition that she will be a guard in the gate for the whole day without sleeping. Manang Leona had no choice but to accept it just to stay in the house.

It was late at night and Melissa, Joseph and Melissa caught Hero and Sandara sleeping together on the near sea. They do fun with the two as they move both close to each other. It was not all, as they get each other's hand and hold it to one another. And Hero and Sandara was holding hands while sleeping.

After all, Roxanne was in her room and still thinking of what happened a while ago. She is to sleep but still, she finds her mistake in the argue of Neri and Joross. While Joross tried to call her in the cellphone, but Roxanne inactivated the accepting incoming calls in her phone. Joross can't able to talk to her. #

EPISODE 58 : (Thursday - September 30)

Holding hands while sleeping

Morning came and Sandara was the first time to wake up. She notice her hand holded by Hero. She feels the beautiful morning and stare to Hero's face covered with his mask. Sandara slowly removed the mass from his face. Then, she told herself happily that it was Hero and never been Peter. She was so glad that she saw the real Hero behind the mask. Afterwards, Hero woke up from his sleep and saw Sandara looking at him. He notice the mask not on his face. He tried to wear the mask again but he was surprised when Sandara told him that he is Hero and not Peter. Hero was so glad that Sandara finally accepted him as himself. The two hugged each other happily.

That same morning, Roxanne prepared the breakfast for them. Manang Leona get in wearing a security guard uniform and with her dark eye bags because she didn't sleep the whole night as of her seņora's punishment for her. Roxanne offered the maid coffee, but Manang Leona refused to accept it as she wanted to be responsible for the consequence given to her by the grandmother. RJ and Errol came down and ready for school. They sat down the dining table and began to eat. Then, their lola followed them and joined them in breakfast. Their grandmother asked Roxanne why she was not dressed up for her Fire Fighter Training. Roxanne said that she wanted to back out the training because she thinks she's not good for it. Then, her lola advised her that she should let the days passed to know if she's good for there. Roxanne was convinced to attend the training. Later, Roxanne answered a call from RJ's school principal saying that RJ's parents are needed for a conference. Her lola picked up the phone from her and talk to the caller. RJ's grandmother was called by the school principal for a conference.

Melissa rise up from bed and she woke up Michelle at her side. They both stood up to go to the wash room. When Melissa opened the door of their room, she was surprised seeing Joseph sleeping in front of their door on a mat. Michelle said that Joseph might be securing Melissa. Melissa was so kilig and said that Joseph looks so cute while sleeping. Mich varies and laughed at Joseph who's sleeping with his mouth opened, who she finds not cute. She thought of a joke by picking small flower from the bouquet and tickles Joseph's nose with it. Joseph woke up from what she did, and see the two ladies laughing. Michelle teases him that he might seen a ghost that's why he slept there. Joseph agrees by saying that he saw a 'multong tibash' who was like Michelle. Mich get irritated on Joseph's tease, so she went out to the bath room.

Roxanne came early to their Fire Fighter's Training. AJ approached her and they had a talk. Roxanne asked what may be the next drills will be assigned for them. AJ made a joke that they will ask to get pales of water and fill the truck with it. Roxanne notice AJ looking at someone. She stared at her back and saw Joross watching them. Later, Neri came confidently and seems that nothing bad happened the day after. Their coach approached her for coming early and Neri told him that it was becaus she's serious for it. AJ greeted Neri, and when Neri saw him with Roxanne she answered the greetings and walked away.

It was a very good morning for Sandara. She volunteered to cook the food for their breakfast. While doing the job, Hero was watching her happily. Later, the three of their friends finally came and was surprised to see prepared food for their breakfast. Michelle even asked if she was dreaming as she saw Hero and Sandara so closed enough, like more than friends, and Hero was not wearing the mask anymore. Sandara explained to them that she had already moved on and forgot the past. And told them that she finally realized that Hero is Hero and will never be Peter. The whole barkada was so happy for Sandara, so they started to eat Sandara's Korean specialty.

Roxanne, Neri, and Joross' training class started already. Their coach provide them the steps on the next thing they will do. The trainors were asked to pick up their Fire Fighting suits. Then, they had a race with their partners in wearing the suits. Joross watched AJ who accompanied Roxanne on wearing it. Later, they were asked to sat down and the coach announced that for their next drill will be a team consist of four. Neri was surprised and thought that she might be grouped with Roxanne and Joross, which she unwanted. And coincidentally, the first team was consist of AJ, Roxanne, Joross and Neri.

In the resort, Sandara's friends seems to dislike the taste of the food she cooked. But, they didn't tell Sandara about it. Michelle even said that it was good, but Hero was the one who frankly tell Sandara that the food was too spicy. So, Sandara do a way to lessen the spice of the food.

In the school, RJ was with his lola for a conference with the principal. When they get in to the office, the principal tried to introduce the parents of the girl to whom RJ is related, who filed a compalint about RJ, but the grandmother didn't allow to continue it by saying that she already knew it. The principal explained to her the complaint of the girl's parents that RJ kissed her. The grandmother defend her grandson by telling the parents and the principal that it's normal for the teenagers to be enggaged to those acts like kissing. The girl's parents said that their child didn't want to get back at school because of the teases threw to her. RJ's lola didn't continue the debate with them as she said that she doesn't want to waste her time. RJ and his lola were to leave but the principal stopped them and said that it was not just the complaint for RJ, that's why she was called for a conference. The principal told them that RJ was responsible for the fake school letter as told by his friends. His lola didn't believe it, as she said that RJ couldn't do that, unless there's a proper evidence. Then, the principal told them that she asked a friend from NBI to study the fake school letter and compare the signatures to RJ's handwritten in his examination papers. And as of her, the results follows that RJ's handwritten was exact to the signature written tp the letter, therefore RJ forged it. And the principal announced that because of it, RJ is expelled from the school. #

EPISODE 59 : (Friday - October 01)

Holding hands while sleeping

RJ and her grandmother was shocked on what the school principal announced. His lola was furious and told the principal madly that there were still better school than that school. Errol was near the door and heard all the conversation. Then, RJ's lola pulled him out of the office to leave the school.

Meanwhile, Hero and his friends are all dressed up to leave the resort. It was a great vonding for them. As final, they requested one of the care takers to take a shot of them from the camera. They had different poses and behind them was the beautiful sea of Batanggas. Afterwards, Melissa had a small speech saying that she enjoyed a lot considering that they are her first barkada. Then Sandara requested for a group hug. So, the five hold each others shoulders for a friendly hug.

While in the training, Joross, Neri, Roxanne and AJ are lined up as a group and ready for their next drill. Their next exercise is to stop a fire using the host from the Fire truck, and each team should have a leader. Neri suddenly volunteered as the team leader. AJ assured her if she can really be a leader and Neri said that she can. AJ volunteered to be the host man together with Roxanne and requested Joross to be Neri's assistant. But Joross said that he doesn't feel well, so he shall be the host man with Roxanne. AJ had no choice, but to accept Joross' suggestion. The leader will be the one to stop the fire with AJ to assist her, and Joross and Roxanne will be the one to turn on the water.

Things are packed and Hero, Sandara, Michelle, Joseph and Melissa are ready to go home. Marked on their face were real smile from the enjoyment they had. Michelle and Joseph came first to ride their service bus. They saw their service driver sleeping nearby so they woke him up. The service bus driver rise up. Suddenly, Michelle saw a page of a news paper and recognize Hero's Mom indicated as a 'Wanted' for an Estafa case. She told Joseph about it and the two both worried. Then, Hero together with Sandy and Mel came and called them to ride the bus. Michelle and Joseph just looked at each other after what they've seen.

The exercise starts as the coach counts on for the team. Neri was prepared wearing her suit and AJ at his back. When the coach let them go, each leader hurriedly ran into the burning place while pulling the long fire host. Neri was so tensed and AJ was at her back accompanying. Neri quickly pulled the long and heavy fire host and stand by the front of the burning place. But, Joross forgot to hurriedly open the water, so Neri shouted at him to turn on the water. The water rans so fast and Neri was full of tension. She incorrectly let the water ran to her coach and co-trainers instead to the burning place.

The barkada finally arrived Manila from their vacation. Hero caught Manang Leona sleeping in front of the gate wearing her security guar uniform. He talked to her knowing that she's awake. He apologizes for the consequence given to her by their grandmother because of his fault, but Manang Leona didn't hear him at all as she was sleeping. Later, the car arrived and his lola get down of the car with RJ and Errol. The grandmother was so mad with him after what he did. So, Hero received a big slap on his face by his lola and pushed him to leave. It was not only once that he was hurt as it was followed by another slap. Errol tried to call his kuya Hero, but their lola called them to get into the house. Manang Leona received also a spank on her face as she was caught sleeping. And Hero had no choice but to walked away.

Michelle and Sandara happily entered their house. Their mother welcomed them warm and notice the changes to Sandara. Michelle's Mom, Miss Judith asked how was the outing and Michelle told her that the trip was effective for Sandara. Michelle told her more stories like, Sandy finally accepts Hero as himself and as she forgot the past and move on, at last. Ms. Judith was so excited for more stories from her daughter.

Melissa brought Joseph at his house lastly. She get down of her service bus and had a small talk with Joseph. She thanked him for the help and the excitement, of course. Joseph asked her if they still should continue to play as lovers and fool Michelle. Melissa said that its up to him and afterwards she said goodbye to him and leave. Before Joseph entered their house, Hero came, still with his bags. And he knows what that means. #

EPISODE 60 : (Monday - October 04)

Pity for Hero

Hero asked Joseph if he could stay their for a while. But then, there were Joseph's parents came out of the house and warmly welcomed their son back at their home. Joseph gave them his pasalubong from Batanggas, and his parents were very happy letting him feel how they miss their son a lot, while Hero watched them sadly. Afterwards, Joseph asked his mother if he could let Hero stay there for a while. Hero said that there was a problem in their house, and he will just be living there temporarily. Joseph's mom came closer to Hero and smile. She told him that he has nothing to worry because they already know him a lot as he's a long-time friend of their son Joseph. So, Hero was allowed to live in their small house.

The training continues and there will still be a next exercise for Neri, Roxanne, Joross and the other trainors. The next drill is to go up on a higher place which is burning. Joross volunteered to be the one to mount the ladder to the burning place. Then, the coach asked them to start. Joross quickly run on the ladder, while Roxanne, Neri and AJ accompanied him downward. Joross stepped slowly onto the ladder to avoid fall. But, it was an accident when Joross fall from the top to the floor. He fell to Roxanne, and Roxanne lied down with Joross on her top, and their face was so close to each other, seeing that they are about to kiss.

Hero was very welcomed in Joseph's house. Joseph's mom prepared dinner for them. Hero told Joseph what happened a while ago, and he needs to look for a better place to live in. He felt grunt when he see Joseph's parents so sweet to each other, and how their family were so happy together. #

EPISODE 61 : (Tuesday - October 05)

The parents' comeback

Hero's friends Sandara, Michelle and Joseph supported him with care after he was pushed to leave from their house by his lola. Hero is still quiet and don't know what to do after all. But still, his friends, especially Sandy who recovered, are always the people to go with in times of trouble.

