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For Logos: Type LOGO <keyword>.
For Picture Messages: Type PIC <keyword>.
For LCARDS: Type LCARD <keyword>.
For PCARDS: Type PCARD <keyword>.
For Polyphonic Tones: Type ATONE <keyword>
For MMS Wallpapers: Type CP <keyword> or type MMS.
Send the following to 2366.

Keywords are as follows:

SCQReloadErrol1 SCQReloadErrol2 SCQReloadHero1

SCQReloadHero2 SCQReloadJoross1 SCQReloadJoross2

SCQReloadJoseph1 SCQReloadJoseph2 SCQReloadMelissa1

SCQReloadMelissa2 SCQReloadMichelle1 SCQReloadMichelle2

SCQReloadNeri1 SCQReloadNeri2 SCQReloadRaphael1

SCQReloadRaphael2 SCQReloadRoxanne1 SCQReloadRoxanne2

SCQReloadSandara1 SCQReloadSandara2

Only available for N7650, N3650, N6600, N3660, SEP800, SEP900. Screensaver has accompanying music. [ Courtesy of ABS-CBN Mobile ]