Meanwhile, Joross was once again directly advised by his brother and its girl friend. He told them about Roxanne, who he don't know what he feels. His brother's girl friend said that it was already a true love, meaning, he already love the girl.

In the Roxas' residence, RJ, Errol and Roxanne are about to go to school. Their lola was there to accompany, when Manang Leona suddenly entered the door of the house. The grand mother questioned why she was there. Then, Manang Leona holding a suit case, told her seņora that it was her bosses who asked her to enter. Then, it was Roxanne, Errol and RJ's Mom and Dad who came from a trip after few weeks. The couple were very happy to be back and to see their children. RJ was not that excited as he worried when they will able to know about his expulsion from his school. Unlike to Errol who was happy to have their parents back and he asked for a lot of pasalubong . Their Mom said that there were many pasalubongs, but they should go to school first. Dennis, their father notice Hero was not there, so he asked them where was his son. #

EPISODE 62 : (Wednesday - October 06)

It's all the lola's fault

Roxanne tried to tell her father about what happened, but her lola do the first move and lied to her daughter's husband that Hero leave the house because he was not allowed by her to go fo the outing and she just thinking of Hero's sake. Dennis said that he already permitted his son to join the outing with their friends and questioned why she doesn't still allowed his son. The grandmother turned it that she was not told by Manang Leona about the allowing for Hero. Roxanne entered the conversation and gave her side about the truth. She told her parents that Hero was not allowed by their lola even though he was allowed by them and asked Manang Leona to locked the doors of the house, so Hero can't leave, that's why he escaped. Manang Leona agrees to Roxanne and varies to her seņora saying that she told her about it but still, she doesn't based on the father's decision, and she had the evidence, the recorder where she record the grandmother's voice telling her to locked all the doors for Hero not to leave. Dennis was very dissapointed with her wife, Tina's mother. The grandmother tried to defend herself but Dennis was able to shout back at her.

Roxanne went to Joross condo as she wanted to gave him a letter indicating her apologize. Before she knocked the door, she even practiced herself on what to say to him. When she began knocking to the door of Joross' pad, Joross' brother's girlfriend opened the door and asked who was she. Roxanne questioned on her mind who was the girl and thought it was Joross' another girl friend. She asked the girl about Joross, and she suspected more when the girl told her that Joross was in shower. Roxanne didn't wait for Joross anymore, thus, she gave the letter to the girl and requested her to hand the letter to Joross.

While Dennis, Hero's dad, didn't waited till the day passed and went to the house of Hero's friend Joseph to fetch his son. Joseph approached Hero's dad as he get down of the car. Dennis asked if Hero was there. Joseph quickly called Hero inside. Hero introduced his friends Michelle and Joseph to him. Dennis talked to his son and apologize for whatever his grandmother did to him. At the same time, he pleased his son to go back to their house. Hero was not hesitant because he said that he needs to go back to the house because his mother told her that on the time she comes back, she will see him in the house.

Joross' brother asked his girlfriend about the letter given to her. Joross get out of the shower room and his brother's girlfriend told him that a girl sent him the letter. He read the letter and find out that it was Roxanne. So, he hurriedly ran out of the room, even without wearing his shirt and only his pants. Fortunately, Roxanne was still there so he approached her. The two were able to talk to each other gently and sweetly and bring back their lost friendship.

Roxanne's mother, Tina talked to her mother about what happened. The grandmother keep on defending herself saying that she just cared. So, Tina advised her mother to just leave the house so that there will be no problem. Her mother was very hurted and was mad at the same time saying that she was pushed to leave by her own daughter. So, she called Manang Leona to packed all her things as she was able to leave. Manang Leona rejoiced on what she heard. #

EPISODE 63 : (Thursday - October 07)

Friendship was back

Hero finally get back to his father's house. But he felt bad to see that his room was cleaned up and all of his paintings was removed. So, he told his father about it and suspects that it was his lola. Tina, Hero's step mom defended her mother and told Hero that her mother just cares of her as she knows that she doesn't like the rooms of her house decorative. Hero didn't answered back her step mother.

That night, Michelle and Joseph was enjoying the night talking together. Michelle asked him about was going on of his love life as she thought that he was courting Melissa. Then, she finally told her that everything was a set-up, that she was inlove with Melissa, and told him that she just want to challenge him and bring out of his being torpe. So, Michelle directly asked him if he was inlove with Melissa. Joseph was not able to answere her back and just look at her face seriously.

In the mall, there was a girl who fight Neri for the reason that she was flirting her boy friend Toti, Neri's ex-boyfriend. Neri was nervous as the girl wanted to punch her. She tried to explain to her well saying that she doesn't know that Toti has a girlfriend. The girl was very mad at her and as she was able to punch Neri on the face, Roxanne came and stopped her.

Michelle, Melissa, and Sandara went to hang-out in the mall. Michelle lied to Melissa that Joseph told her that it was Melissa he fell in love with. Melissa was very glad and keep on asking Michelle if it was true. At that time, Michelle is in a bad mood for unknown reason, so she even shouted at Melissa about what she asked. She told her to call Joseph, as Yna and asked him if it was true. So, Melissa called Joseph on her phone, as Yna and asked him about his love life. Joseph said that it was his love life was not going well. Mel asked him who was the girl she fell in love with, and Joseph told her that it was his friend but didn't say her name. Melissa thought it was her, so she was so kilig. Joseph changed the topic and told her about his problem with a friend. Melissa asked what it was, and Joseph told her that he knew that his friend guy's mother was wanted for Estafa.

Roxanne was with Joross, and confronted the girl in the mall who tried to punch her friend Neri. She warned the girl that she will be the one to fight with her if she will hurting her friend. The girl was pleased to leave. Neri cried and explained to them what happened. Roxanne told her that everything about them was okay and their friendship should take back. Neri thanked them a lot for saving her with the girl she called as giant. Roxanne and Neri hugged each other, and Joross joined them two. Afterwards, the three had dinner together.

When Roxanne went home, he went to Hero's room. She saw his step brother doing a painting and apologized that she was not able to stopped her lola to remove his artworks in her room. Hero told her that it was not all his fault. Later, as she get into her room, RJ went inside her room and said that he needs her help. Roxanne asked what was his problem, and RJ finally told her that he wanted to study, but he can't because he was recently expelled from his school. #

EPISODE 64 : (Friday - October 08)

War between father and son

Roxanne was startled and don't even expect to hear from RJ, that he was expelled. She doesn't know it from the very start. RJ asked for her help as he don't know how to tell their parents about his expulsion. As a sister, Roxanne promised to help her younger brother in his problem.

While Melissa was astounded too, as she heard from Joseph about the secret behind Hero's mother. She told Michelle about it, and Mich said she knows it already as she's one who saw the newspaper indicated Hero's Mother wanted by the police. Melissa was so affected with her friend's situation. Sandara also heard about it from them, and she also felt sad for Hero.

Joross and Neri's friendship was back. They hang-out together, as they always do earlier. Unexpectedly, Neri received a message from her crush AJ, that he will be visiting her in their house. Neri was so kilig, and Joross was glad for her best friend.

RJ was sitting beside her sister Roxanne, when she was to tell their mother about his situation. Tina, their mother, was sitting in the other chair of the living room, and ready to listen on whatever they will say. Roxanne slowly told her Mom about RJ's situation from the very first, that he forged a fake school letter, and he was complaint by a parent to the school. Tears began to fall from RJ's tensed eyes and his Mom, Tina was starting to feel worried in whatever words may follow from Roxanne. Then, Roxanne finally told their Mom, that as of the school principal's sentence, RJ was expelled from his school. Tina started to cry, feeling bad and questioned what was RJ's problem, seeing he always done something against the school rules. But still, as a mother, even she wanted to get mad and scold his son, Tina still gave a warm and supportive hug to his son while asking why was this happening to him. Errol was watching them, until, Dennis, their father came and heard what Tina was asking to RJ. So, he questioned his wife about it.

Before Sandara sleep that night, she was worrying about what she find out with Melissa and Michelle regarding Hero's Mom, who was wanted by the police by the case of Estafa. She felt sad for her Hero, that he even doesn't know what was going with his Mom, he don't even know where she was. Sandara was holding a tape recorder and when she played it, it was Hero's voice she recently inserted when they had bonding moments. She listens to every word Hero utters and began to speak in Korean. According to what she said, she was really affected and worried with her friend Hero's situation and she wanted to help him. She said, that even it may hurt him, she will still going to tell Hero about his mother's situation, because for her, he has the right to know it.

Neri was so happy as AJ visited her in their house and offered her some flowers. She thought AJ was starting to be her suitor. But, she was surprised when she asked AJ about his intention, he said that he wanted to ask for her help to offer and please Joross' family to join a cash pyramid, because Joross' father is abroad. AJ explained it to Neri, that the business is to please people to invest their money in the company to make it bigger. The worst, AJ declared that his really intention in joining the Fire Fighter's Training is to convince people to join their community. It turned out that he was an accomplice of the company and he was just assigned about it. Neri was shocked, so she brought back the flowers to him, because it was even not what she thought, that AJ wanted to court her. Besides, Neri said that she suspects companies like where AJ works, because tshe already heard news about a cash pyramid that was compalint by a number of investors for not bringing back their money, it was pyramid scam. AJ explained to her that they were not like the company, which they actually competes with.

Tension wrapped the Roxas' residence as Dennis finally told by his wife Tina about what RJ did. Tina informed him about RJ's cases from his school that she never tell him. She said that she already fixed up the case of their son lately, but it happened again with a worst case by their son RJ and he was finally judged for expulsion. Dennis was so incensed with what he heard and even banged the door because of anger.

While, Manang Leona and Errol was watching television in the kitchen. It was a news saying about the pyramid scam by an Investing Company, in where millions of cash was lost and numerous of investors complains. The TV news reporter reported the list of the accomplices wanted by the police for an Estafa case. Manang Leona recognized one of the police wanted names, Helen Roxas, and find out that she was Hero's Mom.

Dennis madly went to RJ's room and knocked hardly to his son's room. Tina followed her husband while Hero and Roxanne, who was talking about it in the living room, went up to see stop their father on whatever he will do. RJ was very nervous, but still, he opened the door of his room for his father. Dennis quickly pushed RJ on his bed and gave him slaps on his face a number of times. Then, he was provoked to pulled his son and told him the consequence of what he did. RJ was pushed by his father a number of times, and Tina, Hero and Roxanne were trying to stop him. Because his father wanted him to show him his force, RJ loudly answered back to his father and Dennis respond him with a punch on the face. RJ fell on the sofa of his room so Tina and Roxanne supportem him while Hero was able to push his father down to stop him from hurting RJ. Dennis told RJ that he will never be sent to any schools and he will only spent his days in the house. Everybody was tensed on what happened and RJ was so hurt and cried. Thus, he badly ran to his bath room, locked the door and bring out all of his tears. #

EPISODE 65 : (Monday - October 11)

Sadness in the house

After the trouble between RJ and his dad, the house was completely on silent. Hero and Roxanne had a brother to sister talk regarding the situation. Hero listened to whatever Roxanne says. Then, he gave his side too. While Dennis and Tina was in their room. Tina was just lying down on their bed and crying. Dennis questioned why was this happening, and Tina told him that RJ already knows his mistake and he should have not hurted their son. Later, when Hero was too get drink from the kitchen, he saw his dad drinking wine. His dad approched him and asked him for the problem why was those happening. Hero told him honestly, that if ever he was the one he hurted, he doesn't know how he'll feel.

The next morning, Roxanne went up to RJ's room to ask him to go down for Breakfast. When she told her brother to eat, RJ refused to do so, saying that he will be just going down if he wants to eat. Roxanne was mad on RJ who treated her disrespectfully. Then, RJ shouted at her, saying that she already changed, considering that earlier she was defending him, but now, she's to Hero. Roxanne varied with what RJ said, and told him that she was just making everything right. But RJ felt bad with his sister. So, he pushed Roxanne to go away his room.

In the University, Hero told Michelle about what happened last night in their house. He could not explain what he feels whenever he thought of them. Michelle said that he might feel them as a real family. Hero can't admit it, but in his eyes, he was pity for them. Afterwards, Sandara suddenly came and Hero go with her.

Meanwhile, after receiving a call from Joross, who was in the Gym with Neri, Roxanne was called by Manang Leona for something she needs to tell. Roxanne asked what it was. Manang Leona finally told her that Hero's Mom namely Helen Roxas was seen in a News Program on TV. As of her, accoring to the news, Helen Roxas, who was Hero's Mom, was wanted by the police due to a filed Estafa case. Roxanne was shocked on what she heard, while Manang Leona began to criticize Hero's mother, who she called as "Estafadora".

Michelle and Joseph was in Michelle's house with her. Melissa suddenly opened about Hero's situation regarding her Mom who was wanted by the police for Estafa. Joseph asked where did she got the information. Michelle told him that he was the one who told her in the phone a while ago, forgotting that Mel voiced as Yna when she got the news from Joseph. Michelle changed what she said, when she remembered about it, and told Joseph that she just forgot that she was the one who told Melissa about it.

Meanwhile, Hero and Sandara was together in the mall. The stopped by the candy booth, and Hero bought candy for Sandy. When Sandara handed the candy ball, she said that she noticed Hero who seems to have a problem. Hero didn't tell her about his situation and said that he was just alright. Sandy asked him if he miss her Mom, and Hero answered with a yes. Sandara asked him again if what if he knows a very important information about Sandy and he needs to tell it to her, but it will hurt, and if he will able to tell her about it. Hero said he will tell her because she has the right to know it. Then, Sandara began to tell Hero about his Mom. Hero was exicted at first when he heard that Sandy knows about his Mom. Then, Sandy told her that his mother is currently wanted by the police because of an Estafa case. #

EPISODE 67 : (Wednesday - October 13)

Friendship that will never last

Hero confronted his father after he knew about the situation of her mother that he got from Sandara. His father answered was he only knew what his mother is currently facing, but he never know where she was. Hero questioned him for not telling him the truth. His father explained that it was his Mom who requested him not to tell him about her case as it will surely hurt him.

The true friendship between Neri, Joross and Roxanne was alive again after the recent trouble between them. They were in the mall, shopping together when Roxanne never expected to hear kilig words from Joross. The two was left in a corner of a shop, while Neri was choosing the best dress for her. Roxanne thanked Joross for being there as a friend, Joross answered her that he did it because she's very special in his life. Roxanne doesn't know what he means. But, she thought that being special, is more than being friends for Joross.

For Hero, he had no choice but to accept the fact that his mother is facing a very difficult problem as of now. But, what's hard for him, was that he can't able to help his Mom on her situation. Behind all, he still felt happy and glad when his friends, Michelle, Joseph, Melissa and Sandara surprised him in Michelle's house. They were very sorry for hiding the truth from him. The four gave their caring support with their friend. Hero accepted their apologize and said that what he wish for was his friends who will always be to help him.

The next morning, Joross and Neri visited Roxanne in their house. Roxanne told them her problem about her younger brother RJ. Joross admits that he was proud of her for being a caring, understanding and supportive sister for her brothers. Roxanne's Mom came, and she was greeted by Neri and Joross. Tina asked her daughter to call RJ in his room for breakfast. Roxanne hesitated at first, but when Joross told her to do, she followed what her Mom said. Afterwards, Joross and Neri leave.

Roxanne went to RJ's room to ask him to go down for breakfast. RJ still refused to go down, and badly told his sister that he will only go down when he's hungry. Roxanne pleased him to do, but RJ get mad with her. He even warned his sister that if she continues to please him, he will tell their parents about Joross' real personality. Roxanne worried and told RJ that it's up with him if he'll gonna tell their parents about that. And for her, whenever he tell them about it, she will facing it and will never escape with her responsibility. RJ was affected with what Roxanne said. Roxanne tried still to please him to go down, and RJ finally come with her, as he said that even his father is there.

Tina was so glad when she see RJ came down for breakfast. She prepared her son's sit and told him that Manang Leona cooked his favorite. While, Dennis was just quiet and didn't talk to his son. Errol watched them and he might feel jealous for the support his elder brother received from the family. Later, the Roxas' couple fixed theirselves for work. Dennis invited Tina to have a dinner date after work. Tina refused to because she said she has a lot of things to work on. Tina grab the chance to ask her wife if he's not feeling pity for RJ. Dennis said that RJ should accept the consequence to know his mistake. Tina pleased him to even allow him to went out or go to the mall with her. Still, her husband can't because he wanted to discipline his son. Tina was furious with him telling that he is so unfair. Dennis questioned how he was so unfair for them. Her wife said that the time that Hero stepped into their house, their life started to gain so much problems. Dennis defended his son saying that Hero has nothing to do with the problems they're encountering. Tina blamed Hero for what happened to RJ because Dennis seems to be so unfair. #

EPISODE 69 : (Friday - October 15)

Learning tagalog

Hero finally talked to his mother on the phone. They were both crying. Helen, his Mom cannot tell him where she is. Hero was really worrying of his Mom. He thinks of a possible way to help her. But, her Mom doesn't need any help from him and just told him to stay calm because she can handle it by herself.

Meanwhile, Michelle, Melissa and Joseph were together. Joseph told Michelle to stay away from them for a day because he and Melissa will be having a date. Michelle was felt bad as she's asked to go by Joseph, but she still gave the chance for her friend Melissa. So, they allow them to enjoy their day dating together.

While Sandara was on her learning tagalog class. She really wanted to learn speaking and understanding tagalog, so she did well on the class. When they were dismissed, she remained in her seat and copied one by one the lectures on the board. Hero came to fetch her and saw her with no one in the room. He look at the lectures she writes and told her that he could be a tutor for her. Sandara said that she already knew some tagalog words because they had a Filipino maid earlier in Korea, and she hear some Filipino songs from her from Filipino singers like Sharon Cuneta, Tina Paner, Sheryl Cruz, Manylyn Reynes and Regine Velasquez. Sandy told Hero that she has his two most favorite tagalog words. The first was "Utot Mo" for Thank You, although she already knew that it was "Salamat", the word "Utot Mo" is more okay for her. When Hero asked her what was the second tagalog word she like, Sandara suddenly said "Mahal Kita". Hero was surprised, but Sandara means that "Mahal Kita" or I Love You is one of her favorite tagalog words.

Outside was Michelle seeking for Melissa and Joseph. She found the two went out of a fast food with Pearl Shake with them. Joseph apologized for Melissa for buying her Pearl Shake only, because he has no enough money to spent for their date. Melissa told him that it was alright for her. Michelle quickly approached the two and said that she'll be joining them to go home. Joseph called a jeepney for them. But there was only vacant sit inside, so Joseph offered it for Melissa. Michelle asked where she will be sitting and Joseph asked her to join him to make "sabit" at the back of the jeepney. Michelle had no choice because Joseph considered him as a tomboy. It was hard for her and Melissa even worried for her friend.

After finding out from Errol that Hero and his mother was using their surname Roxas, RJ went to Hero's room to prove if it's true. He seek for an evidence in Hero's things, but suddenly Hero came in. He asked what RJ was looking for and offered a help. RJ called him "plastik" for the nice treat Hero showed to him. Later, RJ finally saw Hero's identification card indicated that he's Hero Roxas. He was so mad with the step brother. When RJ saw Hero in the living room, he madly pushed him and questioned why he was using their own surname. Roxanne tried to stop RJ. Hero didn't talk and RJ keep telling him that he and his mother has no right because they are just an illegitimate family, and he is an illegitimate child. #

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EPISODE 70 : (Sunday - October 17)

Iniirog niya si Sandy

RJ was very mad with his step brother Hero because of using their surname Roxas. He said that he and his mother has no right to use their surname because their just the illegitimate family. Hero stay calm and didn't answered him even though he knows that their not the illegitimate family. Because of anger, RJ intentionally punch Hero on the face, and Hero fell down on the floor. Roxanne started to cry and stopped RJ from what he's doing and Errol was just watching them and has nothing to do. Hero didn't fight back. He just stood up, came close to RJ and told him to thank that he's not violent. After the trouble, he moved out of the house.

Roxanne kept on crying because of what happened. Errol was crying too while RJ didn't stop bringing out his anger through his words. Roxanne confronted him and badly said that he's so boastful. She told him that he still doesn't know the truth. RJ questioned her what truth she's talking about. Finally, Roxanne told them the Hero and his mother were not the illegitimate family and the three of them and their Mom were the real illegitimate family. RJ was surprised and dissapointed. He couldn't believe it, so he run to his room feeling bad.

Meanwhile, Neri was telling Joross about the T-Shirt guy Roxanne was infatuated with. Joross asked her how Roxanne met the guy. Then Neri told him that Roxanne met his T-Shirt guy in a party who offered his T-Shirt when she cried. She said it was really weird. Joross kept thinking of it until he's in the car. Later while driving his car, he remembered the time when he offered his T-Shirt with a pretty girl, and recognize that it was Roxanne. He was so glad to remember that he was Roxanne's T-Shir guy. So, he planned to go to her house to talk to her about it.

Hero went to his friends in Joseph's isawan. He caught Michelle and Joseph arguing. It's because Joseph asked Michelle to carry heavy things without even thinking that she's a girl. But Joseph's reason was that she's a lesbian, so she can do it. Michelle felt bad with him and at last, she conceded that she is not really a lesbian. She told him that it was her and Melissa's plan for him to stop being torpe. Hero heard it all and Joseph couldn't believe that he was betrayed by his friends. He was hurted and he felt furious with them, same with Michelle with him. Joseph walked out and went into their house while Michelle pulled Melissa to leave. Hero was left in the place and he felt bad also because there was that trouble again after the one he encountered in their house.

Hero stayed alone in Joseph's isawan until the heavy rain came. He get very wet and Sandara came riding a trycicle. She caught Hero alone and very wet so she offered him her umbrella for share. Hero was so glad to see Sandara, the girl he hearts and suddenly told her the words "Iniirog kita". Sandy questioned what was Irog means, bur Hero refused to tell her. When they shared the umbrella, Sandy asked where were their friends and Hero told her that they were already gone. Sandy let him go with her in their house.

Dennis and Tina finally went home. They notice that there was a problem between their children. Roxanne told them that she has no choice but to tell them the truth as RJ fight with Hero because of it. Tina worried of her children. She sat beside Errol who was still in the state of shock and tried to explained to him the situation. Dennis asked where was RJ and Roxanne told them that he was in his room. Tina quickly went to RJ's room to talk to him. When Dennis and Tina entered RJ's room, Tina tried to explain him but RJ answered her back badly that she shouldn't have called him son after betraying them. RJ confronted his Dad also about what they knew. Dennis tried to hurt him for disrespecting him, but Tina stopped him. The Roxas was in trouble again.

Sandara and Hero reach the house. Before they get in, they talk to each other. Sandy heard the words Iniirog kita from him again. Afterwards, Sandy offered him her umbrella for him to use when he'll go home. Hero didn't accept it and said that it was alright with him to get wet. Hero thanked her and leave. Sandara picked out her tape recorder from her bag to play the voice of Hero she had just recorded.

While Sandara was playing the recorded voice of Hero, Melissa went out of Michelle's house and saw her. She told her what happened with them lately. When she was about to say something which means "love", she heard the words Iniirog kita from the tape recorded Sandara was playing and used it in what she's saying. Melissa felt glad and excited when Sandy told her that it was Hero who told her the words Iniirog kita. Sandara asked if she knew what was Irog means and Melissa happily told her that Iniirog Kita means "I Heart You" or "I Love You", so it means that Hero hearts him. Sandara's eyes marked with a great surprise and smile on what she found out. #

EPISODE 71 : (Sunday - October 24)

Where is Raphael?

After what Sandy find out from Melissa regarding the meaning of Iniirog kita which Hero told her, she gladly told her foster Mom Judith and sister Michelle. She didn't told Hero about it, instead, she kept it as a secret.

While Joross didn't had a chance to talk to Roxanne about the T-Shirt guy who was him, because of the situation with her family. But, he told his elder brother about it.

The Roxas' residence was full with tension again as they found out that RJ leave the house because of their situation. Tina was most worried with his son and she don't know where RJ was. Hero had also knew about it and he find a way to help his family on their problem.

Hero told Joseph about their family situation when they were in the campus. He also told Joseph about his feelings with Sandara. Joseph followed sharing his feelings with Michelle. Hero wondered how his crush with Mich started. Joseph said that it started when they were still young and when he thought Michelle how to use the skate board. Hero asked when he will be going to admit to Michelle that he's in love with her. Joseph answered him that he will just going to tell her about his feelings when he (Hero) will tell Sandara that he loves her too. Later, Sandara came and try to ask what they were talking about. Hero said it was nothing then he joined Sandy afterwards.

Dennis thought that his son RJ might went to his grand mother's house, considering that he's spoiled with her. So they quickly ride their car and went to Tina's mother's house. When they finally reach the house of Tina's Mom, they quickly confronted her looking for their son RJ. The grand mother didn't admit that RJ was there in her house. A quarrel between her and Dennis happened again because of the situation. At last, the grand mother accidentally stated that RJ ran there after leaving their house. So, Dennis and Tina roamed the house to look for RJ. Finally, they found RJ inside the room. Dennis badly pulled his son to the car to bring him back home. RJ didn't want to join them, but Dennis get him from the house to their car.

Joross went back to Roxanne's house. As he get inside the house, Manang Leona entertained him well and leave him a while to call for Roxanne. Joross grab the opportunity to go to Roxanne's room. He entered Roxanne's room and a stuff toy wearing a long sleeves shirt catched his attention. He picked it up, gaze at it and smell, until he finally find out that it was his t-shirt. He was so glad that he was the T-Shirt Guy whom Roxanne is infatuated with. Roxanne was going to enter her room when she saw Joross holding her stuff toy with Joross' shirt. She didn't show herself to him and was so shocked and worried finding out that Joross already knew about her secret and she don't know what to do.

Inside the car were RJ with his Mom and Dad who was driving. He still wanted to get out and stay away from his family. Dennis scolded RJ about what he did while Tina is still trying to explain to him the situation. On their way, a car was accidentally near to bump theirs. Their car stopped and RJ took the chance to get out of the car. He opened the door of their car and hurriedly ran away from them. Dennis and Tina worried and tried to ran following him. RJ entered a mall so that his parents will not find him. Unexpectedly, Hero was also there and they saw each other there. Hero called him but RJ ran away again and Hero followed him. #

EPISODE 72 : (Sunday - October 31)

Is it Hero's fault?

Sandara hadn't able to continue what she planned to tell Hero because Hero ran away to follow his step brother when he saw him in the same mall. Sandy just followed him running after RJ.

Meanwhile, Roxanne stay calm when she saw Joross holding her teddy bear with his shirt on it. She still approached Joross who was inside the room. Joross turned it out that he just liked the stuff toy and said that he had the same shirt like the shirt on it. Roxanne excused it as, that she bought the stuff in the mall with the shirt already in it. Without knowing that Joross already knew that he was the T-Shirt guy Roxanne was infatuated with.

There will be a Halloween party and Melissa invited Joseph to join her and Michelle. Joseph refused to accept the invitation, considering that there was still gap between her and Michelle.

When Hero reached home, the family was still worrying about RJ who ran away from them. They were arguing regarding RJ's lost and the grandmother insisted that RJ would not be in risk if just they don't pulled him to go back in their house. Hero told them that he already saw RJ in the mall. Tina was mad at him because he didn't do any way to bring RJ back. Hero said that he followed his step brother, but he hadn't catch him. The grandmother suspected that he allowed it to happen considering that he's the root of all this trouble. Hero defended himself and promised that he will do what he can just to bring RJ back.

Michelle went to the mall to bought constume for the upcoming halloween party. He saw Joseph there too. They were shy to talk to each other because they had misunderstanding a while ago. Until Michelle found out with him that he was invited by Melissa to join the party.

The next morning, Joross and Neri went to Roxanne's house to help them in seeking for RJ. Neri and Roxanne will be giving flyers people outside about RJ's lost. While Joross will be driving the car for Roxanne's mom because the driver was absent. Hero went down from his room and told his step mom that he'll spent the day to seek for RJ. Errol pleased his mom to allow him join his step brother Hero to seek for his brother RJ. Tina allowed him giving the security to Hero. Later, everybody moved to their destinations.

Melissa and Michelle are preparing for their Halloween party for the night. They invited Sandara to join but Sandy refused to because she'll be helping Hero to seek for his lost brother.

Neri and Roxanne stayed in the mall where RJ was last seen and asked every person about RJ's lost. They also gave flyers to everybody indicated the lost of RJ. Neri assigned some of her affiliates in work to distribute the flyers to the people in the mall.

Hero introduced his younger step brother to Sandara. The three joined forces to seek for Raphael. Unfortunately, when they entered the elevator, Errol, Hero and Sandy get stucked inside because of brown out. Errol felt scared at first, but Sandy comforted him by singing her favorite Korean song to them. Even they were trapped in the elevator, they still had fun because of Sandara's funny songs.

Michelle wore black suit with dark make-up on her face for the Halloween party, while Melissa's costume was a fairy. Before they went to the party, they tried to invited Joseph again to join them. But Joseph didn't show himself with the two ladies, instead only his younger brother joined them in the Halloween party.

Neri and Roxanne still has no update regarding RJ. Same with Joross and Roxanne's mom who failed to find Raphael. When Joross came back to Roxanne's house, he asked Manang Leona if he could talk to Roxanne. Manang Leona told him that Roxanne doesn't want to talk to him, but there was something she wanted to bring back to him. Joross received the T-Shirt he gave to her recently. He don't know what it means, is it "I Love You" or "Good Bye".

Finally, the elevator turned on and Hero Sandara & Errol get out. When Hero and Errol went home, Hero told his step mother Tina that they also failed to find RJ. Tina felt bad and slapped Hero on the face. #

EPISODE 73 : (Sunday - November 06)

Kroong-kroong meets the terror lola

Hero was shocked when he was slapped by his step mother on the face. So he walked upstairs badly after the incident. Tina worried because she didn't mean it. Errol explained to her what happened to them in the elevator that's why they hadn't able to go home on time. Tina felt sorry so she ran upstairs to apologize to Hero. Roxanne heard from her what happened and Tina tried to talk to Hero but Hero refused to face her as he doesn't open the door for them.

Joross wondered why Roxanne gave him back the T-Shirt which reminds them of the moment they met. So, he asked for Neri's help. Neri did not refuse to help her ex-boyfriend and promised to ask Roxanne about what she meant in bringing back the shirt.

After the halloween party, Joseph's brother finally went home. Joseph was still awake and asked his younger brother about the Halloween party. He asked him to tell him about the event and what costume Michelle wore during the night. His younger brother told him about that event.

Hero felt really bad when he was hurted by his step mother. So he packed his things up and planned to leave the house. When he went down with his bag with him, his step mother and grand mother was standing by the corner of living room. Tina tried to explain to Hero that he didn't mean to hurt him. Later, Dennis came home and questioned what was happening. Tina told him what happened so Dennis didn't allow Hero to leave. So Hero had no choice but to go back in his room and stay in the house.

Before sleep, Tina and Dennis had an argue regarding what she did to Hero. Tina tried stll to explain it to Dennis, but as of him, she shouldn't do it to Hero. The argue turned worst, when Tina began to talk about Helen, the ex-wife of her husband and blaming Hero for the trouble being happened on them. The couple cried as they felt bad for each other.

Late at night, Sandara was still remembering Hero. She was listening his voice she recorded in a tape recorder. She wonders how she already feels with her Hero. She said that she promised to be always there at his side and help him to find his lost brother.

In the morning, Dennis woke up and notice that his wife was not at his side on their bed. When he went down, he asked Errol and Roxanne, who were going for breakfast, about their Mom. Manang Leona said that she didn't notice her Ma'am Tina left that morning. They all worried so Roxanne tried to call her Mom. It turned out that Tina left the house and she currently stayed on her mother's side. She explained to them that she's alright and she just need space.

Neri and Joross went to Roxanne's house. Neri promised to him that she will ask Roxanne about her feeling for him and what does she mean by bringing back the shirt. Joross just waited outside while Neri will be talking to Roxanne. In the kitchen, Neri and Roxanne had a talk. When Neri asked her if he still loves Joross, Roxanne didn't refuse to agree. When Neri came back to Joross, who's outside the house, Joross quickly asked her about what was Roxanne's answer. Neri sadly told him that when Roxanne brought him back the shirt because it means goodbye. Joross marked with sadness in his eyes after hearing it from Neri.

Later, Joseph visited Hero in their house. Coincidentally, Michelle and Sandara were also there because Sandy wanted to visit Hero. Michelle thought that Joseph was following him but Joseph insisted that he was there for his friend Hero. Michelle leave Sandara there and decided to go home. Hero introduced Joseph and Sandy to his step sister Roxanne.

Tina came back to their house with her Mom, so Errol and Roxanne were very glad seeing her again. Tina invited Errol and Roxanne for a conversation for a very important reason.

Tina's mother saw Hero in the living room with Sandara. She scolded him because of bringing Sandy, who she thought his girlfriend, behind the trouble happening at their house. Hero told her that what she thought was wrong because Sandy was not his girlfriend. His grandmother continues to criticize him of his actions so Sandy defended her Hero. Sandara stopped his grandma and called him a bad old lady. Hero's lola scolded her too so Sandy tried to talk to her badly in Korean language. The grandmother wondered what she was talking about. She walked out afterwards and even called Sandy "Alien".

Tina talked to her son and daughter calmly. She started to ask Errol and Roxanne to listen to what she'll explain. She said that they already need to choose who they wanted to be with between her and their dad. It turned out that she and Dennis needs already to broke up. Errol and Roxanne cried on what they heard, and they Mom gave them a hug.

Before Sandara left, she apologized to Hero for acting so rude with his grand mother. She tried to explain but Hero said that he understand her. Sandy cried feeling so sorry, Hero comforted her and Sandy said "Iniirog Kita". Hero looked down on her face.

When Dennis arrived, he reached his children Errol and Roxanne with their things packed up and leaving with their Mom. Although he already feels what it means, he asked them what was all of this about. #

EPISODE 74 : (Sunday - November 14)

It's krung-krungs birthday!

Dennis tried to let them not leave, but the decision is all with Tina.

Meanwhile, Melissa was preparing herself to show up with Joseph and tell him the truth that she is his secret admirer namely Yna. She wanted that moment to be special.

Neri joined Joross in a Tattoo shop, for him to let her face be erased on Joross' back.

While RJ was in a guard house hiding. He was caught by the security guard with his girl who was a guard too. They cheated with money, so they didn't let RJ escape because he already knew their plan.

While staying in the house, a package came to Sandy. She didn't do the opening because a Japanese guy surprised him funnily coming from the package. It turned out that it was Sandy's birthday that day. His Japanese brother wanted to celebrate for her birthday but Sandy refused to because her friends has different problems.

Hero accompanied his father to seek for RJ in the mall. Coincidentally, there were Roxanne and her mom. The couple didn't still talk to each other.

Finally, Joross' tattoo (Neri's image) on his back was erased. His purpose for it is to prove to Roxanne that he's serious for her.

Joseph is ready to face his unknown secret admirer namely Yna. He's well dressed and leave everything to his younger brother in their house. While walking, a van stopped by his side and two people pulled him and let put him inside.

Melissa is also very much ready to face Joseph and tell him the truth. Michelle was with her that time too. Then, the same van stopped by their side and pushed them to go inside. They worried what it was and why they were kidnapped, seeing that Joseph was also there. So, Michelle quickly called Hero and asked him to go to Sandy because she might be the next.

Hero ran to Sandy at home. He was surprised to see her foing well and there were so many foods. Michelle, Melissa and Joseph finally came. They questioned what it was. Sandara told them that it was her birthday and she doesn't know how they were pushed there. It turned out that it was her Japanesa brother who ask somebody to bring Sandy's friends there for her party. Sandy's friends didn't know about it so they greeted their friend a happy birthday.

Later, RJ woke up and looked for a way to escape. Luckily, he saw a cellphone in the drawer. So, he grabbed the chance to call his mother. Tina answered her mobile and was surprised to hear that it was her son. RJ was so nervous telling his mother where he was and he needs help.

Sandara's party is almost over. Michelle, Melissa and Joseph started to leave after greeting Sandy a happy birthday again. Hero talked to Sandy and told her that if just he knew that it was her birthday, he'll be giving her a special gift. Sandara just thanked him. Suddenly, Roxanne texted asking him to go to the mall RJ said where he was. Hero told Sandy about it and asked that he'll be leaving too. #

EPISODE 75 : (Sunday - November 21)

Goodbye Joross?

Everybody was full in tension. Tina and Roxanne quickly went to the mall RJ told about. Dennis and Hero followed too. Joross went too to help.

Meanwhile, the moment came for Melissa when she's about to face Joseph and tell him that she's Yna, his secret admirer. They met up in an expensive restaurant. Melissa or 'Yna' told him that she'll be wearing red dress. Joseph suddenly saw her back with the red dress sitting on one of the chairs inside the restaurant. When he get her attention, he was shocked to see that she was Melissa.

RJ tried to escaped the place where he was stucked with the bad security guards. Unfortunately, he was caught by the two and stopped him to leave. But he was lucky as Tina and Roxanne finally came together with the policemen. The security guards worried, so they used RJ ad their hostage.

Joseph questioned Melissa's presence in their meeting place. Melissa tried to explain it to Joseph but he doesn't understand her. Until, he finally find out that Melissa was the one who's giving him gifts, letters and sweet messages or much known as 'Yna'. Melissa finally revealed her feelings for him as she can't hide it anymore. But Joseph apologized telling her that he's already in love with another girl. Melissa felt bad and even thought she was so stupid in front of Joseph.

Hero, Roxanne, Joross with the couple Tina and Dennis made it to the place where RJ was stucked. The policemen tried to do the move and the security guards didn't let RJ go. Until the gun shootings came and when RJ was to be shot by the gun of the security guard, Joross quickly run and covered him with his body then unfortunately he was the one shot by the gun. After the trouble, the two security guards were arrested and RJ lost himself.

Melissa felt so bad and hurt hearing that Joseph was in love with another girl. She don't know what to do as she was really depressed. She even tried to do what Dina of teleserye 'Hiram' did when she was depressed in the story. Melissa lied down on the bath tub filled with water. Then Michelle suddenly came in and wondered what Melissa was doing. Melissa told her what happened which made Michelle felt madder of him.

Roxanne, Hero with Tina and Dennis brought Joross and RJ to the hospital. Roxanne was alarmed and worried with Joross' situation. She wishes the doctor to do everything for Joross to survived. While RJ was advised for a rest and sleep. The doctor said that Joross lost a lot of blood and he needs someone for blood transfusion. Luckily, Hero was the same blood type with Joross so he volunteered to donate.

The next morning, Michelle went to confront Joseph who was in the hospital too. She was so mad with him after what she did with Melissa. Joseph tried to explain telling her that he just told Mel the truth, that he's already in love with another girl. Michelle asked him who was the girl she's talking about as he was able to hurt Melissa's feelings. Joseph was still 'torpe' as he didn't let her know that she was the girl he's in love with.

While Sandara ran to the hospital after knowing Hero's condition. When she entered his room, she saw Errol there. She asked how was Hero's condition and Errol answered her that Hero was in rest. Sandara was alarmed thinking that Errol means Hero already rested in peace and seeing him lying down on the bed with the blanket covering his whole body including his face. She suddenly went beside his bed and woke him up. Hero woke up and Sandara was happy and said that she thought he was already dead. After all, she took care of him while in the hospital. Like what Hero did when she was the one in the hospital.

Joross was not still waking up. Roxanne who was always at her side told him everything she feels. All of a sudden, she felt Joross was moving. She called the doctor and nurses to let Joross survive.

While the doctor and nurses was trying to survive him, Joross' soul came out. He thought he was alive and he even tried to get Roxanne's attention who was crying. He wondered why she was in tears, until he saw himself lying on the hospital bed with the doctor and nurses at the side. Then a soul of a girl appeared telling him that it was already his time. Joross aked who she is and what she was talking about. He even suspected that she was Neri's friend. Finally, the girl told him that he is already dead and he needs to leave. #

EPISODE 76 : (Sunday - November 28)

Melissa, Depressed or Obssesed?

The doctors finally told Roxanne that they can do nothing anymore because Joross finally leave. Roxanne can't accept the fact and kept on crying. While Joross was sent to heaven, and San Pedro judged him. It turned out that he must not be the one to leave and it was another guy in the room next to his room in the hospital. It was a mistake and Joross was not yet to die.

Melissa was still in depression. She can't accept the fact that she was just dumped by Joseph that easy. While she was watching few scenes from Pangako Sa'Yo, a vase accidentally fell on his head and broke. Then she lost herself lying on the floor of her room.

While Roxanne was crying, Joross finally woke up. Roxanne was surprised and at the same time happy that she was back. Joross already grabbed his second life to tell Roxanne what he really feels. They had a very romantic moment seeing that they both had each other back. Neri arrived few minutes later and had tears of joy for Joross.

RJ finally went back home, but it's to his grandmother's house. Tina prepared his favorite foods for lunch. While having lunch, Errol asked if they can go back to their real house considering that RJ was already back. The grandmother said that they don't need to be back there and much better to stay in her house.

When Dennis arrived home, he saw Hero preparing the foods for the two of them. Hero said that he learned cooking from his Mom when they were still together. And since there's no one else to prepare their foods, he voluntarily do the job. His Dad was very glad to know it then he asked what things he doesn't know to do. Hero said that he doesn't know how to play basketball bacause no one was there to teach him how. Besides, basketball is bad for his health. Dennis felt sorry for being not there for his son. However, he still feels the emptiness of the house without his wife Tina and three more children.

Melissa woke up after the vase broke on her head. All of a sudden, she stood up, face the mirror and fix herself differently from her real self.

At night, Joross and his brother with his girlfriend prepared his clothes to leave the hospital. Suddenly, his Mom called who was working abroad as a nurse. She was so worried for his son but Joross told her that he is already alright. His Mom felt so guilty that she was not there to guide his son. So she told Joross that it would be better if she'll go home for them.

Before leaving the hospital, Joross sent Roxanne sweet messages on their cellphones. Roxanne, who was already at bed was so glad to read her sweet messages. At the same time, Michelle who was not still at sleep was waiting for Joseph's miss call. She was right as Joseph dropped a minute call on her mobile. Sandy was also starring at the stars on the sky. Hero do the same too then he remembered Sandara. So he gave a call for her.

The next morning, there was somebody came from the Airport. It was from Korea, and it was Sandara's ex-boyfriend Peter! As Peter finally stepped on the Philippines, his first words was: "So, this is the Philippines". #

EPISODE 77 : (Sunday - December 05)

Peter was back!

Peter together with his friends in Korea quickly went to Sandara's location. Sandara opened the door thinking that it was Hero. She was so surprised to see his ex-boyfriend Peter in front of her. She felt bad so she madly closed the door.

When Peter and his associates is about to leave, Hero was there coming. Hero accidentally kicked a can on the street and it ran to Peter's place. Hero noticed the four ala-F4 looks, but didn't mind them at all. Hero went to Sandara's house and he saw Sandy feeling mad. Sandy suddenly hugged him and thanked him for being there.

Joross went to Roxanne house. Roxanne was there with her Mom and brothers. Joross grabbed that chance to ask for the permission of Roxannes' family for him to court Roxannes. He also told them the truth about his real gender, that he's not really a gay. He was lucky as Roxanne's Mom has no problem with it. In condition, that Roxannes should not forget her studies and Joross could only visit during no-classes. But still, he should ask for her Dad's permission.

In the campus, Joseph was to give Michelle a letter he wrote for her. But it was a bad timing as Michelle blamed him for the depression Melissa is currently having. They had a quarrel again. Until Joseph saw Melissa coming and she asked Michelle about it. Melissa walked and look differently. When she passed by the way in front of Michelle and Joseph, the two wondered why she didn't even talked to them.

Still in the campus, Hero and Sandara were together. Hero is about to say her feelings for Sandy and Sandy intended the same too. When Sandara allowed Hero to go first, Michelle unexpectedly entered the scene and approached Hero. She told them about Melissa's new look and personality.

Meanwhile, Roxanne was so glad to that her Mom finally approved for Joross' courting. So, she grabbed her Tedsky stuff toy with Joross' shirt worn on it. It turned out that the shirt she gave back to Joross was a new bought, and she remained the other one to her.

Hero went home early and Dennis saw Hero laundry his clothes. He tried to let him ask the housemaids to do it. But Hero refused saying that he can handle it by himself. Dennis remembered his upcoming Birthday and told him to invite his friends for a big celebration. Hero said that he can just cook a pancit for his Birthday and don't need for a big celebration.

When Michelle was on her way home, she saw Peter with three other guys standing by the corner of the street. She thought it was Hero, so she approached him. Thinking that it was her friend, she questioned his new hairstyle and new fashion statement. Peter felt irritated and walked out. Michelle wondered why Hero acted that way.

In the campus, Melissa started an audition for charming and wild girls to be her associates. A number of ladies auditioned, and only two were IN for her. They were the new buddies of Melissa for her new look and new self. They must be acting as Charlies Angels.

Later, Joross passed by the house where Roxanne's Dad is living. He intends to ask for his permission to court her daughter. Hero was just the one there and he told Joross that their Dad will be back after few minutes. Joross told Hero about his intention for his sister Roxanne. Hero approved with it and said that he should took care of her. Afterwards, Dennis entered and he seems to be in a bad mood. Joross didn't continue to asked Roxanne's dad about it because it was a wrong timing. So, he just leave.

Still in the campus, Joseph eyed Peter and his buddies walking by the campus. People kept on looking at them due to their different style and looks. Joseph approached Peter as he also thought he was Hero. Peter doubt why he's always called as Hero. He heard Joseph say the name of Sandara so he asked for Hero's number. Then, he called Hero on his mobile but Hero didn't understand him.

Tina told her mother that Hero has invited her for his Birthday. The grandmother didn't allow them after what he did with their family. Tina told her mother also that she already allowed Joross to court Roxanne. And her mother disapproved with it.

Hero invited his friends Michelle, Joseph and Sandy for her Birthday celebration in a Videoke cafe. Melissa was not there but Roxanne, Errol and Joross made it for his Birthday. They had fun singing and celebration for Hero's 20th Birthday. Meanwhile, outiside was Peter and his buddies coming and might intended to disturb the party. #

EPISODE 82 : (Sunday - January 09 2005)

First kiss

Hero was lonely and sad after the leave of Sandara to go back to her country Korea. He painted her face on a sketch pad.

Meanwhile, Michelle was doing the same. She paints so that she can forget everything about Joseph. Later, Joseph saw her and again, they had a quarrel. Michelle pour the paint to Joseph, Joseph do back the same. They pour paints to each other a lot of times while Michelle is asking who was the girl she loves. While Melissa is watching in the video together with her buddies and witnessed every moments of Joseph and Michelle.

Sandara was in the airplane flying back to Korea. As usual, she's listening music from her Discman. All of a sudden, the stewardess get her attention and asked her to turn off her Discman and wear her seatbelts. Sandara do what is asked. She kept on thinking of Hero, the moments they were together.

Neri and Roxanne is bonding together in the kitchen. Roxanne is cooking something while Neri kept on talking and asking about her and Joross. Later, Roxanne accidentally bares out her feelings for Joross, that she really loves him. Neri was surprised a lot with her eyes widen. She was very happy and at the same time excited for both of her bestfriends. She kept on shouting for happiness. Roxanne pleased her not to tell anyone about ir, unless they will never be friends. Neri agree and promised to keep the secret.

Accidentally, a paint split on the mini cam where Melissa can able to watch Joseph's actions. She was so angry as they can't see what are Joseph doing. Meanwhile, Joseph and Michelle were still in quarrel. Joseph is trying to give a clue to her that the girl she loves is she. Because Michelle keeps on being naughty, Joseph pulled her up and started to kiss her on the lips. The kissing moment lasted for several seconds and both of them must like what's happening.

Neri and Joross met in the nearest restaurant. Joross suddenly asked her about what she and Roxanne talked about. Neri smiled for excitement and thought what Roxanne said that she must keep, whatever she find out, a secret. So, she decided not to tell anything to Joross. Unfortunately, Joross felt that maybe Roxanne has reallu no feelings for her.

Michelle stopped the kissing moment, pushed Joseph and punched him on his face with anger. She was so mad and Joseph is trying to apologize. Michelle quickly ran away and Joseph followed. They both went inside the restroom to clean up their mess. Meanwhile, Melissa and her buddies decided to go to Joseph's place for details. Then, after Michelle and Joseph cleaned up theirselves, they saw again the same time they went out the rest room.

Michelle finally went home and her mother questioned her look. She never told her what really happened. Later, Melissa came, greet Michelle and asked her if Joseph finally told her about the girl. Michelle said yes, but when Melissa asked who she is, Mich refused to tell that she's the girl. Mel felt bad until Joseph came. He asked for Michelle's condition and gave her the gift he haven't gave last Christmas Mich is about to went up to her room but her mother told her to gave her gift also to Joseph that she haven't gave last Christmas too. Michelle was about to deny it, but she was pleased to gave her Christmas gift to Joseph.

Later, Hero, Joross and Joseph had a male bonding and they talked about the girl of their lives. They open their feelings to each other. Then, Hero's father came, the same time with Joseph's father who entered the scene. They had fun and male bonding. Until they plan to do a harana infront of Tina's house so that Dennis and Tina will be back together.

Roxanne was called by his brothers and ask her to look what's happening outside their house. It was Hero, Joross, Joseph & his dad and Dennis doing harana to the tune of "OK Ako!" (SCQ Reload theme song). Roxanne and her Mom was so kilig, but when the grandmother heard what's going on, everything was in trouble. Tina's mother spilled the arinola with urine to the men. But it was not bad for Dennis and insist that all he wanted is to have Tina back. Joross do the same for Roxanne. The grandmother asked them to go and let the dogs escape for them. The fathers and boys quickly run.

It was fun for Joross, Hero, Joseph, his father and Dennis. They even took a bath together outside and talked about the funny and crazy moments a while ago.

Later, Hero offered him his paintings for sale as he needed money for ticket to Korea, to follow his Sandara. Joross refused to accept the paintings but voluntarily gave him money for his needs. Hero was so thankful. Then, his dad came and happily announced to them that his marriage with Helen was finally annuled and Tina and him can marry now. Hero was happy for his dad. Another good news, Dennis had already bought ticket for Hero to fly to Korea, for Sandara. Hero didn't expect it. He was so thankful and shout for joy. #

EPISODE 83 : (Sunday - January 16 2005)

Welcome to Korea!

The next day, Hero quickly rushed to the airport for leave. And few hours after, he is already in Korea. He was so surprised to see the country that it was really beautiful. But still, his main aim is to look for Sandara. It's hard for him to communicate to the Koreans because not everybody understands and speak English language. He even saw the giant billboard of the Korean superstar Kim, or much known as Lovers in Paris' Vivian in our country. When he was to look for a hotel to spent the night, almost all our expensive. Unfortunately, he was been a victim of a taxi driver who got his bag with his clothes and ran the taxi cab.

Michelle and Joseph cannot still forget the moment they kissed. Michelle even tried to ask her mom about her first kiss. Her mom suspected and asked if she already had her first kiss but Michelle refused to answer and insist that she was just asking.

Dennis didn't stop to please Tina and his children to go back to him. He was with Joross, and they threw small stones in the windows of her room. Joross did the same with Roxanne's room. Tina and Roxanne went out and were surprised to see them again. Dennis announced his good news about his approved annulment with his ex-wife Helen. They were happy that they can finally marry legally. But still there were no answers if they will be back.

It was very cold in Korea and it was too bad for Hero that his things were stolen. He was so asleep so he decided to sleep in a corner of a place.

Tina started to talk to his mother and asked her that they will be back at his wife's side. She even told her the goodnews about that approved annulment. But her mother didn't wanted them to do so. Tina decided for her own and ask her children if they want to go back. Roxanne and Errol agree, but RJ didn't talk about it. Tina allowed RJ to stay there for a while and ask him that he will always be welcome to come back.

The next day in the campus, Melissa together with he buddies watching over Michelle. They noticed that whenever she saw Joseph, she walked back, proving that she doesn't want to talk to him. Later, she confronted her and ask her why she's making iwas to Seph. Michelle said that she's just irritated to see him so she doesn't wanna talk to him at the moment.

In Korea, Hero started to seek for the Soho hotel where Sandara is living. Coincidentally, he was already near to Sandy who was on the other side, but still they can't see each other. Sandara was talking to her brother in the phone and find out that her parents is looking for her. So, Sandara ran away just to hide herself from her parents. Unfortunately, Hero didn't see her.

That morning, Dennis was so surprised to see Tina, Errol, Roxanne and Manang Leona back at him. He gladly hugged his family and was happy to have them back. He noticed that RJ was not with them and find out that his son is still feeling bad for him.

At home, Joseph find out from his brother that his younger brother was in the hospital. Their barbecue stand was accidentally bumped by a vehicle and it fell on him. He's experiencing burn on his skin right now. According to his father, they need big cash for his brother's operation.

Joseph's written poem was very popular in the campus as almost everybody loved it. But still nobody knows that he was responsible for writing it. So when Melissa talked to him, she said that she will be giving a 20 thousand reward to the one responsible in the poem. He think that it will help him to sustain his borther's operation in the hospital. And he's thinking too if he'll tell Mel about it or never.

Back to Korea, Hero can't still find the place where Sandara was. He was then lucky to meet a fellow filipino along the street. He asked where the Soho hotel is. But the man said that there is no Soho hotel in the city. Then he find out that what he was looking is the Soh hotel. Then, Hero saw Sandara's photo together with Peter in a Korean news paper. He borrowed it from the man and asked what was written. He was surprised to hear the man said that they were the Romeo and Juliet of Korea that everybody loves and they're soon to get marry. It turned out that Sandara and her family (surnamed Soh) was very popular in Korea because they were so rich and they're even the owner of the Soh hotel, the one Hero is looking. #

EPISODE 84 : (Sunday - January 23 2005)

Lovers in Korea

The pinoy guy accompanied Hero to the Soh hotel where Sandara live. So, Hero quickly entered the hotel but group of men stopped him and thought he was Peter. Meanwhile, Sandara was still not allowed to exit the hotel. So, her elder sister locked her alone in the room. And Hero failed to enter the hotel to see Sandara. Yachang, Sandara's brother saw him and promised to help him to see Sandara.

In the campus, guys started to line up to try to claim the reward prize to a guys who can prove that he's the one who wrote the popular and controversial poem in the campus. Joseph was hesitant if he will tell everybody the truth. He thought of Michelle who will surely get mad at him if he tells it. But he also thought that if he got the cash prize, he can pay for the hospital bills of his younger brother.

When Joross had a visit in Roxanne's house, the father planned to put him on a lie-detector-test to prove that he has a really good intention for Roxanne. Dennis asked few questions for him, while Roxanne and Neri was watching. The last question asked was: "Sa tingin mo, sasagutin ka ba ni Roxanne?" and Joross honestly answered maybe not.

Back to Korea, Hero disguised as a different man and Yachang introduced him to their sister to be Sandy's body guard. When Sandy's sister brought him to Sandara's room, they find out that Sandara has escaped.

Joseph decided to fall in line and tell everybody the truth that he was the author of the famous poem. The janitor who first picked the poem was also there. When both of them reached the top, the inspector thought it was the janitor who wrote. Melissa and her buddies was there watching. But Joseph disagree and entered the scene. He said it was him who wrote it, and as a proof, he tell the secret code of the poem: "Seph loves Mich".

Sandara's elder sister was very mad and so he quickly asked Hero to seek for Sandy. Fortunately, Hero caught Sandara wearing a maid's uniform so that she can escape. Hero told her he was Hero and they're both happy to see each other again. But when her sister called for Hero, Hero pulled Sandy and turned out that he caught Sandara. Sandy's elder sister praised him for a good job while Sandy wondered why he did it.

The next morning, Sandara was finally allowed to roam around Korea, but in condition that Hero will accompany her. The two had a great time bonding in all over Korea. Until Sandara saw Peter and she was happy that finally she can talk to him personally.

In the Soh hotel, Sandy's elder sister quickly asked for water in one of the maids. The maid accidentally poured the water in her hands. Sandy's sister got mad and threw the glass of water in the maid's face. And the maid was definitely Hero's long-lost mother. #

EPISODE 85 : (Sunday - January 30 2005)

Till Death Do Them Part

Hero was hurt to fail telling Sandara what he really feels because Peter entered the scene. While Sandy was very happy to see Peter again so she gave him a sweet hug. She has something to tell Peter very important.

After telling everbody the truth, Joseph was so popular in the campus. People would greet him and girls do have an autograph with him. And Melissa don't know what to do after knowing that it was Michelle who Joseph loves.

Neri, Roxanne and Joross prepared for their first task in their Fire volunteer training. They are to rescue a burning house and they should save those who were trapped.

After roaming around Korea, Hero and Sandara finally went back to the hotel. But Sandy's sister was very mad telling them that her men caught Sandy meeting up with Peter. Sandara's elder sister pulled her and put her back in the room. While he also pulled Hero and put him in a dark room as a punishment. Fortunately, his mother was also there.

In the rescue, a mother was crying for his son who was trapped inside the house. So Joross voluntarily went up the house to save the child. Later, the mother's son appeared and it was a mistake knowing that he was upstairs. Roxanne worried for Joross, so she followed him up the house. The fire was so big inside but still Roxanne called for Joross. Luckily Joross went out and they were happy to see each other alright. Roxanne finally grabbed the chance to tell Joross: "I love you, with all my heart.". #

EPISODE 86 : (Sunday - February 06 2005)

Long lost mother

Finally, Hero saw his long lost mother. They were both surprised and happy to see each other. They told their stories to each other as they really miss each other.

In the painting exhibit in the campus, Michelle's masterpiece was one of the displays. It was her painting made when she had her first ever kiss with Joseph. Until she heard from them that Joseph finally reveals that he was the writer of the controversial poem and it was dedicated for her. Michelle felt very bad.

When Joseph came with Melissa, Mich refused to talk to him and pleased him to stay away from her. Melissa told Michelle to gave Joseph a chance to explain his feelings. It was surprising that Mel was there to fix the war between them. But still Mich was not convinced to had a heart to heart talk to Joseph.

Meanwhile, that morning, Joross brought Roxanne back to their house after their rescue in fire. Joross even wish for a kiss from her and Roxanne allowed him to do. Afterwards, her dad entered and felt bad for them.

Melissa realized a lot of things after hearing some advices from Heart Evangelista. She's finally back to her real self. Not anymore the Isa one, but the real Melissa. At last, she said good bye to her short-time buddies. The kikay girls couldn't accept that their Isa is leaving them after all. But Melissa couldn't take anymore what she's doing, she love Joseph and Michelle is her very good friend.

Sandara went up to Hero. Hero introduced his mom to Sandara. Hero's Mom finally knew that she was the girl to whom Hero's in love with and the reason why he was there.

The next day was the engagement party of Peter to Sandara. Everything was prepared but Sandara didn't attend. Later, Yachang passed a note to Peter telling him that Hero wanted to see him in the rest room. So, Peter quickly went to the rest room to see him. Hero said that they should wear each other's clothes so that he'll be the one to face the party while Peter is about to meet Sandara. #

EPISODE 87 : (Sunday - February 13 2005)

Free at last

There was a trouble happened in the Engagement Party of Peter and Honeybelle in Korea. The people find out that Hero is an impostor. When Here is about to be bring to the police, Peter and Sandara came. Peter defended Hero and told them that he was just a look-a-like. Later, Peter finally gave Sandara to Hero. And the two were both happy while Peter is sad to leave Sandara. It was a perfect Valentine's day celebration for Hero and Sandara.

Meanwhile, it was a perfect Valentine's day celebration also for the family of Roxanne as RJ finally went back with his lola. Joross was also their to celebrate the Valentine's day with the family and of course, with his 'muffins'.

There will be a Valentine's party to be held in the campus. Michelle was preparing for it and the two ex-buddies of Melissa came to help her for a new style and make-over. While Melissa helped Joseph also to dress nicely for the Valentine's party. He planned to grab the chance to talk to Michelle. #

EPISODE 88 : (Sunday - February 20 2005)

A Valentine to Remember

Unfortunately, Sandara's evil sister sent group of men to pick up Sandara and Hero and brought to her. Her sister asked some men to bring Sandara up to the room and lock. She also wanted Hero to be sent to the airport and bring back to Philippines. Hero's Mom entered the scene and stopped them telling that Hero was his son. Sandy's sister was surprised so she also asked the men to include Helen in their plan. It was hard for Hero and Sandara to stay away from each other.

Roxanne was lucky that she was allowed to attend the Valentine's party in their campus, but in the condition that RJ, Errol and Manang Leona should join them.
Hero and his mother is in the car and the men planned them to sent back to the Philippines.

Later, Michelle finally arrived, well dressed differently and her friends Mel and Seph was surprised in her new look. She was with Mel's ex-buddies Vanessa and Marla.
In the Soh hotel, a disguised guy arrived and had a fight with the body guards so that he can able to go to Sandara's room. Sandara questioned who he was. And she find out that it was Peter and there to save them.

The sweet dance for the party started while a band is singing the song wrote by Joseph dedicated to Michelle. Joross asked Roxanne for a dance. AJ and Neri had fun also together. Marla was asked by a guy (OJ) for a dance and Michelle's mom had a dance also with a student (Jason). When almost everybody was dancing, Joseph tried to asked Mich for a dance also but another guy (DM) asked him too. But Mich accept the offer from DM.

Sandara's sister had no notices that Sandara and brother Yachang had escaped. She was in full relax when her body guards told her that the two was saved by Peter. As usual, she became very mad.

Joseph felt so bad when Michelle disregard him for the dance. When he was able to leave, Melissa came to talk to him. Later, Seph felt sorry that he was not evern asked Mel for a dance. After thanking her for the help and support, Joseph had a dance with Melissa. Unfortunately, when Michelle was able to leave, she witness what the two's doing. She was hurt and cried.

RJ catched a friend of him in the party and the guy asked how was he. RJ said he was okay. When her sister Roxanne and Joross saw it, Joross asked RJ if he ever felt he wanted to go back in school. RJ said he wanted. And Joross told him that he still have a chance for next school year after all that he already learned his lesson.

Meanwhile, Neri and AJ is having fun. Later, Neri didn't hesitated to ask AJ for a kiss, thinking that they already had a relationship. Until she find out from AJ that she misunderstand their relationship. AJ clarified that they're not the boyfriend-girlfriend that she thinks and his feelings for Neri is just as a friend. It was hard for Neri to accept, so she cried.

Later, when RJ arrived home from the party, he unexpectedly saw a girl (Janelle) secretly eating in the kitchen. He badly get her attention but Janelle screamed.

Hero told her mom that he won't allow Sandara to be away from him. So, he madly picked up the gun from the man beside him in the car and told them that if they didn't bring the car back to the hotel, he will be pleased to shot the gun. But unfortunately, the man grabbed it and hurt him.#

EPISODE 89 : (Sunday - February 27 2005)

OMG for Melissa!

Unfortunately, Sandara's evil sister sent group of men to pick up Sandara and Hero and brought Peter together with Sandara and Ya Chang saved Hero and his mother from the bad guys. Sandara's elder sister got very mad as Hero and his mother ran away from them. Meanwhile, a hellicopter is waiting for them to run away from Sandy's sister's men.

Janelle thought that RJ was a stranger so she continue shouting. For this reason, RJ started to grabbed her to stop screaming but Janelle madly banged him without the flower vase on his head which made RJ feel so hurt.

Joross brought Neri back to her home after AJ hurted her feelings by saying that there's nothing between them, aside from being just friends. Joross wanted her to took a rest so that she can forgot everything happened between her and AJ last night. But, Neri requested Joross to stay with her for a while as she needs someone to comfort her. So Joross gave his time for his ex-girlfriend. Neri thought that this must be a karma for her after dumping some of his guys is the past easily.

Michelle meet new friends from Vanessa, Marla, DM, OJ and Jason, so after the night party, she brought them to their house with her mom. DM had a crush on Mich and he's trying to be close with her. But Jason's purpose for joining is Michelle's mom, Judith. Is it because he liked his teacher so much.

Dennis and Tina came and saw RJ's head bleeding because of Janelle who hurt him on the head with the vase. RJ's parents said that it was RJ, their son. Janelle apologized and explained that she thought that he's a thief. But RJ was mad at her after what she did.

Joseph is about to kissed Melissa on her lips imagining that he's talking with Mich. Same with Michelle who imagined DM as Joseph so they are also about to kiss but Mich's mom entered and asked Mich's new friends to go as it is already late at night. While Melissa adviced Joseph to visit Mich at their house and request for a talk. But when Joseph is about to enter Mich's house, he saw DM gave a goodbye kiss to Michelle, that looses chance for him.

Roxanne, Manang Leona, Errol and Joross finally arrived home. Manang Leona was happily surprised to see Janelle there, she was her niece who came from their province. Janelle told them what happened with her and RJ. Roxanne worried for his younger brother but Janelle said that he's already alright. When Joross said goodbye to Roxanne, Janelle heard both of them said "I love you" to each other.

Hero, Sandara, Helen, Yachang and Peter finally arrived where the hellicopter is waiting for them. Peter finally gave Sandara's hand to Hero. He told him to take care of the girl he loved and Hero promised that he'll take care and love Sandy all his life. Peter finally said goodbye to Sandara. Unfortunately again, when they are about to ride the hellicopter, the bad guys came again and threat them with their big guns. They can't fight with them because they had their armors. Sandara was pulled by the men and asked Hero and Helen to go away. Hero won't allow them but it's her mother who pleased him to go away because they had no choice, unless they will be hurt or killed.

Janelle told Manang Leona what she heard from Joross and Roxanne last night knowing that she already knew about it. Manang Leona was badly surprised but didn't believed her niece. Still, she confronted Roxanne about it. Roxanne had no choice but to tell Manang Leona about her relationship with Joross. She thought Manang Leona was angry, but she doesn't know that her yaya was so happy to know that she and Joross were already together as boyfriend-girlfriend.

The next morning, after receiving a call from OJ last night, Melissa received bunch of roses from someone anonymous. She read the letter and few steps were written. She followed what was said, until she was brought by a tricycle to a beautiful house. Mel thought that it was Joseph, but who she saw was OJ who prepared a date for them. #

EPISODE 90 : (Sunday - March 06 2005)

Goodbye Melissa

Roxanne, RJ, Errol and Manang Leona was surprised to see Hero back at home. At the same time, they are happy to have him back. But the more surprising was when they saw Hero's mom Helen came with him. And the good thing was, RJ finally approached his elder step brother nicely and apologized in his mistakes.

Michelle and Joseph received a DVD tape leave by Melissa for them. They watched the tape together and saw that it was Mel who surprised them. It turned out as Melissa's farewell to them as she already leave for some important purposes in Jamaica. She said that it's better for her to say goodbye through the DVD tape because it's easier than to say goodbye personally. Mich and Seph felt sad for a dearest friend who left.

Hero and Roxanne was also happy to see each other again. They had simple talks about their love life. Later, Tina and her mother finally arrived and was surprise to see Hero and Helen. Lola Anding was so angry so she pushed Hero and Helen away from the house. Roxanne was so concerned as she offered money for them before they leave.

Unfortunately, Dennis finally noticed the secret relationship of her daughter to Joross. Because Roxanne didn't told them the truth, Dennis and Lola Anding brought Joross up the room and made an interview with him. While Roxanne is with her Mom. Lola Anding gave an inject to Joross which made him tell the truth. Joross was able to say that Roxanne and him is seriously having a relationship. The same time when Roxanne finally told her mother intentionally about her relationship with Joross. #

EPISODE 91 : (Sunday - March 13 2005)

Far from each other

Sandara's life became miserable in Korea when she told her sister that she's no longer a Soh. But Peter was there to help and care. But her evil elder sister does everything to let Sandy realize that she made the biggest mistake leaving her family. However, it was Sandara's decision to win her Hero than her rich life. And the telephone is just their best way to talk to each other.

Because of Joross and Roxanne's relationship without any permission. Rox' parents and her lola would not allow them to see each other. Roxanne was not allowed to go out unless she has her chaperon and Joross is no longer welcome in their house.

It was alright for Tina that Dennis will give his help for his son Hero and his mother Helen. So, Hero was so thankful for the big amount of money offered by his dad for them to start a new life.

Meanwhile, Lola Anding called Joross and asked him to had a visit in the house. Roxanne and Joross was surprised for what her grandmother insisted. But when Joross arrived, it turned out that what Lola Anding intended is to see them broke up in front of her. Rox and Joross has no choice but to obey what is told to them by the elder.

Michelle finally entertained Joseph to talk to her. But she didn't allow him for any courtship again. But Seph insist his love for Michelle. And Mich has always tried to hide her feelings for him.

Later, Vanessa surprisingly visit Joseph in his isawan and bought some isaw for her. Seph wondered why she was there. It seems that Vanessa is eyeing for him. And when her best bud Marla saw her eating some isaw in the campus, she asked why she's grabbing a bite for something she never loved to taste. Until Vanessa told her about what she really feels for Seph. She likes Joseph, that is it!

Meanwhile, Sandara and Peter is still experiencing bad luck in Korea. And they know that Sandy's sister and Peter's parents were responsible for those. But still they didn't give up. Peter is ready to help Sandy go back in the Philippines. They even selled their clothes as "ukay-ukay" in Korea to earn money.

Roxanne wrote a letter for Joross to tell him that everything happened was just due to what her lola wanted. But her feelings has never gone. Janelle volunteered to have the letter and gave it to Joross when she'll left with Manang Leona. She kept it in her hat. But unfortunately, Lola Anding inspected her hat and saw what was kept inside. Roxanne was so worried for what happened.#

EPISODE 91 : (Sunday - March 20 2005)

Neri & Joross, back to each other?

Peter has no choice but to ask for other's help for them to have something to eat. But unfortunately, a woman dumped him away from the restaurant. So Peter thought of something bad. He disguised and entered the store at midnight and threatened the manager to give him some foods to eat. When he finally got some foods, he quickly ran away from the place. But a hidden camera caught him.

The next day, Sandara and Peter was very happy for finally earning money for ticket to Manila. They also disguised so that the people incharge in the airport would not know who they are. When they are about to leave and ride the airplace going to Manila, Peter saw himself on a paper posted in the wall stating that he's Wanted because of stealing. Sandara heard also from the people that her father is currently suffering sickness. For this reason, Sandy seems that she wanted to change her mind to go back to Manila.

Meanwhile, Joross still won't stop doing anything just to see Roxanne. He used a remote controlled toy which can fly so that she could sent his written message for Roxanne. But it didn't worked out.

Later, Neri saw Joross waiting outside Roxanne's house and questioned him why he was there. Joross asked Neri for a favor to give his letter to Roxanne. Neri handed the letter and promised to give it to her bestfriend. When Neri came in, everybody was surprised for her come back. Until she heard from the grandmother about Roxanne and Joross' relationship. Neri was surprised and at the same time hurted for what she find out. Roxanne tried to explained but Neri decided to leave.

When Neri went out, Joross asked him what happened. Neri slapped Joross on the face for making her so stupid as they kept their relationship secret. Joross explained to him everything and Neri understand it. After all, they both left together.

They had a bonding in Joross' condominium. They drunk alcohol a lot especially Joross because of his hard situation. They tell each other's feelings until both of them went to bed and slept.

Luckily, Roxanne had a chance to go out the house. She tried to call Joross but no one answers his phone in the condominium. So she decided to visit him in his place. When Roxanne entered his room in his condominium, she was surprised to see Joross and Neri sleeping in one bed together.

While at this moment, Joseph and Michelle is back as friends. They also went back on what they're doing in the past. The Moks' crew, Hero, Seph and Mich went to school together everyday. Because of this, Trixie asked Michelle if who are really her friends.

One day, Hero and Seph asked Mich to join them to go to the mall. Michelle wanted to, but her cheering activities is still needed to fulfill. Tootsie approached Joseph and told them that she also loves going to the mall. So Joseph told her to join them if Michelle already had her time. #

EPISODE 92 : (Sunday - March 27 2005)

JoRox forever!

Joross disguised as a pizza boy for him to enter the Roxas' house and see Roxanne. Of course, everybody was surprised to see him but worried at the same time bacause Lola Anding is just upstairs. But still, Roxanne was very happy to see him again. Later, Neri came, and so, Roxanne grabbed the chance to ask them about seeing them together sleeping in Joross' pad. Joross tried to explain that they were just drunk and it has no meaning. But Roxanne was surprised on what Neri said, saying that what she saw must have no meaning for Joross but for her it means something.

When Joross and Neri left, Joross asked Neri why she said those. It turned out that Neri is still in love with Joross and he wanted him back. She wanted to have him even though he's for her bestfriend Roxanne. Then, she get his phone and send their MMS photo together to Lola Anding.

The next day, Hero helped Joross to court Roxanne in their house. Hero accompanied him to present himself neatly and respectfully to Roxanne's grandmother. Joross was all prepared to whatever the grandmother will reason to him. He presented evidences to prove that he's not yet a father and she will took care of their only girl.

Meanwhile, Michelle and Joseph was surprised to see Jason in their house. He is to visit Mich's mother Judith. Michelle's mom approached Jason nicely and when she's about to prepare herself in her room, Mich grabbed the chance to confront Jason. Michelle questioned him of his real intention with her mom. Jason insist that his purpose for Judith is good and he said that he really like her mom. After everything, Michelle was not yet contented of what Jason said so she asked some favor to Joseph regarding the situation.

Lola Anding madly told Joross to exit their house because she really don't like him for her grand daughter. Roxanne did not allow it to happen again so she already confronted her grandma telling her that she love Joross. Lola Anding said that she just wanted her to have the right and best man. Lola Anding was hurt on Roxanne's words, that's why she had a heart attack. Everybody was filled with tension because of the grandmother's condition.

Michelle assigned Joseph to follow Jason's move to prove that he's really a good guy and he has a nice intention for her mom. So, Seph stalked Jason until he saw him met with his friends. His barkada asked him to go with them in the bar. Jason said he doesn't want because he still have to fetch someone. Until Seph witnessed that he met with a girl student who came out from a Taxi. He thought that it must be Jason's girlfriend.

Lola Anding was finally alright. She was surprised to see an angel telling her that she has no right to stop the love between her grand daughter and Joross. Later, Roxanne took care of her and give her all support. She apologized to her lola for what she has done. Then, Lola Anding received a call from Neri telling them that she and Joross is going to Boracay. Lola Anding told Roxanne about it. Roxanne worried because he doesn't want to lost Joross. So, she pleased her lola to allow her to follow the two. Roxanne did not expect to hear her lola finally allowing her to follow Joross and Neri to Boracay. She was so thankful to her lola and what Lola Anding answered was: "Sino ba naman ako para tumutol sa pag-iibigan ninyo?" After all, Roxanne hurried to follow them to Boracay.

Joross and Neri finally arrived in the bus terminal. When they are about to ride the Bus going to Boracay, Joross still wanted to wait for Roxanne. But because there were only two seats left and the bus is ready to go, Neri pulled him to the bus so that they can go. When the bus run, Roxanne finally came. She asked somebody where's the bus going to Boracay and it was said that it finally leave. Roxanne ran after the bus where Joross was riding and she kept shouting for Joross' name. Roxanne never give up and followed the bus running because she wanted to get Joross' attention. Finally, Joross heard her calling so he told the bus to stop for a while and then he walked out and face Roxanne. Both were very happy to have each other again. Roxanne said that eveything is okay between them and her lola so they're free. Neri came out also and was happy to see them back again. It turned out that what she acted a while ago was planned and not really true. She just wanted to threat her so that Roxanne will do her best to win Joross back. After all, Neri still wanted to go to Boracay even by herself. And Joross and Roxanne were the happiest as they were together again. #

EPISODE 93 : (Sunday - April 03 2005)

Go Joseph, it's your birthday!

Go Joseph, it's your birthday! You got to party later, it's your birthday! Yes, it's Joseph's birthday. But would you believe that his birthday turned into a horror suspense scene. His friends became zombies and it was all Melissa's fault! It was also the time that Mich finally declared his feelings for Joseph. She finally told him she loves him!

All Unbelievable? You must not believe because everything was just Joseph's dream. In the end, the whole troupe celebrated their moks' birthday. Happy Birthday Joseph! #

EPISODE 94 - 95 : (Sunday - April 10 & 17 2005)

Iba Ka-Summer and Reloaders!

Break muna sa drama! 'Coz your favorite reloaders celebrates the summer with you. With lots of lots of games, tricks and fun. It's ,SCQ RELOAD Season ender. Watch out for it's Season 3 on the next Sunday! Mas kikiligin ka pa! #